The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time guide

by Marshmallow


Under no circumstances do I want to receive any e-mail on how to play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I will not, and I repeat, NOT answer any questions on how to do this or that, get a simple item, beat a petty boss, or say whether rumor (a) or rumor (b) is true, as any idiot could easily see they are fake. This file's first release was on December 31st, 1998. As I sit here, it is February 20th, 1999, a Tuesday. For the past five weeks I have sorted through the hundreds of e-mail I get on a DAILY BASIS, yes, a DAILY BASIS, patiently, calmly, and cooly answering the pleas and questions to the best of my ability. However, the pressure is getting too great. People, so called "fans" are ordering me, yes, you heard right, ORDERING me to answer their dumb-witted questions. Not noting that I receive 200+ e-mails a day, they act like they are supreme beings and I am a small ant who will answer their questions. I'm sorry, but I WILL NOT put up with this any longer. Even though I want no more e-mails on Zelda, I will let my e-mail address remain. You may think this is rather odd, but it is for the person who wants to comment on it, or correct something. Note that I still do not receive any questions. Any e-mails I do get asking questions I will IGNORE. I-G-N-O-R-E. If you can't beat Zelda with this guide, a guide I busted my ass to make, a guide I poured my heart and soul into, a guide I worked on harder than any other, you are indeed a drooling retard. Remember, for any comments or corrections on this FAQ, make it clear in the subject line.

Please, respect my wish and let it rest...Thank you.



Revision History





Kokiri Emerald
Goron's Ruby
Zora's Saphire
Forest Medallion
Fire Medallion
Water Medallion
Shadow Medallion
Spirit Medallion
And Beyond...

Gerudo Training Grounds

Great Fairy Locations

Heart Piece Locations

Gold Skulltulla Locations


Weapon Upgrades
Oddities/Easter Eggs
Rupee Hunting

Side Quests and Strange Information

Epona The Horse
Soft Soil Locations
Fairy Fountains
Four Bottles
Chicken Lady
10 Special Poes
Young Link the Mask Trader
Adult Link's Quest for a Sword
Secret Grottos/Areas
Gossip Stone Quotes
Gossip Stone Locations
Red Fairy Locations
Mask Quotes
Funny Quotes


Ocarina Stuff



Link's Equipment

Gameplay Items
Magic Powers
Upgrades (includes Armor)




Stupid E-mail Marshmallow Gets

Rumor De-Bunking

The Great Search

Stuff I Wanted To Fix


Legal Junk

The End

Long, isn't it? =) Since I always say something like "Then enter the room and kill the boss [For details, see "Boss" Section]", plus the fact that this FAQ is simply HUGE (it's almost ridiculous) it's easy to get lost, unless someone put's this into HTML format (which would make it MUCH easier to navigate...). Until then, I suggest highlighting stuff. For the above example, you could highlight the words near the end of the dungeon and then go way down to the Boss Section and check out that particular boss. Then when you want to get back to the place in the Walkthrough go back and look for blue! Well, that is, if you actually need any help...I doubt anyone does now, it's so late...except for the people who just got it for Xmas *grin*

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