The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Defeating Boss Characters

This section will give detailed information on how to defeat the bosses. The Difficult Meter goes from 0 stars to 10 stars, with 0 being a wimp and 10 being next to impossible to defeat.

Ball and Chain Trooper:

The easiest way to defeat the trooper who guards Princess Zelda is to use the Pots in the nearby empty cell. If you run out of pots, uses your Boomerang to stun him, and then close in and attack with your sword. It will not take much to defeat this guy. Difficulty: *

Armos Knights:

Bosses of the Eastern Palace. To most easily defeat the Armos Knights, have Link stand in the SE corner of the room. When there is a Knight directly north of Link, have him fire off some Arrows. For the first five Armos Knights, three arrows will finish them off. The last knight, however, will start jumping around, trying to squash Link. The best way to avoid this is to keep running around the room. When you know where he's going to land, and have the opportunity to fire, do so. Arrows are still effective, however, if you run out, the sword will work. Difficulty: ***


Bosses of the Desert Palace. There are 3 Lanmolas. They bury themselves in the ground, and then pop up to attack Link. You can detect where they will pop up by the darkening in the ground. When you see a dark spot, you know the Lanmola is about to emerge. You must realize, however, that when they pop up, they will spit out 4 rocks in the diagonal direction, so do not approach from a diagonal. Hit their head as soon as they pop up. Also, do not just concentrate your attack on one. Attack any one when you have the chance. The last Lanmola will be a bit harder to defeat. When there is one left, he will spit 8 rocks out at once. You must approach in a direction that is in between these rocks. Difficulty: *****


Boss of the Mountain Tower. Moldorm is a big worm. He moves very fast and he moves around on a platform that has no ledges. For this realize, you must be careful not to stand to close to the edge. Moldorm's only weak spot is the end of his tail. You must maneuver around him to get to his tail. You can use the hole in the middle of his room to your advantage. Stand just to the south of it when he is on the other side. Often he will run up and down the hole, and you can whack his tail then. After 5 hits, Moldorm will start to move dramatically faster. The best way to land the final blow is to stay near the center, and when he comes, just swing your sword like mad. It is very difficult to strategically maneuver yourself when he is going so fast. If you fall off the ledge, you'll have to hit him all 6 times again, so don't fall off. Difficulty: *****


Boss of Hyrule Castle. Agahnim will move around the room in a shadow form. When he stops he will do 1 of 3 things. If he faces toward you and creates magic that looks like two fireballs, you must deflect it with your sword, so that it hits him. If what he shoots at you is a blue ball, get out of the way. Don't hit it because if you do it will split up and hit you for sure. The third thing he does is predictable. If he stops at the top center of the room, he will unleash his lightning attack. Your best bet is to stand right to the side of him. Otherwise you'll get zapped. Score a few hits, and he'll be toast. Difficulty: ***

Helmasaur King:

Boss of the Dark Palace. First of all you must take his mask off. You can use either bombs or the Hammer. The hammer is easier because you don't have to wait for the explosion. Once the mask is off, attack the green spot on his head either with your Sword or with Arrows. To avoid his tail, simply stand right in front of his face. It should miss. Avoiding his shots are not hard, if you know that they split off into three other fireballs. Level of Difficulty: ******


Boss of the Water Palace. To defeat him, you must get to the other side of the room. Then, use the Hookshot to pull the stones toward you. Note that you should be facing the left or right when you do this, not up or down. If you pull in a stone from the top or bottom, it may hurt you. As soon as the stone is pulled in, hit it a few times with the sword to destroy it. When he spins his stones around, just get out of range of them. You can use the hookshot here as well. When you defeat all the stones, he will jump up, then come down, and he will start swimming real fast around the room. Know your geometry, and figure out what angle he's coming at and attack. A few whacks on the head will knock some sense into him. Difficulty: ****


Boss of the Skull Palace. The trickiest part is avoiding all the spike traps that come your way. Remember to have lots of red potion with you. The Fire Rod is effective on Mothula, and once you run out, use your sword. It;s not too difficult to avoid the beams he shoots out. The key to remember is to play it safe, because once you start letting yourself get hit, you'll have a quick demise. Difficulty: *******

Blind the Thief:

Boss of Blind's Dungeon. To defeat Blind, you must attack his body while avoiding the lasers he shoots out. Blind goes back and forth at the top of the screen. Hit him 3 times and he'll lose a head. But he will grow another one and start going back and forth at the bottom of the screen. After three more hits, he loses another head and will go back and forth at the top of the screen again. Three more hits and he's gone. You must be careful because his body shoots out lasers, and the floating heads shoot out fireballs. Attack quickly and often and he'll hardly have a chance to get you. Difficulty: ******


Boss of Ice Palace. When he's in the large ice cube, use the fire rod to thaw him out while avoiding the falling ice cubes. Once he's warmed up, he will split into three eye-like apparitions. Stay in one spot, moving only to avoid the falling ice cubes and whack an eye when it comes toward you. Level of Difficulty: ****


Boss of the Misery Mire Maze. When he shoots lightning at you, step to one side of the room to avoid it. When the small eyes come at you, hit them with your sword. After destroying all the eyes, the large eye will come after you. This part is easy. Just whack it, and it'll bounce away. When it comes back, hit it again. It's like playing volleyball. Difficulty: ***


Boss of Turtle Rock. You will notice that he has 3 heads. One is a hot head, and one is a cold head. To defeat the hot head, use the ice rod, and then hit him in the head with the sword. Repeat the process until it's gone. To defeat the cold head, use the fire rod in the same manner. You should probably kill the cold head first, so you don't slip around the room. After the temperature heads are gone, Trinexx will slither around the room. Hit him in the flashing mid-section several times to defeat him. Difficulty: ********


Boss of Ganon's Tower. This guy is similar to the original Agahnim in Hyrule Castle. This time, he's got two "false" Agahnims to confuse you. Don't be confused. Reflect the shots back to the solid one. Avoid the fireballs the false Agahnims shoot at you. Even though the fireballs the false Agahnims send out can hurt the real Agahnim, it's too tricky to even bother with. There is no lightning attack this time. DIfficulty: ****


Boss of the Game, located in the Pyramid of Power. He has several phases. Ganon first attacks with a pitchfork. Hit him with the sword as many times as you can and avoid the pitchfork. Next, he'll attack with him Blazing Bats. To avoid the bats, get the Hookshot out. When you launch the Hookshot, Link is invincible. The bats won't hurt Link. Attack Ganon when you can. In the next phase, the outer circumference of the room will break away. Ganon is now more covert and you'll have to wait until he solidifies to hit him. Follow him around the room until you have an opportunity to attack. Finally, the last phase is the most difficult. The lights will go out. Use the Fire Rod or the Lamp to light things up. Immediately go to the sub-screen and select Silver Arrows. Then you must hit him with your sword. Shoot him with the Arrow right after the sword blow. Four times and he's gone. Note that the lights must be on in the room. Difficulty: *********

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