Final Fantasy 8

The Battle of Destiny

As you examine the door, you will see the following prompt:

This is it... Ultimecia is here.
Get it over with… Fight her now <--
It's too early to face her

Next you will finally get the chance to meet her in person... She will then talk a lot of crap before she begins the last battle!

Boss 40
HP: 43,000

HP: 330,000+

Ultimecia "Griever"
HP: 350,000+

Ultimecia "True"
HP: 600,000+

Ultimecia "Generator"
HP: 179,982+

Ultimecia - A sorceress trying to change the world by compressing time and taking power from all sorceresses
Griever - In Squall's mind, the strongest GF. Through Ultimecia's power continues fighting without vanishing.
Ultimecia "Griever" - Ultimecia junction to Griever. A power monster continues Ultimecia's and Griever's forces Helix - Ultimecia's magic amplifier. By combining the 2 amplifiers, her power can be amplified greatly...
Ultimecia "True" - Ultimecia transformed to absorb all time and space. Absorbing all existence as we speak.
Ultimecia "Generator" - The point from here which Ultimecia's magic power generates. Cast the ultimate magic through power generator

Ultimecia: Quake, Dispel, Firaga, Blizzaga, (Whip), (Angel), Thundaga, Tornado, Maelstrom, Stop, Holy
Griever: Demi, (Remove magic spell), (Angel), Shockwave Pulsar, Tripe, Pain, (Claw swipe), Gravija
Ultimecia "Griever": (Swipe), Tornado, Meteor, (Remove magic spell), (Angel), Holy, Quake
Ultimecia "True": Hell's Judgement, Flare, (Remove magic spell/junction), (Angel), Apocalypse
Ultimecia "Generator": n/a
Helix: n/a

Ultimecia: Weak against Poison. Holy no effect
Griever: Earth has no effect. Absorb Poison
Ultimecia "Griever": n/a
Ultimecia "True": n/a
Ultimecia "Generator": n/a
Helix: n/a

Ultimecia: Haste, Slow, Reflect, Demi
Griever: Bio, Quake, Tornado
Ultimecia "Griever": Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga
Ultimecia "True": Flare, Holy
Ultimecia "Generator": Apocalyse

AP gained: n/a

Win: n/a

Mug: n/a

Ultimecia's Information Data

   |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
  |||||||||||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||||||||||
 ||||||||||||||||||| INT  SPI ||||||||||||||||||
  |||||||||||||||||| DEX  EVA ||

Griever's Information Data

   |||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
      |||||||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||||||
|||||||||||||||||||| INT  SPI ||||||
    |||||||||||||||| DEX  EVA ||

Ultimecia "Griever"'s Information Data

   |||||||||||||||||| < HP > |||||||||||||||||||
    |||||||||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||||||
|||||||||||||||||||| INT  SPI |||||||||||||||||||||
|||||||||||||||||||| DEX  EVA |||||||||||||||||||||

Ultimecia "True"'s Information Data

 |||||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||||||
        |||||||||||| STR  DEF ||||||||||||
|||||||||||||||||||| INT  SPI ||||||
    |||||||||||||||| DEX  EVA ||

Here is it folks, the ultimate battle against the final boss of FF8 [no challenge compared to Safer Sephiroth of FF7]. But remember that this Boss can also kick your butt if you don't play well. Ultimecia will pick three characters randomly to battle her. No necessary to have Squall in the first battle. The best way is to have all GFs junctioned to the best three characters. Defeated characters will be taken away from an Angel which has a status indicator of "Absorb into time". BTW, you must try to keep them alive at all costs.

An easy battle at the beginning. She is pretty weak against Poison. Summon Doomtrain as it does a lot of damage. BTW, Demi works well on her. She is quite weak, just caste Haste on the entire party [desired party]. Summon GF Cerberus and cast Regen on all characters. As this going to be a long fight. She is just like Edea and her Maelstorm can does intensive damage to all characters along with Slow/Curse status. Just cast Esuna or use the Treatment command to remove it. After you have defeated her, she will summon her GF, Griever

"The most powerful GF..."
"You... shall..."

Despite it called the strongest GF in the game, it is still no challenge compared to the Ultima and Omega Weapons. The GF is pretty smart, fancy casting Triple and does Triple Magic. He could do a couple of strong damage such as Gravija, blown a stock of spells in your inventory. Avoid using GF Brothers/Doomtrain as it is useless. Just simply use the Meltdown on it and keep on attack. After you have does damage approximately about 230,000+ HP damage, you will see these messages:

"The GF's true power.."
"Allow me..."
"To show you...!"
"Griever! Make them bleed"

and this followed by the Shockwave Pulsar which will does approximately 3000+ HP damage to all allies. Fully-cure your members and unleash Limit Breaks to finish it off... and you will eventually see the following messages:

"I shall junction myself..."
"..Unto Griever!"

Ultimecia "Griever"
A combination of Ultimecia and Griever and this battle is also quite easy beside the rapid usage of Magic such as Meteor, Ultima. The Ultimecia "Griever" can easily does tremendous amount of damage to all allies with the spells already... But it can do even more along with the Helix. Each Helix is a magic amplifier and they will increase the damage dealt by the Boss by 25%. The Boss can have only 2x Helix at all times. Don't bother on them, instead concentrate on the Boss. It will typically use all the strongest magic such as Holy, Quake and Tornado. If you are bother with the status ailments inflicted by the Boss, draw Esuna to fix it. If you have done 75% damage to it, the lower portion will start to drop off... and it will start to use physical attacks. The claw swipe could does a massive damage of 1000 to a character with 100 Vit. Just keep up with the endurance and you will be able to defeat it and this will be followed by the following sequences:


There you will see a starlight background... Is it over? No... and there you will find the true form of Ultimecia:

"I am Ultimecia."
"Time shall compress..."
"... All existence denied."

Ultimecia "True"
This is the final one... But the Boss has about 600,000 HP at the level of 65! But it is nowhere as strong as the Omega. Ultimecia has a high tendency of "blowing" off the entire stock of magic from a character. Plus the Boss will use two of the strongest magic in the game. One is Ultima (as you could guess..) and other one is Apocalypse which could does a mean damage of 3000+ to all characters even with 200 Spr stats. Another powerful attack is Ultimecia's Hell's Judgment which causes all HP drop to 1, just like Mobile Type 8's Corona. The only weakness of the Boss is it's speed (for my case, I will be able to execute six turns for 1 turn of hers) and defense. It took me two Lion Hearts to finish it off.

Now make sure that you have Regen being cast on the entire party. Make sure that every character's HP are maxed out each time as the Apocalypse can be really a killer. Just cast Meltdown and cast Aura on Squall and have him released the Renzoukuken and you will definitely get a chance to see his Lion Heart. However there are some precautions. Ultimecia occasionally will draw Apocalypse from her lower half. But remember that you can also draw Apocalypse from her [but she will make sure that she uses it in the battle]. That's the only chance that you guys will be able to see the Apocalypse. Try to keep Squall's HP within a comfortable range of 4000+ and Aura being cast on him immediately upon it wears off...

How do you know that the battle is started to close off? You will see Ultimecia saying off for her last words. The first phrase is

"Reflect on your..." and this followed by the remainding phrases.

The battle has finally ended and you will eventually get to the ending sequence of the game. Just one reminder, don't turn off your Playstation unless you have saw the word "The End". The CGI is quite long.....

Now it's also time for me to say goodbye as this is the end of the ultimate walkthrough for the English version of FF8. All the possible routes are being pointed out in the walkthrough and thanks to those whom have been sending in contributions regarding the game. Thanks a lot, pals!

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