The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Link's Arsenal

The Sword:

Fighter's Sword (level 1) - Given to Link by his uncle when he enters Hyrule's Palace. No items necessary.

Master Sword (level 2) - Found in Lost Woods. Items necessary: All three pendants.

Tempered Sword (level 3) - Given to Link by Smithy. You must first find his friend (see Tricks of the Trade)

Golden Sword (level 4) - Given to Link by the Fat Faerie when he throws it into her pond, located in the Pyramid of Power

Uses: Hacking, slashing enemies, bushes. Special Moves: Spin Attack (Hold B down. When the spark reaches the end of the sword. When you release B Link will spin around) Laser Attack. If you have the Master Sword or better, and have full health (all hearts filled) you can shoot lasers out of the sword

The Shield:

Fighter's Shield (level 1) - Given to Link by his uncle when he enters Hyrule Palace.

Red Shield (level 2) - Given to Link by the beautiful Faerie in the Waterfall of Wishing. Or, you can buy it for 500 Rupees. Can deflect fireballs

Mirror Shield (level 3) - Found in the Big Treasure Chest in Turtle Rock Dungeon. Can deflect beams.

Uses: Deflecting beams, fireballs, other enemy attacks


Green Jerkin (level 1) - Link starts out with it.

Blue Mail (level 2) - Found in Big Treasure Chest in Ice Palace. Decreases damage by 1/2.

Red Mail (level 3) - Found in Big Treasure Chest in Ganon's Tower. Decreases damage by 3/4 over Green Jerkin, 1/2 over Blue Mail.

Pegasus Shoes - Given to Link by Sahasrahla after he gets the Pendant of Courage. Use by pressing A button. Allows Link to perform a Dash Attack. Dash Attack can crash into walls, stones, etc. to find interesting items.


Power Glove (level 1) - Found in the Big Treasure Chest in the Desert Palace. Gives Link ability to lift light stones.

Titan's Mitt (level 2) - Found in Blind's Dungeon. Link can now lift heavy stones.

Zora's Flippers - Zora will sell Link the flippers for 500 Rupees. The flippers allow Link to swim in deep water.

Moon Pearl - Found in Big Treasure Chest in Mountain Tower. Allows Link to maintain his true form in the Dark World. Without it, he turns into a bunny.

Bow And Arrows:

Wooden Arrows (level 1) - Found in Big Treasure Chest in Eastern Palace. The Bow allows Link to shoot a limited number of arrows at his foes. You can originally carry 30 Arrows, but this number can be increased.

Silver Arrows (level 2) - Given to Link by Fat Faerie when thrown in pool. Located in Pyramid of Power.


Blue Boomerang (level 1) - Found in Hyrule Castle. Allows Link to hit enemies from a distance.

Magical Boomerang (level 2) - Given to Link by the beautiful Faerie in the Waterfall of Wishing. Goes across the entire screen.


Bomb - You can buy bombs in a shop or find them lying about Hyrule. The Bomb will explode after a few seconds. Link can also pick up a bomb he has placed and throw it, if he has the Power Glove. You originally start out with 10 bombs, but this number can be increased.

Super Bomb - Can be bought at the Bomb Shop in the Dark World for 100 Rupees. The sole purpose for this bomb is to open the front of the Pyramid of Power, where the Fat Faerie lives.

Hookshot - Found in the Big Treasure Chest in the Water Palace. Can be used to stun enemies as well as carry link across pits.

Magic Mushroom - Found in the Lost Woods. Give to the Witch so she can make Magic Powder.

Magic Powder - Given to Link by the Witch. The powder can change an enemy's form as well as do other strange things. Uses magic power.

Fire Rod - Found in the Big Treasure Chest in the Skull Woods. Will shoot out flames. Uses magic power.

Ice Rod - Found in the Ice Cave. Will shoot out a blast of cold air at enemies, freezing them. Uses magic power.

Bombos Magic - Found on a plateau near the desert. Link can create an explosion around himself that will defeat many enemies. Uses magic power.

Ether Magic - Found just west of the Mountain Tower in Death Mountain. The magic of Ether will light your way in a dark cave as well as change the weather in the dark world. It will allow Link passage into Misery Mire Maze. Uses magic power.

Quake Magic - Given to Link by an angry Catfish in the Lake of Ill Omen in the Dark World. Allows Link passage into Turtle Rock. Uses magic power.

Lamp - Found in Link's Cottage. The lamp will light torches when the room is dark. Uses magic power.

Magic Hammer - Found in the Big Treasure Chest in the Dark Palace. It can pound down stakes, moles, turtles and many other things.

Shovel - Given to Link by the Flute Playing Boy. Link will use it to dig up the flute and then Link loses it.

Flute - Uncovered by the shovel in the Haunted Grove in the Light World. The flute will allow Link to call a Duck who can transport Link to 8 locations around the world.

Bug Catching Net - Given to Link by a sick boy in Kakariko Village. Will catch faeries or bees so Link can capture them.

Book of Mudora - Found in the Library. Lets Link read ancient inscriptions on monoliths.

Magic Bottle: Keep faeries, bees, and potion in these

Bottle 1 - Bought from bottle selling guy in Kakariko Bottle 2 - Found in Inn in Kakariko Bottle 3 - Given to Link by the camper under the Hyrule Castle bridge Bottle 4 - Given to Link by the Sleeping Man near Desert. You must give him the locked Treasure Chest

Magic Mirror - Given to Link by the Old Man in Death Mountain. Will transport you from the Dark World to the Light World. Will also take you to the beginning of a dungeon, if used in the dungeon.

Magic Cape - Found underneath the tombstone in the NE corner of the graveyard in the Light World. Will make Link invisible and invincible. Uses magic power.

Cane of Somaria - Found in the Big Treasure Chest in Misery Mire Dungeon. The Cane of Somaria will create blocks for Link to push around. If Link uses the cane on a block he has just created, the block will split into 4 directions. The debris can hurt enemies. Also, it will create moving platforms for Link to stand on in the Turtle Rock Dungeon. Uses Magic Power.

Cane of Byrna - Found in a cave south of Spectacle Rock in the Dark World. The Cane will emit a protective barrier that will defend Link on all sides. Uses Magic Power.

Medicine - Medicine, or Potions, can be bought many places. The Red Medicine will restore Link's Life Meter. The Green Potion will restore Link's Magic Meter. The Blue Potion will restore both Link's Life and Magic Meters.

Magic Potion - Magic Potion can be found under pots, as well as from defeated enemies. These vials will restore some or all of Link's Magic Meter. The small ones will restore a small bit of his meter, and the large ones will restore all of his meter.

Map - Each dungeon has a Map. It will show Link the layout of the dungeon's rooms.

Compass - The Compass will show Link where the boss of the dungeon is located at.

Big Key - The Big Key will allow Link to open the Big Treasure Chest, as well as opening certain locked doors.

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