Final Fantasy 8

Card Quest at Balamb Garden

1x MiniMog's Card, 1x Leviathan's Card, 1x Carbuncle's Card, 1x Gilgamesh's Card

I will only start to gather cards once I have gotten sufficient cards. You need to get at least the Minotaur's, Sacred's, Ifit's and Diablos' card. They are very important for the card quest as they are your ultimate cards for this quest. You can get more cards such as Odin [if you decided to head for Centra Ruins first..]. It will be better if you have completed the previous card pages before for this quest. The fifth card is optional..

Ultimate Card Strategy!!
1 2 3    1) Place Sacred's card at spot 3
4 5 6    2) Place Minotaur's card at spot 9
7 8 9    3) Place Ifrit's card at spot 8
         4) Place Diablo's card at spot 1

Card Strategy for Plus/Same
It cannot be counted as a strategy but it works for me. Place your weakest card in the center. Upon the computer has finished for its turn, look out for any applications of Plus/Same. Next, the computer will normally try to counter with Plus and Same. Look out for it before placing down your card. Good strategy if you needed to protect your cards while trying to eliminate the Random rule by keep on playing at Balamb Area.

After getting all the cards [for other pages, note that the Cards page 5 that there is blank as you can't get that card now.. it is a rare card...] Try to get as many as possible.. You should have no problem in covering all cards execept for the characters, BOSS [page 6 & 7] and GFs. In Balamb, there are a lot of players. So try your luck. After you have completed page 1 to 5 cards [get at least 3x cards each...], It's time to seek a higher challenge.. the Card Group. Note: do all these stuff in Balamb Garden, you are not really to challenge the outside world.. If you have incurred the random rule from your previous card games, continue to play at Balamb Garden and it will eventually switch to Balamb Garden's rules.

The Card Group is considered as the most strongest group of card players in FF8. All except the Card Master can be found in Balamb Garden. Here is the sequence [remember that it is vital to save your game..]:

Name: CC Group Jack
Area: In front of the elevator. Usually walks from Library...
Description: He is a Garden Cadet. He will be the first one to introduce to you about the CC Group. He will be the first one to challenge you in a card game. Remember the guy that ask you whether you have challenged the Card Group?

After Jack has been defeated (guess what? You have become one of the best card players!), other members will started to show up.. which also marks the beginning of the 4-Suit Quest. Follow in order…

1-Suit: CC Group Knight Club
Area: The area where you find the Dormitory, Parking Lot and Cafeteria
Description: He is also a Garden cadet. He will says "Draw.." once you have approached him. Quite easy as he rarely uses Level 7 Cards.

2-Suit: CC Group Princess Diamond
Area: The Lobby, where you find the Directory.
Description: Two female Garden cadets. They are usually in pairs and chit-chat with each other. Can only play with them, while they were chit-chatting at the Directory. Normally, you will get a lot of Level 7 cards from them.

3-Suit: CC Group Prince Spade
Area: The 2F alley, the man near the elevator.
Description: He is the same guy, who have given the 7 cards in Disc 1 if you talk to him. (he normally say "so can you finished the game"). Not quite strong.. It is quite easy to defeat him.

4-Suit: CC Group Queen Heart
Area: Area at the bridge
Description: She is actually Xu.. Defeat her in order to get the Carbuncle Card. She is quite strong in her card tactics.

Former Card King: Dr. Kadowaki
Area: Infirmary
Description: You have seen her so many times in the game.. She is quite strong.. as she will have at least one Level 7 card in the game. Even with the above ultimate strategy, I also lost... I believe that you need to defeat her in order to challenge the present cardmaster king

CC Group Leader: Master King
Area: At the Dormitory after you have defeat all suits and Dr Kadowaki. Head to Dormitory and choose to be alone and sleep.. "he" will challenge Squall at the middle of the night.
Description: Believe it or not.. "he" is actually Quistis! She is really strong in her card tactics. Defeat her in order to get the Gilgamesh Card. You will be able to challenge her at the bridge after the night incident.

Last CC Group Member: CC Group Magician Joker
Area: Training Center, where you find the wooden planks.
Description: He is actually the "Man in Garden" whom sold items.. You will get a Battle Meter Upgrade if you defeat him. You can get the Leviathan Card from him. The upgrade is actually adding in the GF report...

* Other Cards at Balamb Garden
MiniMog - won from the boy dressed in blue around the Hall.
Quistis - won from Trepe Groupie #2, found her in the classroom at 2F.

Well, that's all. You can head back to the bridge and it's time to cruise around the world! Anyway, prepare for more tougher card challenges... Now for Zell's Love Quest.

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