Final Fantasy 8

Ultemicia Castle - the sealed truth

1x Megalixir, 1x Elem Atk, 1x Diamond Armor, 1x Rocket Engine, 1x Magic Armlet, 1x Status Attack, 1x Status Guard, 1x Elem Guard, 1x Rosetta Stone

Flare - entrance of Ultimecia Castle
Meltdown - draw point at Art Gallery
Curaga - draw point at the passageway
Slow - draw point at the courtyard

Save Pts:
Entrance of Ultimecia Castle
The desert walkway
Before Ultemicia's Room

Pandemona - Red Giant
Leviathan - Trauma
Alexander - Catabelpas
Tri-Point - Siren
Gargatua - Cerberus
Krysta - Carbuncle
Eden - Tiamat


At the entrance, you will find a Save Point on the left, along with a hidden draw point at the right. Next Squall will spilt up his team into 2 parties. One of the parties will follow Squall, whereas the remaining three will form the other party. Now they will enter the place of their most horror nightmare! Upon entering the castle, you find the area being covered with green blinking light, followed the message below:

The parties' powers have been sealed by Ultimecia.
[Item] - sealed the item menu and item command.
[Magic] - sealed the magic menu and magic command.
[GF] - sealed GF command
[Draw] - sealed Draw command
[Command Ability] - seal Commands and Ability menu
[Limit Break] - seal Limit Breaks
[Resurrection] - seal from reviving dead members
[Save] - seal from saving, using Save Points in the game.

Now you need to fight the eight monsters found in the Ultimecia Castle. To break the seal, you must uncover their traces in the Castle and defeat them. At the beginning, you are only to use the Attack Command.

Now you will find green spots called "Party Switch Point" or in short form, I will call "PSP". PSP will allows you to have the following options upon entering the area:

Party Switch Point
Switch to other party
Change party members

The first option allows you to switch between Alpha and Beta parties. The second option allows you to change members of the party. Usable when all members of the team [6 members] are at the PSP. The third option allows you to do nothing

Now let's beginning to disperse our units into two teams:

Alpha Party: Squall, Zell, Rinoa
Why this arrangement? I like this combination as it has great attacking prospects along with great defense. Squall and Zell can do the attacking while Rinoa could be a great healer. Squall's Lion Heart is almost unstoppable. Zell's Duel can be chained and causes huge amount of damage. Rinoa's Angel Wing can cast different magic and Angelo combination is also quite massive.

Beta Party: Irvine, Quistis, Selphie
Why this arrangement? This combination is ought to be more devastating compared to the previous party. Irvine can really knocked out anyone with his Shot combo. Quistis can really boost up the team's speed, defense and magical defense from her Mighty Guard. Plus her Shockwave Pulsar can inflict tremendous damage (over 9999 HP). Selphie, on the other hand, has superb Limit Breaks such as Full-cure and Wall. She can really become a great support character.

GFs? There is no need to disperse them ^_^;. You can have all GFs onto one party. You can used Switch menu and select through the Junction Exchange and the junction of the previous character along with the magic in that character will be automatically give to them. The only weakness on this method is that you may need to waste magic in restoring HP. But it really saves the trouble.

Magic requirements (the list is a bit quite long)

You will find the boss at the main stairway. Note, that you can only use the attack command as other commands are being sealed off.

Boss 31 Sphinxaur
HP: ~20,000+
Description: n/a
Attacks: Firaga, Magic Summon, Doom, (Charge), Blizzaga
Facts: ????
Draw: ????
AP gained: 31 AP [differs based on number of monsters]
Win: 1x Megalixir
Mug: n/a

Since you have make Squall included in the main party, there is no need to change the party's junctions. This Boss is not even a match against the Grendel that you encounter at the Island closest Hell. Just attack and you can easily finished it. The only thing to take note is its Magic Summon and the Boss could call for additional monsters such as Jelleye, etc. Just go for the Boss, Squall could do damage up to 5000 with 255 Str stats. You see the mask breaks as an indication that you have does a damage of 10,000 HP to the Boss.

