The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Side Quests and Strange Information

Adult Link's Quest For A Sword

Getting the Blue Chicken -

Go to the woman who you helped with her chickens. She'll give you a pocket egg. Play the Sun's Song a few times and it will hatch into a pocket Cucco. Now go to the first house in the village, near the entrance. Inside is Talon, sleeping. Wake him up with the chicken, then return to the lady and show her the bird. Since it's so happy she'll hand over her most unhappy bird, Cujiro, the blue chicken.

Getting the Odd Mushroom -

Go to the Lost Woods, turn left from the start to find a man sitting against a stump. This is the chicken woman's brother! Show him the Blue Chicken and he'll give you the Odd Mushroom. He says that you should deliver it to the old hag in Kakariko.

Getting the Odd Potion -

Quick! Return to Kakariko Village on Epona! You only get three minutes before it spoils and you have to start over. Near the entrnace to Death Mountain is a small Potion Shop. Go inside, then go through the only door there (it's in the back, to the left). Climb down the ladder, then go up the ramp and into the next house, it's another Potion Shop. Talk to the person at the counter and she'll give you the Odd Potion, which she made from the Mushroom.

Getting the Poacher's Saw -

Return to the Lost Woods and look for the guy again, in his place is a Kokiri Girl. Show her the Potion and she'll give you the Poacher's Saw, which that one guy dropped.

Getting the Broken Goron's Sword -

Go the Gerudo Valley area. If you're already completed the Spirit Temple you can just walk across the bridge, otherwise you'll need the LongShot or Epona to get across, since it's broken. Talk to the Head Carpenter (that is, the guy right outside the tent) and he'll trade the Saw for the Broken Goron's Sword!

Getting Prescription -

Go to the very summit of Death Mountain and you'll find a GIGANTIC Goron up there, he's a master at making swords. Talk to him and he'll say that his eyes are bothering him, then he'll give you the Prescription. He'll also say to go to Zora's Domain...

Getting Eyeball Frog -

Go to Zora's Domain, talk to King Zora and he'll give you the Eyeball Frog and tell you to go to the science lab at the shores of Lake Hylia!

Getting Eyedrops -

After figuring out that it's not dinner, the scientist at Lake Hylia will turn the Eyeball Frog into Eyedrops!

Getting Claim's Check -

You have four minutes to climb to the summit of Death have about 10 seconds to spare! Quick, call Epona and GET THERE! To shave a few seconds off your time, use the bean platform at the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern...if you planted a Magic Bean there as a child, that is. Talk to the giant Goron at the top of Death Mountain and he'll give you the Claim's Check.

Getting Big Goron's Sword -

Play the Sun's Song about six or so times and then talk to the Giant Goron. If it's been a few days he'll hand over the Big Goron's Sword, the most powerful weapon in the game!

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