The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Gold Skulltula Locations

Fire Temple

Adult Link:

75. In the large lava room with a long bridge going across (go right in the first room to find it). The door on the left side of the chamber has a blue block, play the Song of Time to make it form a ladder to the upper area; it's inside.
76. At the bottom level of the boulder maze. Walk along the all and listen for the familar "sheeseeh" noise the Skulltula makes. Now, look at the wall, find a weak part, and bomb it! If you're ears are correct, an aclove with a Golden Skulltula should be revealed.
77. In the room before you get the Boss Key, it has spinning tile enemies and a Like Like, look behind the Like Like. Just be sure not to lose anything :)
78. On the top level of the boulder maze (second floor you could call it) is a platform way up in the air. Play the Scarecrow's Song and use Pierre as a HookShot target to get up there! Follow the path to find this tricky Skulltula.
79. After doing that, continue. Soon you'll end up in the room here you retrieved the Megaton Hammer, you will spot a nearby island in mid-air. HookShot, anyone?

Ice Cavern

80. In the room with the spinning knife contraption (resembles a helicopter blade) are some incicles on the side; smash them with your sword and look up on the wall. I believe a Silver Rupee is behind here, but I'm not sure since I already collected them in this game...
81. Same little aclove where you got the Heart Piece, across from the Compass...which branches off from the above room (you need to melt the passageway with blue fire; it's covered in red ice!
82. On the wall in the block puzzle room. Use the Hookshot to clean it off, obviously.

Water Temple

Adult Link:

83. Inside the central pillar (need to drain the water to the very bottom first to actually get inside) in the main room, on the ceiling. You'll need to acquire the LongShot first, though, otherwise you cna't collect the token it leaves behind.
84. In the room where there are several platforms going down a waterfall, you can HookShot to them. On the righthandside (coming from the main area, at least) is a Skulltula! You need the LongShot, like before.
85. In the first underground river, the one with vortexes, look on the wall above the second vortex. Use the Iron Boots, then use the HookShot to kill it and retreive the token.
86. Facing the passageway where Princess Ruto used to be, head left and go in that passageway. Blow up the crack in the floor, use your Iron Boots to follow the path, hit the switch to raise the stairs...and come face-to-face with a grate, and the Diamond Object is on the other side. Either use a lunge (Z + A) or a Spin Slash to activate it. Inside the cage is, yes, a Skulltula.
87. Before collecting the Boss Key you had to sink behind a waterfall, which spewed out boulders. On the wall, behind the falls, is a Skulltula! To avoid getting hit by a boulder, use the HookShot from the nearby passageway.

Shadow Temple

Adult Link:

88. In the room with the gulletines (sp?), you will eventually come face to face with a Stalfos. After defeating him, head left instead of right (right leads to the platform on chains). Use your Lens of Truth to find the invisible platforms. In the next room, collect the Silver Rupees (piece 'o cake!) to make a door open that has this Skulltula. Just be careful. there is an invisible death statue with blades (use Lens of Truth to see).
89. In the chamber where you had to use a block to get past falling spikes, explore inside the little cages (they remind me of jails) and you will find one inside.
90. Before playing Zelda's Lullabye to make the large ship move, get as close to the front as possible and look slightly to your left, you should spot a Skulltula across the way. Use you can either use the Scarecrow's Song to get over there, or just use your LongShot to kill the Skulltula; either way is fine.
91. Behind the rotating, blue flaming skulls (kinda hard to forget about that!).
92. Behind the second set of flaming skulls near the end in the room with invisible walls, right after the ship sinks.

Spirit Temple

Child Link:

93. In the room where you had to push the Sun Icon on a block into the sunlight, go through the exit that leads to the Iron Knuckle. Go forward a bit, then turn around and look above the door. Use the Boomerang, obviously.
94. Go through the small hole at the very beginning (the one where Nabooru was) and then go through the right door. This Skulltula is across the chasm and on the grating; use the Boomerang.
95. After crawling through the second tunnel, and going through the locked door, climb the wall (you might want to take out any would-be- threats with your Slingshot), then turn around and you'll be eye-to-eye with a Golden Skulltula.