Release Seal: Magic / Draw [if you haven't gotten Leviathan]

This area is called the Hall. After you defeat this Boss, you find the 4 way junction. Just take the right path and go to the door on the right. Next you will reach a spiral stairway, where you will find a bell along with PSP. Just simply enter the door. [as for the bell, you can mess with it later.]

Junction Preparations: 100x Tornado to Elem-Atk-J for all characters

Now you will be at the Art Gallery. Here is a little diagram to help you out:

                  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
                     Map of The Art Gallery
                  * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

|                             |                                       | 
|                             |       ___________________             |
|     ______/    \_________   |      | p11   p6   p12    |            |
|    |  p1          p2     |  |      |p5                 |            |
|    |                   p3|  |      ----------------|   |            |
|    +                   __|  |                      | p7|            |
|    +                 _||||  |                      |   |______      |
|    +             ||||||  |  |                      |___  p8   |     |
|    +                   p4|  |                       ||||||  p9|     |
|    |                     |  |                        ___|     |     |
|    |______/    \_________|  |                       |     ____|     |
|                             |                       |    |          |
|                             |      _________________|    |          |
|                             |     | DP                p10|          |
|                             |     |______________________|          |


================    p1:   IGNUS           p6:   XERAMELINAE
-----LEGEND-----    p2:   IVANDANTIA      p7:   VENUS
================    p3:   IUDICIUM        p8:   VIATOR
                    p4:   INTERVIGILIUM   p9:   VIGIL
                    p5:   INAUDAX         p10:  VIVIDARIUM
                    p11:  XYSTUS          p12:  XIPHIS
                    ++:   MAIN PICTURE    ||||: STAIRWAY
                    /\:   DOORS           DP:   DRAW POINT

Note: You can draw Meltdown from the Draw Point found at this area. Well with the map, this should be any problem. Take a look at ALL paintings. Next head for the main picture [marked + in the map] and you will given the list of pictures that you have seen before. Now you need to solve the puzzle and here is the way:

In the Art Gallery, you will see a big clock painted on the floor. The three hands shows VIII, VI, IIII. Look at all the Pictures and pick the following I, V and X

Garden (delete the 2nd V)
Tree-lined Road
Red Clothes

Now examine the big picture and you should get messages like the one below:

The title is...
It is too faint to read
The title of this picture is ....

The hands of the clock shows 8 (VIII), 4 (IIII) and 6 (VI). Therefore the answer for the puzzle is VIVIDARIUM, INTERVIGILIUM and VIATOR.

"VIVIDARIUM ET INTERVIGILIUM ET VIATOR" which means [In the Garden, sleeps a messenger]

Now the hidden letters of the painting will be uncovered and the second Boss will appear. Contact with it and you will find the following phrase "Face my wrath for seeking thy sealed power." and you might guessed it, another Boss fight!

Boss 32
HP: 34,114

HP: 3,128

Trauma - Ultimecia gave partial life to this weapon of the future. Pulse Cannon destroys any enemies in its way.
Droma - Born from Trauma. A small support machine. Despite its small size uses Pulse Cannon just like Trauma.

Trauma: Drain, (Create), Pulse Cannon, (Whip)
Droma: (Scuba Dive), Mini Pulse Cannon

Trauma: Weak vs. Wind
Droma: Weak vs. Wind

Trauma: Flare, Leviathan
Droma: Esuna, Dispel

AP gained: 30

Win: 1x Elem Atk

Mug: 2x Meteor Stone

Trauma's Data Information

   |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
    |||||||||||||||| STR  DEF |||||||||||||||||| 
  |||||||||||||||||| INT  SPI ||||
                |||| DEX  EVA ||


   |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
        |||||||||||| STR  DEF |
  |||||||||||||||||| INT  SPI |
              |||||| DEX  EVA ||||||||||||||||||

The Trauma can inflict damage to all characters with its Pulse Cannon. And it really packs a punch! Almost all status attacks are pretty useless against them. Don't bother to attack the Dromas as they don't do much damage. In fact the Trauma can create endless of them to attack all your members. Once two Dromas are being killed in a row, the Trauma will unleash its deadly Pulse Cannon. Make use of Meltdown -> Tornado combo to defeat the Boss. Tornado is a great spell against this Boss as it increase the amount of damage inflict by 50%. BTW, the Dromas can mugged for Meteor Stones. So make sure you have the Mug command.

