Final Fantasy 8

The Arrival at Fishermans' Horizon

1x Seifer Card, 1x Occult Fan III, 1x Hi-Potion, 1x Potion, 8x Missile or 1x Adamantine, 1x Mega Phoenix, 1x Spr Up, 1x Megalixir, 1x Phoenix Down, 5x Fast Ammo, 5x AP Ammo, 5x Pulse Ammo, 1x Quezacotl's Card

Ultima - found near the machinery at 2F of Mayor Dobe's House
Regen - found near the train tracks.
Shell - next to Junk Shop
Full-life - at the area where you met Master Fisherman

GF: n/a

Save Pts: Next the railroad.

Notes: Mug SAM08G nabs you a item that allows Quistis to learn Gatling Gun.

FH Area
G-Soldier: Fire*, Blizzard*, Thunder*, Cure*
Elite Soldier: Fire*, Blizzard*, Thunder*, {Scan -> Dispel}
SAM08G: Shell, Protect, {Dispel}, {Reflect}
GIM47N: Cure*, Esuna, {Life}
BGH2IF2: Shell, Protect, Stop

Balamb Garden is heading towards a city, leading to a crash... This is shown in a CGI..

Now Squall will be at the bridge along with Cid Kramer. Cid will tell Squall to head for the Mayor's Residence and tell him that they mean no harm and apologise for the damage. It is time for challenge cards as you can get one of most strongest card, Seifer Card. If you forget to challenge Cid now, it will be very tough in the next meeting. Now exit from the controls room, and you will be re-joined by your party members. Now head for the elevator. Alight at the 2nd floor. Head for the door that has been enclosed with red light. Exit.

You will find that Balamb Garden actually got stuck in between the ledges of the city. There will be a sequence with a villager. Now head right, talking to everyone that you have met along your way. As you reach the area before you meet the guy at the elevator. Notice that there is a ladder. Press X and hold it down... Squall could actually use the ladder. Head left from the screen (of course, you need to undergo a series of stairs..) Next you will find the man in the CGI. Actually he is also known the Master Fisherman. Talk to him and you will be given the following options:

I'm sorry... It's our fault --> Occult Fan III!
What are you talking about?

As you approaches the corner of the stairs you will view another short CGI of the city. Exit from this area. Now head to the extreme right corner and talk to the guy near the elevator and pick the 1st Option to enter FH (Fisherman's Horizons). To get back to the upper section, talk to the man in light blue shirt. (actually this is a company..) Now head down and you will find a windmill being surrounded by water. Right from this area is a Save Point and a Draw Point [Regen]. Head back to the windmill. Head up to the second floor of the windmill and you will have another sequence with the Mayor Dobe and his wife, Flo. Examine the lower-right corner (like gears-type stuff.), you will find a hidden Draw Point [Ultima!]. Now exit from the windmill. If you head right and you will find Martine [former headmaster of Galbadia Garden] fishing… The area seems a bit spacious. Hmm... wonder what it is meant for?

Walk up the path and noticed that the background music has changed. You will have another sequence with your party, exit and note that the background music has changed. Next you will meet Flo and after a while, Dobe. Dobe is pretty upset.... and hurries to the right. Flo will request Squall to help him..

Now head right and down the track to the city. Head up the path and you will find a dismantled train track. In the middle of the compound, you will find Dobe being threatened by a Elite Soldier. Hmm... the Galbadians are in the search of Ellone... Pick the first option, Squall and his party will have a battle with those Galbadian forces. (1x Potion, 1x Hi-Potion and 4 AP) After the battle, the ground will suddenly shakes and you will have to fight a similar Boss at the enemy's Missile Base. [actually it is the same vehicle. Selphie and her party are in the Base. To know more, head for Balamb Garden Network to know more..]

