The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Side Quests and Strange Information

Fairy Fountains

(they give you Fairies to keep in bottles)

1. Go to the forest maze, the upper area. In the hole!
2. Go to the Kakariko Graveyard. Go down the tomb that is under the Flower Tombstone. Blow up the wall, there it is.
3. Near the beginning of Zora's River is a ledge with a boulder on it. There are two ways to get up there...use a chicken, or plant a seed in the ground and come back as Adult Link. Blow up the boulder to find the fountain.
4. Near the entrance of the Spirit Temple. Then stand on the rock that is near the sand pit. Play the Song of Storms and it will turn into a Fiary Fountain!
5. When you exit the Market, follow the wall to the right to find a boulder. You know what to do now...
6. In Gerudo Fortress grounds, play the Song Of Storms near the pair of crates. A hole should open up in the wall.
7. Play the Song of Storms in Zora's Domain on the small island with a Zora next to the ladder, a hole will open up allowing you to find another fountain!
8. Fall down below the force fields in Ganon's Castle and use the Lens of Truth to find a secret passage. You'll also find a bunch of Business Scrubs who will sell you items.

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