Release Seal: Draw/ Magic [based on the choice before]

*** Note this is last time to get GF Leviathan for those whom haven't gotten it.

* Equip Draw for all characters

Now behind the door of the Art Gallery, leads to the Flood Gate. There you will find an area that looks like the map below:

|          |   |   ----|   |           Abbreviations
|1*        |   |   ----|   |           xx  Floodgate [locked]
|_____ mmmm|   |   ----|   |           *1  Prison Cell Key
 ----------[1] |-------|   |           mm  Cell door
       |_______|    ____\   \          [1] Water Gate Lever
                     ____    MM        MM  Armory Door
                     \---\    \___     *2  Armory Key [wait...]
                      \-2*\_______     --  Water path.

Enter the door located in the north and you will another PSP and you will find two stairways heading up to the other side. Now head down to the Flood Gate. [just walk up]. Just proceed to the door "mmm" and it will lead to the Prison Cell. Your party will be locked up... Next you will find a corpse and you will find a key marked by *1 [Prison Key] and the Boss will automatically appears and it's another Boss Fight!

Boss 33 Red Giant
HP: 30,000
Description: A giant machine powered by magic. Its high defense makes it difficult to damage except with Magic or GF.
Attacks: (Swipe), Gigantic Sword, (Punch)
Facts: n/a
Draw: Demi, Pandemona
AP gained: 30
Win: 1x Diamond Armor
Mug: n/a
Have you ever wonder why I pick "Draw" over others? GF Diablos also works well against this Boss as it could does 9999 HP damage, but it requires time. Draw, on the other hand, could allow you to save Demi in your stock and does an equivalent damage to the Diablos. If you used physical attacks [which is reduce by 1/2], the Boss will say the following:

"GWahaHA! PHysical attackS? USeleSS!"

But if you are smart enough, use Demi and the Red Giant will say,

"Urgh! N-NO more DEMI, pleaSE...!" ^_^;

After you defeat damage around 15,000 HP, the Boss will throw away his sword. It is also a great opportunity to draw GF Pandemona. Just keep on using Demi, you will noticed that the damage drops gradually as it inflicts 1/4 of the Boss current HP. After that, start to use attacks and you will be able to finish it easily.

Sealed Ability: Command Ability [critical important.]

Okay, now it's time for the other team to do some business. Head for the north door of the main hall, where you will find the first Boss. Next in the area, walk onto the unstable chandelier [whole party] and you will fall directly onto the Grand Hall. Examine the hatch and you will find the following prompt.

The hatch on the floor is broken. Would you like to open it?
Yes <--

Junction 100x Thundaga to Elem-Def-J. Equip Recover and Draw Command

Next walk down and you find the Wind Cellar. South of that area, you will find the 4th Boss, a flying monster. Just examine the Boss and you will see the familiar phrase.

Boss 34 Tri-Point
HP: 22,400
Description: A living weapon Ultimecia made out of a dragon. Fire or Ice are its weak point but they charge when attack.
Attacks: Mega Spark, Scan, Onrush, (Claw swipe).
Facts: Absorbs Thunder. Very Weak against Fire.
Draw: Haste, Tornado, Bio, Siren
AP gained: 30
Win: 1x Rocket Engine
Mug: n/a
Tri-Point's Data Information

  |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
 |||||||||||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||||||||||
   |||||||||||||||| INT  SPI |
           |||||||| DEX  EVA ||



This battle is quite easy and you can disintegrate the Boss within a minute's time. The Boss will auto-counter with attacks using Mega Spark which carries a Thunder element, which you absorb it through 100x Thundaga to Elem-Def-J. That's not the main problem. If the Tri-Point ever use Scan on your characters, it was start to use the Onrush, a desperate charging attack which is 3 times the power of the attacks. Immediately use Recover to restore the HP.

