Final Fantasy 8

Dollet: It has become a busy city!

3x Potion, 2x Phoenix Down, 1x Soft, 1x Occult Fan II, 1x Antidote, 5x Geezard's Card, 4x Red Bat's Card, 3x Buel's Card, 2x Anacondaur's Card, 1x Cactuar's Card, 1x Siren's Card

Silence - found near the fountain in the Town Square

Save Pts:
Dollet Hotel- in the front hall.


Dollet- Hasberry Plains
Anacondaur: Fire*, Cure*, {Bio}
Wendigo: Berserk, [Protect]
Geezard: Thunder, [Thundara], Cure, [Cura]
Fungaur: Sleep, Scan, [Silence], [Blind]
Dollet- Trip to Communications Tower
G-Soldier: Fire*, Thunder*, Blizzard*, Cure*
Elite Soldier: Fire*, Thunder*, Blizzard*, {Scan -> Dispel}

Well, as I promised... this is one of the secrets that have not been covered by others..

The Bone Quest
Well, Dollet is really an area of mystery... During the trip to Galbadia Garden, you can head there and do this side quest. But you can have this quest done on Disc 2 onwards. Just simply enter the city, through the back path. Next you will reached the Rent-A-Car Shop... Walk south and you will find a restaurant and harbour. Head west and you will be back at the place where you first battle the Galbadians [with Seifer in your party]. The city has been revamped... Next walk up and you will find the dog! Talk it and a cat with the bell will fall onto the ground. Enter the house on the left. You will find a man whom is upset over the boy for messing up his painting by drawing bones. [you can play cards with the boy..] Talk to the boy. Next you will find a painting [observe... it's a painting of Dollet!] Now let's begin the quest.

Painting No.1: Painting of the Fountain in front of Dollet Hotel Head there and examine the dog and choose 1st option ["Look"] and you will get a Potion!

Painting No.2: Painting of the Dollet's Pub and the overhead bridge. Head there and examine the dog [which is under the bridge.] Pick the first option "Look" and you will get 1x Phoenix Down!

Painting No.3: Painting of the alleyway outside the house. Just exit and examine the dog [which is on left], pick the first option and you will get 1x Soft!

This time, you will have a quarrel.. do it yourself! Actually the man is also known as the Card Artist. The boy is actually the son of the Card Queen!

After the subquest, it is time to navigate around the town... Now head for Pub. Head up to the second floor and you can get another copy of the Timber Maniacs... Now talk to the man [dressed like a rich fellow..] and he will give the following options. Pick the 2nd option each time and you will be able to challenge him. Note that he is tough. After defeat him in the first time, he will brought to you to his fighting arena…

He is the Card Master! Now examine the layer of documents/magazines lying on the ground. You will get a lot of items from there and here is the list: 2x Potion, 1x Phoenix Down, 1x Antidote and 1x Occult Fan II!

Talk to the Card Master and he will reward you with the following:

5x Geezard's Card
4x Red Bat's Card
3x Buel's Card
2x Anacondaur's Card
1x Cactaur's Card

Challenge him in the card game and get the Siren's Card! [if I am not wrong, the area will add "Same" rule to your card game. Same and Plus may seems difficult in the beginning but I can tell you that these rules are going to be your most decision wining elements, refer to the section above for more information.]

Head for the Hotel and pay 100 gil. You will be able to find a copy of Timber Maniacs at the desk found inside the room. You can get pass theDollet guard stationed along the path towards the Dollet Communications Tower. Just talk with the guard twice and he will have..... and charge! You will encounter Galbadia Soldiers there.

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