Final Fantasy 8

Balamb Town under Galbadia Occupation

Zell's Card, 4x Str Up, 2x Hi-Potion, 1x Megalixir, 1x Combat King 002, Pandemona's Card

Thunder - draw point found in the main area.
Cure - draw point found at the berth.

Save Pts:
Zell's House - 2F
Balamb Hotel


G-Soldier: Fire*, Blizzard*, Thunder*, Cure*
Raijin: Thunder*, Thundara*, Shell, Protect
Fujin: Aero*, Cure*, Life, Pandemona

As Xu has mentioned that the Galbadia may be up to something nasty, head back to Balamb Town. If you are pretty observant enough, you will find that there is a huge red ship similar to the Garden [That's the Galbadia Garden]. Land the Garden somewhere near the beach/shore. Enter the town.

The town is now being "infested" by Galbadian soldiers. You will find them sealing off the entrance of the hotel, the train station, the roads of Balamb Town and the Dock. Now talk to the owner of the Rent-A-Car Shop and the lady at the entrance and then talk to the G-Soldier. Now repeat talking them in that order and you will be allowed to enter the town. Zell will come in if he isn't in your party. (due to Zell is a resident here..) You will be asked to reform the party where Zell and Squall are compulsory characters.

Here are some basic requirements: 100x Blind to ST-Atk-J for one character, 100x Silence to ST-Atk-J for the other character and 100x Poison to Elem-Atk-J for one character. You must at least gotten some important junctions such as the Str-J. (without any magic junctioned, your characters can do any big..)

Now talk to EVERYONE in the town before talking Zell's family. Next head for Zell's house. You will be able to allow to enter his room (hmm... why Zell don't allow his teammates to see his room?) Zell's room is quite nicely decorated. He has a great collections of rifles which will cause a final sequence if Irvine is in your party. His Air-board is next the Save Point. Now you have a nap. Before leaving his room, you can punch his punching bag by pressing the X button. Now head for the dinning room [on the right]. Now you will be able to meet Zell's Mom and other family (Big Bad Rascal and his mother]. Note that this is the best opportunity to get Zell's card from Ma Dincht. Talk to Ma Dincht, Big Bad Rascal's mother... Big Bad Rascal want to help out the girl that is living next door. Well, her parents are outside and she is worried about them. Big Bad Rascal wants to help her... and exit the room. You need to find him. Firstly, head for the house next to Zell house and you will find Big Bad Rascal there. Next talk to the girl and Big Bad Rascal will exit. Now head to the Gas Station and you find the Big Bad Rascal is hiding behind the tree next the vehicle which seal off the entrance. He was waiting for the opportunity, so that he could contact the girl's parents. Wait here for the boy's signal and talk to the guard SLOWLY, until you see the boy has talked to the owner... Now head back and you will find him at the street outside his house and you will be given the following options (he will doing the talking while you escape..)

Wanna to leave town?


Before talking to the boy, you will find Zell's mother in the hall. Well, she saying that the mother of Big Bad Rascal is a bit worried... don't believe it? Check the dining room.

Do this and return back to the town and choose the second option. Now for the guards at the Hotel and they will asked you where is the captain? You need to search for the captain. Next, talk to the guards at the Train Station. Now head to the Dock and they will tell you that someone has caught a Balamb Fish (well, it is Balamb's specialty...).

Next head to Ma Dincht and she will tell your party that a man has come in and use their stove (who is this man?...) Now head for the Hotel and you will be able to see the following prompts:

Where the heck is he? <--
We found him

You will be able to use to the dog to look for the "Captain". Head for the dock and talk to the dog... The dog will followed the trace of the smell (you have been the kitchen, right!?). Now follow the dog to the train station and the dog will enter the train, followed by a load crash! Raijin was there... sleeping in the train and he was been chased by the dog... ^_^; Now give a chase to Raijin and head to the Hotel. There you will have a sequence... So Raijin is the "Captain" and therefore the "Commander" is... generally of course Fujin! Of course, you will have to fight Raijin and those two guards…

Boss 16
: 33

2x G-Soldiers
: 33
HP: 477

Raijin - looking for Ellone along with Fujin. Good at physical attacks. Trys to act cool around other people.

Raijin: (pole strike), Raijin's Special, Thunder*
G-Soldier: (Sword attack), Fire*

Raijin: Weak against Poison. Absorbs Thunder
G-Soldier: Weak against Poison

Raijin: Thunder*, Thundara*, Shell, Protect.
G-Soldier: Fira, Thundara, Blizzara, Cura.