Sealed Ability: Limit Break / Resurrection

You will find a hidden draw point [Aura] within the wine barrels found in the northeast area. If you have problems in finding them. Now head back to the top floor and you will find the Courtyard.

Map of the Courtyard

          c h a p e l 
    ____ ___    ___ _____xxxxx   Legend
  |DP   |   |  |   /     ____|   xx   floodgate
  |__    \  |  |  /     /        []   fountain
     \    \_|  |_/     /         DP   Slow
      \      ___      /          *    Treasure Vault Key
       \   *|___|    /           PSP  Party Switch Point
        \           /
         |   PSP   |             Remember to get the Treasure Vault Key
                                 that's required for the next area.
     g r a n d   h a l l

Head for the chapel and you will find a huge organ and here the controls [I guess there is nothing hidden here, unlike in FF7 you can get Tifa's Final Heaven through playing the piano.]. You can draw Dispel from the draw point found in the chapel.

                 X         :  Do          L1       :  So   
==============   Circle    :  Re          R1       :  La
-----KEYS-----   Square    :  Mi          L2       :  Te
==============   Triangle  :  Fa          R2       :  Do

                           START    :   Exit

*Press all buttons at one go and press Start to exit.

Now head up the stairs on the right, there you will find the key which will fall onto the ground as soon as before you can reached it. [actually you can get it, if you walk towards it] Next head back to the PSP inside the Grand Hall [note that you will be able to force the lever down which prevents the chandelier from falling] and switch to the other party which should be at the front of Flood Gate.

* Choose the Switch Menu. Junction Exchange allows you to use switch between Junction easily. Now have magic command, draw command and use Command Ability too.

Now controlling the other party, head back to the basement and you will find a shiny item on the southeast corner of the screen, examine it and take the key [Armory Key]. You need to get the Armory into other to enter the room. You will find a Vysage... examine it and you will see the phrase.

Boss 35
HP: 21,000

HP: 13,800

HP: 13,800

HP: 15,400

Gargantua - A large monster but its mainly uses magic to attack. Physical attacks anger and it may counter attack.

Vysage - Protect, Haste, Sigh, Stare
Lefty and Righty- (Grab and squeeze) [both], (Whip), Reflect, Flare, Curaga, Meteor, Tornado, etc.
Gargantua: Counter Twish, Demi, (Smash), Evil-Eye, Demi, Quake.

Vysage : Weak against Holy
Lefty and Righty : Weak against Holy

Vysage: Cure, Haste, Bio
Righty: Bio, Demi, Quake, Regen
Lefty: Shell, Protect
Gargantua: Flare, Bio, Quake, Cerberus

AP gained: 42

Lefty: Rune Armlet
Righty: Wizard Stone
Vysage: Lightweights

Win: 1x Magic Armlet

Gargantua's Data Information

   |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
    |||||||||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||||||||||
  |||||||||||||||||| INT  SPI 
              |||||| DEX  EVA ||||

Fighting Vysage, Lefty, Righty: All of them are typically weak against Blind and Bio status attacks. They are quite easy as you can called it off by summoning GF Alexander. Just simply knocked out Vysage and Righty first. As they could does damage with status ailments and magic such as Meteor. After they have been defeated, you will eventually meet up with the Boss, Gargantua. Sigh causes Doom, so remember to cure it as the fight is continuous.

Fighting against Gargantua: This battle is quite easy... Just get someone equipped with Treatment command and protected against Sleep, Berserk, Confuse, Death. If you attack the Boss, the Boss will counter-attack with the Counter Twist (can does a lot of heavy damage). The Boss's Evil Eye can does a mean status ailments of Curse/Slow on your characters. Just simply get someone with the Treatment command to call it off. Just having a Meltdown-Aura-Limit Break can killed off the Boss easily. Remember to draw Cerberus for those whom haven't gotten it at Disc 2.

