Final Fantasy 8

Centra Ruins

8x G-Mega-Potions or 1x Luck-J Scroll

Drain - near the pillar found in the main compound.
Aero - need to climb up the right ladder found near Power Source.
Pain - external right hand corner where you find the statue.

Save Pts:

Odin [you can't summon it..]

Tonberry: Death
Forbiddon: Zombie, [Pain], Silence, Break
Blobra: Shell, Protect, [Dispel], {Reflect}
Buel: Fire*, Thunder*, Blizzard*, {Death}
Bomb: Fire, [Fira], {Firaga}, {Meltdown}

The Centra Ruins is found somewhere in the Centra region (Centra Crater), south of the world. It's on one of those islands. The structure is a bit kinda strange. It's also called the "Blue Heaven"

Enter it and notice that there is a timer which last about 20 mins. Make sure you have acquired the Diablos' Enc-None Party Ability (equipped under the character's section). The monsters here are pretty tough. Watch for Tonberries [remember those tough cookies which can be morphed into a Ribbon found in the Northern Crater of FF7?]. Now enter the ruins and take the stairs leading right. It's possible to GF Tonberry at Disc 2 but you need to free GF Odin before you could get this GF. So that means you must finish this quest within the 20 minute time interval or your party will be killed by the Zantesuken...

Up the stairs and enter the chamber of the Odin. Next examine the stone block, it's actually an elevator. Next you have to take the one of the two ladders. The right one leads to a Draw Point. [Aero] Take the left ladder. Examine the blue orb (let's named it Power Source). Next climb down and examine the blue orb on the panel, that's located on the ground, it will reveal a series of stairs. Up the stairway, until you reached the statue of a monster. Climb up the ladder on the left and examine the statue and choose top option to take the Eye Ruby. Now head up the stairs which will lead to the next statue. Climb up the ladder and put the eye that you will find a password [the password is random and it looks something like this 0-4-8-5-6] Now remove both eyes and head back to the first statue. [There is a hidden draw point found on the right of the area. Place the eyes on the statue and the torch on the right will be lighted and enter your password. Well the numbers are placed in a vertical row. Just simply switch the digits using Left or Right of the D-Pad and Down to proceed to the next number. If you entered the password correctly, it will reveal a secret chamber and you will be able to find the Odin. It's time for Boss fight!

Boss 16 - Odin
: 31
HP: 10,300
Description: A legendary GF that sleeps in a dungeon. Zantesuken cuts anything that's stands in its way.
Attacks: n/a, Zantesuken
Facts: n/a
Draw: Stop, Death, Double, Triple
AP gained: 20
Win: 8x G-Mega Potion
Mug: 1x Luck-J Scroll
Squall's Level: 42
Odin's Data Statistics

          |||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||
             |||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||||
           |||||||||||| INT  SPI ||||||||||||
                      | DEX  EVA ||

Strategy: This Boss does NOT attack! Just keep on attacking until he is dead. But beware of the time limit. Just use GFs and Magic to dish out damage. There are a couple of ways of defeat the Odin in three minutes, just simply cast Triple and use a powerful spell and you will be able to defeat it in no time! Seize the opportunity to stock Triple which is a good spell for junctioning. Note that you can't summon the Odin, instead it will appears randomly, based on the characters.... However, if you did not defeat it on time, it will use Zantesuken and blah… it's gameover.

Well that's all for the Centra Ruins and you will be back here later at Disc 3. You must get the Odin before you can get the GF Tonberry. You can get GF Tonberry at this moment of time unless your characters are really that powerful.

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