AP gained:12

Raijin: 2x Str Up
G-Soldier: 1x Hi-Potion

Win: 2x Potions, 1x Str-Up

Squall's Level: 41

Raijin Data Information

       |||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||
          |||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||
                |||| INT  SPI |
                 ||| DEX  EVA ||

This battle could be an easy one if you know how to make use of the drawn spells from the soldier. Kill one of Galbadian first. Now draw Fira and use it on Raijin. Use all GFs except for Quezacoatl. Draw Thundara and use it on the Galbadian solider. Beware of Raijin's Special as it could does about 1000+, regardless of levels. Cast Protect to reduce damage. As I have already mentioned early on... You can defeat him with 100x Blind ST-Atk-J Combo. But his "Raijin Special" has a low miss rate. Prepare your party with a couple of Life spells before the battle.

Next the battle music changes and your characters will head inside the hotel. You will meet Fujin and Zell is a bit over reactive demands Fujin to remove the troops from Balamb. She will be re-joined by Raijin and the bad news is that you have to fight both them. [This is continuos!]

Boss 17
: 27
HP: 8,100

: 29
HP: 11,600

Fujin - Looking for Ellone under Seifer's command. Uses wind magic, and attacks with pinwheel.

Fujin: Zan, Aero*
Raijin: (Pole attack), Raijin Special, Thunder*.

Fujin: Weak against Poison. Absorbs Wind attacks
Raijin: Weak against Poison. Absorbs Thunder attacks.

Fujin: Aero*, Cure*, Life, Pandemona
Raijin: Thunder, Thundara, Shell, Protect

AP gained: 20

Fujin: 1x Megalixir
Raijin: 2x Str Up

1x Str Up, 1x Combat King 002, 1x Megalixir

Fujin Data Information

        ||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||
            |||||||| STR  DEF ||
             ||||||| INT  SPI ||||||||||||||||
                  || DEX  EVA ||||||||

This battle is going to be a tough one. Concentrates your attacks on Raijin first. This is due to his extreme high-attacking Limit Break which does about 1,000+ HP damage. Fujin could also does about 300+ damage with Zan. To defeat Raijin, use Aero* which can be drawn from Fujin. On the other hand, draw Thundara from Raajin and use it on Fujin. This is apparently making them killing each other. Use all GFs except for Quezacotl, due Raijin's Elem-Def-J against Thundaga. Next remember to draw Pandemona from Fuujin, or it's is going to be lost forever... [until disc 4...]. Make full use of Meltdown to reduce their defenses. Leviathan and Brothers is a great option for this battle. (for you boost up to 160...)

After the battle, you will have a sequence with both Fujin and Raijin. They are retreating, actually what they are doing is for Seifer... In the end, they will leave and you will be back at the control room of Balamb Garden. Selphie will return from her vacation. Now you will be back at the World Map. Save your game. Now you need to head for Trabia Garden on the continent is north-east of Balamb Area. [View from the huge World Map and place the cursor and head for the place where it says "Trabia Garden"

Before making a trip there, do some part of Zell's love quest... Also return back to Balamb Town and head for the train station, there you will find a girl sitting at the stairs... Talk to her. Now head to the entrance of Balamb Hotel. Talk to the guy with the purple velvet. You can get Pandemona's card from a card game with him.

Now you need to head for Trabia Garden which is located on the north-east continent of the World Map. It is marked by a dot on the full view of the World Map, somewhere in the snowy regions of Trabia. Brr… it's freezing cold..

Some Interesting Add-Ons...
After Squall talked to the hotel guard about the captain, "Where the heck is he?", the guard mentions about the cars in the harbor. I talk to the new-assistant and he mentions going through the backway. I go behind the car and finds a guy named Tabloid Guy. He asks for Gil and in return he'll give you some info about the captain's whereabouts. Here's the list.

Bronze (5,000 Gil) - "This is the place where the captain USED to nap. The reason why he no longer sleeps here is because the commander nearly ran him over when she went out lookin' in a car. So I don't think you'll find him here. It'd suck to be run over while you're asleep." (Some info...)
Silver (15,000 Gil) - He tells about Big Bad Rascal's way to get out of town.
Gold (30,000 Gil) - He tells that the captain is inside the train. He used to sleep there and sometimes got carried to Timber. You can get in if you talk to the guards there for several times. (Haven't tested it out.)

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