Break Seal: Resurrection/Limit Break

Search the area [or use Move-Find ability to uncover a hidden draw point, Ultima!] and now exit from the Water Gate. Use the PSP and switch.

Head back to the Hall where to you encountered the Sphinxuar. Go up the stairs and enter the room located on the left. Now walk down and you will find a dark corridor which has windows on the left. [there is a room here on the left, where you can accessed it using Treasure Vault Key found next to the fountain.] But I would not recommend you to do it now. Just head north to the elevator room. [Make sure that this team comprises of at least 2 females.] Just imagine the elevator as a balance.

 A              B
     _______________          F stands for female and M stands for
    /\      |      /\         male. Just simply get a heavier party
   /  \     |     /  \        on the right. But first of all, you must
  /FFM \    |    /MMF \       get the lighter party into the elevator.
 -------    |   --------      Side B will go down as the weight is much
    UP            DOWN        heavier compared to Side A. It will 
                              generally works for the following 

|          Side A            |         Side B             | Work / Fail|
| Quistis, Selphie, Irvine   | Squall, Zell, Rinoa        | Works!     |
| Quistis, Selphie, Zell     | Squall, Irvine, Rinoa      | Works!     |
| Quistis, Zell, Irvine      | Squall, Selphie Rinoa      | Fail       |
| Rinoa, Zell, Irvine        | Squall, Selphie, Quistis   | Fail       |
| Selphie, Zell, Irvine      | Squall, Quistis, Rinoa     | Fail       |
| Selphie, Quistis, Rinoa    | Squall, Zell, Irvine       | Works!     |

Head up the stairs on the left and enter the opening door on the left. Now walk across the path, there is a Draw Point [Cura] and a Save Point. Now head across and you will reach the screen with the two elevators, now enter it and switch to the other party. The other party will go to the other ledge. [Perform a "Switch between parties"]

Now examine the room and you will find a Draw Point [Curaga] plus the Water Gate Key. This is essential for Flood Gate Quest. Just take the key and head back to the PSP and switch to Alpha

Once you walk down from the elevator, the other party will automatically be brought to the 1st floor. Next it's time for the Flood Gate Quest. Just head back to the Water Gate where you will find you find the Prison Cell and Armory (it's a long way.) Just simply get across the corridor and go up the stairs and you will back at the Hall. Next enter the door on the right side [which access to the area where you find the bell]. Just go north, passing through the Art Gallery and go down to the flood gate. Refer to the map before you fight Red Giant. Head towards the Prison Cell and push right of your D-Pad and Squall will be able move towards to the stick marked [1] on the map. Press X and you will see a message saying that the Flood Gate Key has been inserted. Press X another time and you will see Squall pushing the lever. Now head back to the Hall. Go towards the room where you find the unstable chandelier. Go towards it and you will fall onto the Grand Hall. On the right side, you will find a PSP along with a lever. Go there and you will see a message "The lever has been depressed". Now perform a PSP and switch to Beta.

* Peform a Junction Exchange between members and restores everyone's HP to full. Junction 100x Water or 100x Quake to Elem-Atk-J and 100x Thundaga to Elem-Def-J.

Now head south and back to the corridor. Examine the door on the left and use it [you will see a message saying "Treasure Vault Key" is used. Next you will find four coffins. Here is a diagram. You can draw Holy from the Draw Point found near the coffins.

              ____________________________________   =============
KEY          |   ___      ____   ____     _____   |      A I M 
[] Coffins   |  \ o  \   | c  | | c  |   / o  /   |  =============
DP Draw      |   \____\  |____| |____|  /____/    |  You need to open
   Point     |                 DP                 |  all four coffins
/\ Door      |                                    |  and the Boss will
c  Closed    |_______________/   \________________|  appear. There is
o  Opened.                                           no for the steps.

