Final Fantasy 8

Edea's House - Truth Revealed

I have a few points to clear. That's the changes between the Japanese version and the North American version:

1x Edea's Card

Curaga - the back alleyway of Edea's House

Save Pts:


Lenown Plains
Death Claw - Aero
Ruby Dragon - Fire*, [Aero --> Flare], {Meteor}, {Reflect}
Grand Mantis - Esuna, Water
Blitz - Thunder, [Thundara], {Thundaga}
Jelleye -Fire*, Thunder*, Blizzard*

After the exhausting battle at the Garden, Squall is finally back at the Dormitory.. he was thinking what could went wrong with Rinoa. So pay a visit to Rinoa whom was found at the Infirmary. After a while, you will received a message from Quistis through the announcement center. That Edea wants to meet Squall... at her house. [remember the building that you can't previously enter? BTW, you can find a world map draw somewhere near the house [Holy]]

You can now exit through the Central Gate or the bridge to the World Map. To get through the Central Gate, you must get Balamb Garden to be landed on the shores. If you want it's also high time to get some items for you get the weapons. Either way, will lead you to the results: forming a new party however you can't have Rinoa in your party at this moment of time. Save your game.

Now enter the house on the left of that island [it's with the lighthouse]. Now you will head up to the building and you will find the rest of your party members outside house. The house seems have been damaged and been abandoned for a long time. Now head up and enter the house.

You will find an item on the ground [it's the Timber Maniacs]. Next enter the room located at the north and draw some magic from the Draw Point located there [Curaga]. Now head back and enter the right side which will causes you to meet Cid. Now head right and you will meet Edea along with her husband....

Try to win Edea's Card from Edea. Getting her is rather tough as the Centra area has almost all the rules which range from Same/Plus plus the rule that almost all card players hates: the Random rule. This may take a lot of time.. Be patient. If Random rule occurred, try to place your lousiest cards, followed by the strongest card. [if you lost a rare card, you should know what to do right?]

SPOILERS!!! Skip this part if you want to… A Sorceress named Ultemicia from the future always want the power of all the Sorceresses. In order to do this, she will try to compress time [i.e. allowing people in the past, the present and the future to live in the same time] Ellone has the ability to teleport them to the past. Edea tries to refuse it... as the result, she was forced in the process.. (she would sacrifice herself in order to prevent leaking where Ellone is.. and she think that was the method. Instead she has assigned the Sorceress SeeDs.... to look after Ellone.)

Just simply talk to Edea about 4 times (well, the scoop is about that along..). Now attempt to exit and you will be called back by Edea and your party. [Squall seems a bit upset...] Next you will be back to the bridge of Balamb Garden, 3F.

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