The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Side Quests and Strange Information

The 10 Special Poes

Around Hyrule Field you may have spotted a Poe or two wandering about aimlessly...this is a Special Poe! Have you ever noticed that when you defeat a Poe, a little spirit face is left behind? Well, you can put this in a bottle and sell it to the strange (wo?)man in the shack in the Market as Adult Link. Normal Poes are purple, Special Poes are yellow, and here they are! Just remember, you MUST defeat them on Epona, or else they will be purple. Also, you must destroy them before they disappear (two arrow hits). The best way to do this is to just standstill on Epona, then shoot an arrow when it first appears, then quickly do it again, as they will be stunned. Anyways, on to the list!

  1. In the south east corner of Hyrule Field is a grove of trees, and a brown boulder. Near the boulder will be this little Poe.
  2. In the same grove as before, but a little towards Hyrule Lake (the entrance), but still in the grove. Search around.
  3. Near the tree that is at the entrance to Lon Lon Ranch.
  4. The ledge near the entrance to Kakariko Village, get on it and look down and the Poe should appear.
  5. East of Lon Lon Ranch, in the stone barrier that looks like a giant Y (on the map). It's inside the little prongs, if you know what I mean.
  6. Outside of the entrance to The Market is a sign that says "You are here: Hyrule Castle. This way to Lon Lon Ranch." Stand here and it should appear.
  7. Outside the entrance to Geurdo's Valley, there is a fork in the road; one leads to Gerudo Valley, the other leads to Lake Hylia. It's in the middle of the fork, usually on the path leading to Lake Hylia, but not always.
  8. Gerudo Valley again, sorta. Before the ground turns brown, follow the wall north and there will be a large tree with a few bushes. It should be nearby.
  9. Remember the grove of trees west of The Market, the same one with the hidden grove with a Heart Piece? Near the bushes the Poe will appear. It sometimes, albeit rarely, appears across the river.
    10. Go west from the entrance to Kokiri Forest and there will be a gray stone there. Ta daaa!

Each time you sell it to the man he'll give you 50 Rupees and 100 points on your card. When you get 1000 Points, you will receive a Bottle. Yes, it's not that glamorous, but it's a secret!

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