Upon opening the coffins, you will see the Catoblepas appearing. Just examine it and it is another Boss fight.

Boss 36 Catoblepas
HP: 58,500
Description: Uses magic as well as physical attacks. It's skill with Thunder Magic all on it to increase its damage.
Attacks: (Swipe), Assault Horn, Thundaga, Meteor
Facts: Weak against Earth/Water. Absorb Thunder
Draw: Meteor, Alexander
AP gained: 30
Mug: n/a
Win: 1x Status Atk
Catoblepas's Data Information

       |||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||
    |||||||||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||
        |||||||||||| INT  SPI ||||
              |||||| DEX  EVA |

The Boss will start off the battle with following speeches:

" I am Catoblepas."
" What do you humans plan to do..."
" Against the likes of me..."

This Boss looks so cool... and looks quite alike the Behemoth. Believe it or not, this guy is pretty easy to defeat. Unlike the Behemoth, it has strong defenses against status ailments. So that means, you must watch for that Assault Horn. It has a pretty weak defense and normal attacks can do 7000+ HP damage if your Str stats are 255. The Boss will cast Meteor after its death. Make sure that character's HP are all above 2000. The Boss is weak against Water/Earth element. Use that to your advantage. Remember to draw Alexander for those whom haven't gotten it.

Break Seal: It's up to you. I would recommend GF

Now proceed up back south and head towards the Hall. [at the stairway junction, you will find another PSP]. Now head to the north room from the spot where you fight the Sphinxaur, Make sure that your character's HP are back full. Now just head across the Chandeliner and you will find a jewel shaped monster, the 7th Boss, Krysta!

Boss 37 Krysta
: 44
HP: 16,000
Description: Born of a jewel in Ultimecia's Castle. Responds quickly to attacks. Counter attack immediately.
Attacks: (Cyber Frost), (Claw swipe), Ultima, Charge
Facts: Cold has no effect on it.
Draw: Holy, Carbuncle
AP gained: 30
Win: 1x Elem Guard
Mug: n/a
The Boss is extremely strong in attacks! The Cyber Frost is a counter-attack weapon which does damage according to your characters' Vit. 200+ Vit stats could only minimize the damage to 700+. Try to avoid using attacks and instead rush out for the magic. Don't bother to use Blizzaga or Shiva. Instead draw-cast Holy will be a nice idea, compared to attacks. The Boss may have strong attacks such as Ultima [which does 2000+ to characters with a Spirit stats of 100+] and it affects all characters. Just make sure that you have two great commands such as Recover and Revive. Remember to draw Carbuncle for those whom have missed already on.

Break Seal: Item/ Save

Now walk across the chandeliner and head back to the area where you find the bell. Use that PSP.


* Perform a Junction Exchange and cure everyone's HP to full. Junction 100x Thundaga and 100x Firaga to Elem-Def-J or 100x Flare to Elem-Def-J

It's time to complete the unfinished quest. Now head to back to courtyard area through the northern door in the Grand Hall. Just take the northeast path which leads to the Water Gate. The water should be drained off already. Just walk left and you will find a straight path leading towards west. Examine the area and you can pick up a Rosetta Stone, which allows your members to learn the Ability x4. The door located south from her leads to the Prison Cell. Now head back to the Courtyard and take the path towards the chapel. Now walk up the stairs on the right. Cross the wooden bridge. The ladder takes to the lower section of the clock tower [which is the water gate]. Now walk up the winding path [it's a long way..] Now you will find a huge bell swinging from right to left. Now head and position yourself near the edge. Wait for the bell to come and press X. Now your party will be taken to the hole... Next you will find the toughest Boss among eight Bosses in the castle. It looks quite like the Bahamut... [actually it is also formerly a GF!]