Boss 15 - BGH251F2
: 28
HP: 7,800
Description: Out of control after being destroyed at the Missile Base. Can only fight for a short period of time.
Attacks: (Gun shot)
Facts: Weak against Earth/Water/Thunder. Poison has no effect
Draw: Shell, Protect, Stop
AP gained: 20
Mug: 1x Adamantine
Win: 8x Missile
Squall's Lvl: 37
BGH251F2's Data Information

       |||||||||||||| < HP > |||||||||||||| 
         |||||||||| STR    DEF ||||||||||
          ||||||||| INT    SPI |||||||||||||||
               |||| DEX    EVA ||

The Boss' attacks may be deadly but it is pretty weak against GFs such as Quezacotl, Leviathan and Brothers. Just use Thunder* to attack the Boss and this battle could be an easy one. Heal your party when necessary. Do not use Bio on the Boss. You can get Adamantine by using Diablos' Mug on it! Make full use the "Boost" support as the GFs can do more damage. Leviathan will be a better choice as you could pump up to 140! If GF Siren or Brothers have attained level 30+, you can easily pump up to 150+... It is better if you make use of Thunder* Elem-Atk-J combo as it not only increase your attacking power but also conserve Thunder*.

After that loud thud, you will meet Selphie and her party members. Now you will have a short conversation. Everyone will leave later, and leaving only Rinoa and Squall. Talk to Rinoa and you will have the following options:

It's because I felt responsible
I was really glad to see them
It did not mean anything

After the talk, Rinoa will leave. Now it's time to navigate the city. You will find a damaged train station north from the compound. You will also find a Draw Point [Haste]. There is another hidden Timber Maniacs at the house on the left of this screen. There is a Moomba statue too in that house. [The man's nickname is also known as Grease Monkey..]

On the right of the street that you first enter the city, you will find a wooden plank, head right and you will find a Junk Shop where you remodel your weapons and there's a Draw Point next to the owner. [Shell]

Now you will find a boy on the boat. He is Master Fisherman's student. And here are the list of prompts... Pick the option where you see the arrow.

Sort of... <--
Not really...
I saw him <--
I did not see him
I was sort... impressed <--
He's just an old geezer

Next you will have learn some fishing... Ugh... the Junk shop actually got choked in the sequence ^_^; Now the Fisherkid will tell you to meet the Master Fisherman... Before heading there, head back to the Grease Monkey's House and you will have a sequence down there... A Elite Soldier is there and demands the technicans of FH to fix the Iron Clad [well, I guess that you should know what is this..]. Exit from the House and re-enter. Well, the Elite Soldier has ran off…In express his thanks, the man then gives you a Mega Phoenix!

Okay back to Master Fisherman... Now exit and head back to the area where you will find the elevators. You will meet Irvine along your way and he will join you. Now go down the ladder and meet Master Fisherman and he will told you to meet him in the inn. [In the area where you find the main street, you will actually find a building on the left. You can get pass there..]

Enter the building where you can actually have some fun... There is a actually a machine which tells about what has happened earlier in FH… Now talk to the owner and you will get the following options:

Get a room
Buy Items
Forget It

/ FH Shop \_____________________________________________________________
Name of Item        Functions                                 Cost (gil)
Potion              Restores HP by 200                         100
Hi-Potion           Restores HP by 1000                        500
Phoenix Down        Revives KO Status                          500
Antidote            Cure Poison                                100
EyeDrops            Cure Darkness                              100
Soft                Cure Petrify                               100
Echo Screen         Cure Silence                               100
Holy Water          Cure Zombie, Curse                         100
Remedy              Cure abnormal status                      1000
Tent                Fully restores abnormal status and HP     1000
                    to all.               
Fuel                Fuel for rental car                       3000
Normal Ammo         Ammo that attacks one opponent              20
Shotgun Ammo        Ammo that attack all opponent               40
G-Potion            Restores 200 HP to GF                      200
G-Returner          Revives GF from KO                         500

Since Master Fisherman has booked the room, so you can enter it... Now enter the room and you will have a short sequence regarding Dobe and the origin of FH. Next you will received the following options:

Sorry, got to head back to Garden
Why not...?

Next you will be able to uncover the floor for a hidden Timber Maniacs. Next exit and you will have a short sequence. Master Fisherman will talk to the boatman and even the sloppy drunkard also respond. Next head to the area where you find the Fisherkid. Master Fisherman will next give you the following options:

I think you are right <-- He will gives a Spr Up.
What are you talking about

Talk to him again and he will give you another question.

I think so…
No. It's all right
<-- He will give a Megalixir!

