The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Tricks of the Trade

This section contains interesting perks about Link's Journey

Mushroom Power: Sprinkling magic powder on some enemies does strange things. The Buzzblob (guy who shocks you when you hit him) can be turned into a potatohead with powder. Also the Anti-Faeries (small skulls with rotating red blobs) can be turned into real faeries.

Opening Doors: Sometimes it is hard to figure out hoe to open a closed door. Sometimes it helps to defeat all the enemies in a room. You may have to search for a switch or a trigger.

Link the Bee-Keeper: If you keep a bee in a bottle, and then release it, it will attack foes on the screen. If you get the Good Bee from the Ice Cave, he will wait to be caught again.

The Walls Tell Tales: If a wall has weak marks (or a floor for that matter) you may be able to bomb it open. If it looks like a wall is really weak, you may just be able to dash into it.

Link the Invisible: Before you get the flippers, if Link falls into deep water, he will automatically be placed back in the shallow water. If enemies are attacking, keep jumping in the deep water. Link can't be hurt when he's doing this.

The Fountain of Happiness: On the large island in Lake Hylia, there is a fountain that asks if you'd like to throw money in. If you throw in 100 Rupees, a faerie will give you more bombs or arrows. For each additional 50 Rupees thrown in, she will increase it even more. You can get a maximum of 50 Bombs and 70 Arrows.

Free Fill Up: In the Faerie fountains where the faerie will make your items better, throw in an empty bottle. The faerie will fill it up with green potion.

Fast Money: If you find a cave with lots of Rupees in it, just pick them up and the leave. Come back in, and they'll be back. This does not apply to Rupees in treasure chests though, just ones that are under pots.

The Running Man: Link can catch up with the running man in Kakariko once he has the Pegasus Shoes. This man thinks Link is a crook. He thinks Link is so fast that he could have easily kidnapped Princess Zelda. How rude!

Faeries in the Depths: If you see a large pot-shaped item in a dungeon, there's a good chance that if you fall in it, there will be faeries down in it. Try several things including falling from the floor above in to the pot.

Treasure from the Enemy: In the Great Swamp region of the Light World, Link would sometimes cut the grass, and a rabbit would appear. Since the rabbit no longer had a place to hide, if Link caught it, he would be able to take some Rupees from it.

Shortcut: To conserve time in your quest, if you need to be on the other side of the world, just save and quit your game. Since you can start in one of three locations, you can take a shortcut there!

Reflections on a Bug-Catching Net: This may belong in the Defeating Bosses section, but this is more of an oddity than a strategy. You are supposed to use the Master Sword to bat back Agahnim's spells. How ever the net seems to work just as well. How strange!

Picture This: In Kakariko Village, there is a house with a portrait on the wall. Pull on it for some major dough!

Prize Beneath the Bridge: By swimming beneath the Hyrule Castle Bridge in the Light World, Link found a camper. The generous camper gives him a bottle!

Animals for Sale: The bottle-seller in Kakariko also has a keen interest in animals. If you lug the fish all the way back from the great swamp, you'll get 100 Rupees. If you release the Good Bee near him, he'll buy it off of you for 100 Rupees as well!

Revolt of the Chickens: Chickens are everywhere, especially in the village. If you start to mow down a chicken, he'll squawk at you. Hit him enough times, and he'll call his buddies. They won't be too happy that you're hitting his friend. You'd best be advised to get off the screen before they peck you.

The Flute and the Duck: Once you have the flute, if you play it in front of the weather vane in Kakariko, the duck will come and help you. He can transport you to many locations. Here they are:

#1 Death Mountain
#2 Witch's Hut
#3 Kakariko Village
#4 Link's Cottage
#5 Warp Tile South of Eastern Palace
#6 Warp Tile in Desert
#7 Swamp Ruins
#8 South of Lake Hylia

The Well by the Smithy: If you have the hammer, go to Smithy's. Pound down the stake east of his house, then fall down in to the well. You'll find a strange statue that is holding a cauldron. Pour some powder into the cauldron, and the Mad Batter will appear. He, in trying to harm you, actually makes your magic spells take only half as much magic power.

Of Foes and Frost: If you freeze a foe with the Ice Rod and then break him up with the hammer, he will almost always leave a magic vial for you to pick up.

The Gratitude of a Fish: Once you pull the switch in the Swamp Ruins, there is a fish floundering about. Take him north one screen and throw him in the water. In gratitude, he'll give you 20 Rupees!

The Prince of Thieves: A strange creature called a Pikit lives in the Skull Woods. He has a long tongue and if he gets hold of you he'll eat your shield. Oh no! Not to worry; just defeat him and you'll get it back.

The Fire and the Hook: The Gibdos can be defeated easily using the Fire Rod, and the Onoffs (Red and blue blobs that become electric) can be defeated using the Hookshot.

Link the Invincible, Part II: Not only is the Hook Shot an important weapon and tool, when Link uses it, he becomes invincible. An enemy that touches Link while he is using the Hookshot will not damage Link.

Reunion of the Blacksmiths: You can find the Blacksmith's helper in the Dark World near the Village of Outcasts, if you have the Titan's Mitt. The blacksmith at first appears to be a frog, but if you take him to Smithy, he'll help you by tempering your sword.

The Rupee Throwers: Sometimes Link comes upon an enemy called a Hoarder they live under bushes and rocks. If you take the bush or rock off, he'll start throwing out Rupees. link can make a lot of money by letting him roam around. Just collect the stuff he throws out.

An Impassable Situation: Near Death Mountain in the Dark World, there is a cave. In it, there is a bumper that blocks a narrow passageway. The only way to clear this obstacle is to use the Cape to become invisible. You can then pass right through it.

The Faerie in Disguise: The woman sweeping her broom in Kakariko isn't all she's cracked up to be. Sprinkle powder on her and she'll turn into a faerie.

The Defeat of the Pengators: In the Ice Palace you'll find a strange enemy called pengators because they look like cross between an alligator and a penguin. These green fiends attack by trying to slide into you. They can be easily defeated by one swift blow of the Hookshot.

The Staff of Byrna: The Staff is found in a cave in Death Mountain in the Dark World. Its location is described above. However the cave it's in has lots of spikes. If you have life potion you can use that, or use the Cape to make you invisible.

The Eyes of Doom: In Turtle Rock Dungeon there are some laser eyes as well as one eye that only opens the door when Link is facing away. To counter this action, Link must charge up his sword when facing away from the eye, then back up slowly through the door.

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