Boss 38 Tiamat
HP: 89,600
Description: Used to be a GF. Become a monster under Ultimecia's power. Its Dark Flare destroys all enemies
Attacks: (Claw Swipe), Dark Flare
Facts: Strong against Fire/Lightning. Wind has no effect on the Boss.
Draw: Flare, Eden
AP gained: 30
Mug: n/a
Win: 1x Status Guard
Tiamat's Data Information

|||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
|||||||||||||||||| STR DEF ||||||||||||||||||
|||||||||||||||||| INT SPI ||||||||||||||||||
|| DEX EVA ||||||

The eight Bosses' strongest monster... battle at the Clock Tower. The Tiamat looks extremely cool, and I think it is coolest Boss in FF8 [besides GF BossES and Weapons]. To defeat it, you need a couple of great Elem-Def-J. It's Dark Flare works like Ruby Dragon's Breath and attack based on Vit stats. 100+ Vit characters are bound to suffer ~9600 HP damage. There is a way to absorb the damage that's by junctioning Flare or Thundaga and Firaga to Elem-Def-J. As the Tiamat starts to elevate higher, it is going to use its Dark Flare [D-A-R-K F-L-A-R-E]. You will see a message box to it will starts to use Dark Flare and it affects all allies. This is the time where Elem-Def-J comes extremely handy. Just go all at the Tiamat. Make use of Limit Breaks [Squall's Renzoukuken has a high probability of using Lion Heart]. Remember to draw Eden if you haven't draw it from the Ultima Weapon.

Break Seal: Save/ Item

After the battle, examine and check for another hidden Draw Point [Triple] after the battle. Now with all seal broken off, it's time to battle Ultimecia or for those whom want an additional Three Stars, you can battle the Omega Weapon. Just walk back to the bell and climb onto it. Walk up and you should enter a room that is full of gears. There you will find another draw point [Stop]. Now cross the hands of the clock face and climb down the ladder. Eventually, you will find a path leading to the Master Room. Use the Save Point there, SAVE your game and its time for the ultimate combat against the strongest foe at Ultemicia Castle, The Omega Weapon.


Rare Cards Card Mod-List
Name of Card Great Items Function
SquallThree Stars Expendx3-1 [GF]
SeiferDiamond Armor GF HP+40% [GF]
EdeaRoyal Crown Mag +60% [GF]
RinoaMagic Armlet Spr +60% [GF]
ZellHyper Wrist Str +60% [GF]
IrvineRocket Engine Spd +40% [GF]
SelphieElem Guard Elem-Def-J x4 [GF]
QuistisSamantha's Souls SumMag +40% [GF]
KirosAccelerator Auto-Haste [GF]
WardGaea's Ring HP +80% [GF]
LagunaHeroInvincibility [Combat]
PhoenixPhoenix Spirit Revive [GF]
DoomtrainStatus Guard ST-Def-J x4 (GF)
EdenMonk's Code Counter (GF)
BahamutMegalixir HP fully (all) [Item]
AlexanderMoon Curtain Auto-Shell (GF)
CerberusLightweights [no use]* (Junk)
OdinDeath Spirit [no use]* (Junk)
PandemonaWindmills GF compatibility+3 with Pandemona (Junk)
LeviathanDoc's Code Recover [GF]
CarbuncleGlow Curtain Auto-Reflect (GF)
DiablosBlack Holes Blue Magic, Degenerator
MinotaurAdamantine Vit +60% (GF)
SacredDino Bone GF Ccompatibility+3 with Brothers (Junk)
SirenStatus Atk ST-Atk-J (GF)
IfritElem Atk Elem-Atk-J (GF)
ShivaNorth Wind GF compatibility+3 with Shiva (Junk)
QuezacotlDynamo Stone GF compatibility+3 with Quezacotl (Junk)
GilgameshHoly War Invincibility all [Combat]
MiniMogPet House Restores HP for all GFs [Item]
ChicoboGyshal Greens Summon GF Chicobo (Combat)
AngeloElixir HP fully (one ally) [ITEM]
Chubby ChocoboLuvLuvG GF compatibility +20 (GF)
PuPuHungry Cookpot Devour (GF)

* can be refined to something useful.