Now you are finally done with the sub-quest, time to head back to Balamb. Before heading back to Balamb, be sure to pay a visit at the place where you previously met the Master Fisherman. You will find a draw point [Full-life]. Before heading back to Balamb, have a card game with Dobe and you can get a rare card, Quezacotl!

At Balamb Garden…
Head for the Quad. You will find Selphie there. There will be a short sequence between Selphie and Irvine. [the movement of Garden has already messed up the stage... Irvine had made a suggestion that they can seek help from FH Technicans.] Now, Squall will be talking to Cid at the Controls room, where he will officially received the honor as the chief commander for Balamb Garden [well, he hates that..]. Next, the screen will transferred to other parts of Garden where you find other party members [Cid is giving his speech...]. Now Squall will be back his room...

The screen will now switches to the rest of the party members outside the Windmill of FH city. The party members are organizing a concert to congratulate Squall for being the commander of Garden. Then you will be given eight choices of instruments for the concert. You will proceed in this order: Zell, Irvine, Selphie and finally Quistis. Rinoa is not involved in the concert... as she has another important mission…

After choosing the instrument/performance, select 1st option to use that particular instrument while the 2nd option to change the instrument. The list of instruments/performance is listed below. Well, the movement of Balamb Garden has messed up the scores…

Before setting the band, don't talk to Zell, instead exit the screen. Just go to the city area where you find the inn and planks, Irvine will find out that all people are missing. Proceed to Grease Monkey's house, and you will still find that stubborn Elite Soldier. Next the Grease Monkey will ask Irvine to exit house for a moment... enter the house and you will be amused.. Grease Monkey has bashed up that Galbadia Soldier! Talk to Grease Monkey and he will give Irvine a Phoenix Down. Next talk to wounded soldier a couple of times and you will get 5x Fast Ammo, 5x AP Ammo and 5x Pulse Ammo. After done with this, there isn't much left to do.. Proceed back to the place where the remaining members and it's time to rock 'n roll!

List of Instruments

1. Guitar5. Violin
2. Sax6. Flute
3. Electric Guitar7. Bass Guitar
4. Piano8. Tap

Here are some songs for you to compose...

Ballet [Rinoa's Theme]
Requires: Sax, Electric Guitar, Piano and Bass Guitar

Requires: Guitar, Violin, Flute and Tap. [better conversation..]

Now you have finally set up the instruments, the concert can be done at any time. It was night time... Squall wake up from his bed and wonders what the rest are up to... Exit from the Dormitory and you will have a sequence between Irvine, Rinoa [in her ball outfit] and Quistis. Then both Irvine and Quistis will leave both Rinoa and Squall alone... Now you will be given the following options:

I'm not in the mood
I don't know...

Now you will be at the area in front of the windmill. Talk to Irvine twice and head down the ladder and IT'S CONCERT TIME! Irvine has told Squall that he has placed a magazine... well, he will also trying to woo Selphie ^_^;. Walk down the bridge...

Press Square and head left. Next examine the "magazine" and you will have a sequence between Squall and Rinoa. (it is about Squall's behavior..) Squall will be pushed down in the process and you will another sequence which causes this pair of lovers to quarrel again. (Rinoa really wants to confront her feelings to Squall..) Now Squall will be back on his bed and have the same dream again.

Now exit from the Dormitory and head for the elevator. Alight at the 3rd floor. You will find Quistis, Xu and Nida (remember the person whom graduated along Zell, Squall and Selphie at the inauguration party?). You will have a short talk about Selphie. Well, Squall intend to give her a holiday since after her exhausted trip to the Missile Base. Now talk to Nida and you will be asked to re-organize your party [the Switch Menu, Selphie will be temporarily unavailable.] It will switch to the World Map and the directions to control the mobile Garden.

Controls of Balamb Garden
Here are the controls:

Square: Moves forward on land/ sea.
Triangle: Moves backward on land/ sea.
X: Board/Unboard on land/shore only.
Circle: Allows you to the bridge. You will be able to move about in Garden by exiting from here. Talk to Nida and select first option. You will be asked to re-organize your party. Next you will be back at the World Map.
R1: Changes camera view.
Select: World Map [changes from a spot view, small map, full map]

Note: The Balamb Garden has very low mobility, it can't crosses high type land and could only move on shores. By the way, it can't go through between cliffs that that are found at Galbadia.

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