Adult Link:

96. In one room you must collect Silver Rupees in acloves while avoiding boulders. One of the acloves is plugged up with a blue block; play the Song od Time to make it disappear. Now, take a wild guess at what's inside...hint: It's not money, but it's almost as dirty!
97. In the large chamber with the huge statue (the head containers the Boss Door), go up the stairs and play the Scarecrow's Song to lure Pierre out of hiding, then use him to grapple to a small ledge. Lookie at 'dat!

Bottom Of The Well

Child Link:

Why did I save this one for last? Because you have to go through Hell to collect the Golden Skulltulas! Instead of a regular list, I will actually present a mini-walkthrough. So, listen up, and follow these directions very carefully...and make sure you have the Lens of Truth, else you'll be lost and confused (I mean more than you are now), so when I say "invisible", it means to use it, obviously. Here we goooo:

From the entrance, go through the small hole in front of you. Kill the Giant Skulltula and run right through the invisible wall. Go around the pit in the floor and turn right, and follow where the river used to be. Look on the left-hand side wall, eventually you will find an invisible aclove with a small chest - inside is a Small Key! Grab it, then return to the main area (all you have to do is backtrack a bit), just keep following where the river USED to be. Soon you'll find another invisible aclove in the wall, it's a little bit before the first turn in the river (which is to the right). Inside is a small chest - inside of that is a Small Key!

Follow the path around, eventually you'll do a loop and find a Like Like inside a cage...and inside is a Skulltula! But that's later. Across from the cage is a wall you can walk through, do so. Walk straight across the room, but make sure not to fall down the invisible pit in the center (it's where all the blood is). You'll come into a hallway, just keep going straight. You'll come to some grating, fall down, go through the grating, climb the wall, and go through the door there, you can also open the small chest for a Heart.

Now, in this room are several coffins, a torch next to each, and a few lit ones. Use your Deku Stick to light the torches amd the coffin they are next to will open, revealing enemies and a few items. But, the one on the left row, farthest from the entrance has a Small Key inside! Collect it, naturally, and fight your way out of this room (each coffin you opened just released more Keese and Gibdos, which is a small price to pay). Go down the grating, through it, climb the vines on the opposite side, and go through the wall in front of you. We're now back in the room with a bloodstained floor. There should be a locked door to your left...go inside!

There is a Deku Baba, stun it with your Boomerang, then kill all the flying pots by using your shield, then kill the Deku Baba. There's the Golden Skulltula, on the wall. Defeat it with your Slingshot, then collect the token it leaves behind with your Boomerang. Leave the room the way you came in.

Turn left, on the other side of this chamber is another locked door. Before doing anything, destroy all of the Keese in this room! Just Z- target and wham on them with whatever you got...I like the Boomerang myself. Now, it looks like there is no way to get to the nearby aclove, but there is an invisible path you can take to get there (Use the Lens of Truth, genius). Inside the aclove is another Golden Skulltula! Only one more to go...exit the room.

Turn to your extreme left and go through the wall, we're back in the river place again! Go left again and you'll come to another one of those face paintings that give you clues if you Z-target them. Just be careful near this one - there is a hole under him. Turn right, past the face, and you'll be in front of a hole, crawl through and go through the door there.

First off, use your Lens of Truth to spot the invisible holes in the room, then Z-target the Keese and throw the Boomerang at them, this is easier than using the Slingshot. Then, kill the Beamos in the center by Z-Targetting it and tossing abomb it's way (A Bombchu also works quite well). Then make your way through this room, avoiding the pits (the chest in this room has some Rupees, or a Deku Shield if you lost yours).

Aiiiiah! You're inside of a cage, with a Like Like! Scary stuff. Quickly paralyze it with your Boomerang, then do a lunge (Z + A), another good whack will put it down for good. Open the chest for some Rupees and...wait...what's that I see? THE LAST GOLDEN SKULLTULA!

I'm sure you can take it from there.....wait, you want to exit this hellish place?! Well, I can't blame you, to be honest. So go back to the previous room and fall down the pits. Blow away the rocks with the nearby bomb flowers and then run into the next room, which should be large, have a few boards in green soup (which will harm you if you swim in it) and a single ReDead. Collect the Silver Rupees, then climb the ladder. You'll collect another. Keep the very top is a barred door, and the last Silver Rupee. It will swing open once you collect it. Go inside, then use your Lens of Truth to find the exit to this seemingly dead-end. Now, we're back in the main area! Whoohoo!

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