Next I would recommend you to customize your GFs for this final fight. Just eliminate those lousy ones with an Amnesia Greens [such as SumMag +10%, and replaced with SumMag +40% or other ability]. Generally there are some rules:

To defeat the Omega, you must have the following:

On the item screen arrange the following into your first page:

  | Name          NUM  | Just spend your money mainly on Mega Phoenix
  | Megalixir     100  | as they are extremely important for this 
  | Holy War       10  | combat. 
  | Hero          100  |
  | Mega Phoenix  100  |

This strategy has higher chances of winning compared to other strategies found in part II and the Monsters FAQ.

Now to summon the Omega…
First of have the desired party [I would recommend the Guys Team or Quistis, Squall and Zell]. Now proceed back to the area where you find the courtyard. Just head for PSP and perform a party change.

Next have Beta party to examine the bell, and you will see the following message:

"Monsters can be heard roaring far away"

Now head back to PSP at the back and switch Alpha Party.


Just move north and you will find the Omega in the chapel. Make contact with it and its a Boss Fight!

Boss 39 Omega Weapon
HP: 1,058,000
Description: Stronger than the Ultima Weapon. Omega Weapon is the strongest weapon. It is bad luck to run into this monster.
Attacks: (charge punch), Iron Pillar, Megido Flame, Gravija, LV5 Death, Ultima, Meteor, Terra Break.
Facts: Absorbs any elements [hidden]
Draw: Holy, Flare, Ultima, Meteor
AP gained: 250
Win: 1x Three Stars
Mug: n/a
The Omega is nuts... and here is a brief summary of his array of attacks (hmm... seems nearly impossible to defeat it):

Megido Flame - The Omega rises up in mid-air and followed by a blast at the ground and the ground archs up and then a 9998 HP damage to all characters.
Iron Pillar - A light of intensive energy beam appears from the Omega's core and wipe a member of your team, dealing 9999 HP damage.
Gravija - works like a Demi-All. But it does takes away 3/4 of your characters' HP. Extremely dangerous if the next turn is Ultima/Meteor.
Magic [Ultima, Meteor] - does damage to the entire party with around 2000 HP to each character.
LV5 Death - Summons a Devil that rises from the ground and attacks all allies causing instant death. It's game over if your characters are at levels that are multiple of 5. Just have 100x Death junctioned ST-Def-J.
Terra Break - Omega leaps into mid-air and fire beams of energy balls [like Akuma's Zankouken] and does multiple damage to the party.

In fact all can be blocked by the aid of Holy Wars. First at the beginning of the battle, have Squall cast Aura on himself. Have Zell cast Meltdown on the Omega. Irvine/Quistis cast Aura on Zell. The Omega should reach its first turn, he will use LV5 Death on the entire party. Next have Squall and Zell uses their Limit Breaks whereas Irvine/Quistis should start to use a Holy War. Now attack! Next the Omega will execute its Megido Flame [no damage...]. Just keep on attacking and tap Circle to skip Quistis/Irvine's turn. Aura should start to wear off after the Omega has used the Iron Pillar and Terra Break. Just have Squall stop and have Zell keep on attacking. Next Holy War will start to wear off. Have Squall cast Aura on himself and Zell keep on using his Limit Breaks [or use Aura if the Aura wears off]. The Omega should cast either Gravija/Meteor/Ultima. Don't bother to heal your characters. Instead use another Holy War and just keep on attacking! Zell's HP will be in critical status. Don't ever use Irvine/ Quistis to attack. Instead they should be waiting their turn and decide whether to use a Megalixir or Holy War. Just keep on attacking. I have managed to called the Omega off with 10x Renzoukuken [2 Lion Hearts as finishing blows] and 7x Armageddon Fist [5 times with more than 04!] Just keep on the endurance and you will be able to finish it off. It took me about 10 minutes to finish it off.

Beside the prize is a Three Stars, you will also get a Proof of Omega found under the Information section under the Tutorial Menu. Now head back to the Save Point where you find the Masters Room. There you will see the final Boss of the game. Save your game.

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