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Ocarina Stuff

This is for the lazy people (i.e. me) who don't want to memorize the songs from the sub-screen.

1. Zelda's Lullabye:

C Left, C Up, C Right, C Left, C Up, C Right

Play this whenever you see the sign of the Triforce (a triangle with a triangle shaped hole in the middle). You learn this when you meet Zelda for the first time. Play this in front of a Gossip Stone (rocks that tell you time) and you'll get a free Fairy!

2. Epona's Song:

C Up, C Left, C Right, C Up, C Left, C Right

Used to summon your steed, Epona. You learn it from Malon at Lon Lon Ranch as a child. It can be used for other things, too, like getting Lon Lon Milk from cows (if you have a Bottle handy).

3. Saria's Song:

C Down,C Right, C Left, C Down, C Right, C Left

Used to summon Saria, even if she isn't nearby! Also used in puzzles related to forests, and it is also rumored that Goron's just love it's tune (wink, wink). Learned from Saria in the Lost Woods, as a child.

4. Sun's Song:

C Right, C Down, C Up, C Right, C Down, C Up

Not required to beat the game, Sun's Song will change night into day and day into night. Also, it freezes undead enemies, giving you the upper hand. This is found in the Kakarika Village cemetary as a child. Look for some graves with flowers, pull, kill the ghosts, then play Zelda's Lullabye.

5. Song of Time:

C Right, A, C Down, C Right, A, C Down

Used to open up the stone door that locks the Temple of Time, it also destroys any blue blocks with the Temple of Time symbol on them. Learned from Zelda telepathically when she tosses the Ocarina of Time into the moat.

6. Song of Storms:

A, C Down, C Up, A, C Down, C Up

Drains wells, causes it to rain, etc...Anything related to the weather. Found by talking to the guy in the Windmill (in Kakarika Village) as an adult, then showing him your Ocarina.

7. Minuet of the Forest:

A, C Up, C Left, C Right, C Left, C Right

Warps you to the Scared Meadow Forest in the Lost Woods. Taught to you by Sheik.

8. Bolero of Fire:

C Down, A, C Down, A, C Right, C Down, C Right, C Down

Warps you to the Death Mountain Crater. Taught to you by Sheik.

9. Serenade of Water:

A, C Down, C Right, C Right, C Left

Warps you to the entrance of the Water Temple. Taught to you by Sheik.

10. Nocturne of Shadow:

C Left, C Right, C Right, A, C Left, C Right, C Down

Warps you to the entrance of the Shadow Temple. Taught to you by Sheik.

11. Requiem of Spirit:

A, C Down, A, C Right, C Down, A

Betcha can't guess...IT WARPS YOU TO THE ENTRANCE OF THE SPIRIT TEMPLE!! Taught to you by you-know-who.

12. Prelude of Light:

C Up, C Right, C Up, C Right, C Left, C Up

Warps you back to the Temple of Time. Taught to you by Sheik when you return to the Master Sword room after beating the Forest Temple.

13. Scarecrow's Song:


As young Link, go to Lake Hylia and look for a farm like area. Show the scarecrow your Ocarina and he'll ask you to compse a song eight letters long. He'll "record" it for you...Make it easy to remember! Then, as Adult Link, come back and play the exact song for him. Now you have it! Playing this song will make the Scarecrow warp down and sit in an area high above, so you can use him as a HookShot/LongShot target. Use this in areas where Navi turns green yet there's nothing there...This is crucial in getting some Gold Skulltulas.

Fun Tunes

NOTE: This section is a FAQ that can be found at Gamefaqs, and maybe a few other locations. This list was compiled and created by Willow & Hoops <>.

Hey, what's up, folks? We know a lot of you were bummed out that the Zelda Overworld theme was missing in "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time", so we decided to let you put it in there anyway. After many hours of tiring labor, (not to mention several cans of Jolt), we've figured out how to play it on the ocarina! This way, that one piece that was missing from our lives, that empty void, that energy-sucking black hole which mercilessly consumed all which is good in our lives can now be filled! Alright, anyway, we also provided you with a few tunes to practice on, cuz the Overworld theme is plenty hard to play.

Ok, here's how the buttons work:
A, Cu, Cd, Cl, Cr: A, C-Up, C-Down, C-left, C-Right
Z, R: Press Z and/or R with the A or C button
U, D: Push analog stick up or down with the A or C button

For example, U-R-Cu means to push up, R, and C-Up at the same
time. If it has a number before it, like 2-Cr, you would press
C-Right twice.

And, finally, the songs (these are arranged in order of
difficulty, the easy ones first):

  1. Simpsons theme:
    Cd, Cr, Cl, Cu, D-Cu, D-Cl, Cd, A, 3-Z-D-A, D-A
  2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star:
    2-D-A, 2-D-Cr, 2-cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, 2-A, D-A
    2-D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, A, 2-D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, A
    2-D-A, 2-D-Cr, 2-cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, 2-A, D-A
  3. Jurassic Park theme:
    Cu, Z-Cu, Cu, Cr, D-Cr, Cu, Z-Cu, Cu, Cr, D-Cr, Cu, 2-Z-Cu, Cu, Cr, A, D-Cu
  4. Titanic theme:
    4-Cd, Z-Cd, 2-Cd, Z-Cd, Cd, U-Cd,
    Cr, U-Cd, 4-Cd, Z-Cd, 2-Cd, D-A
  5. Men in Black theme:
    A, Cd, A, 3-Cr, D-Cr, Cr, R-Cr, Cr, Cd, U-Cd, Cr
  6. Frosty the Snowman:
    A, Z-D-A, D-A, A, U-Cd, R-Cd,
    U-Cd, Cr, U-Cd, R-Cd, Z-Cd, A
  7. In My Room (Beach Boys):
    2-D-A, A, D-A, 2-U-A, Cd, U-A, 2-U-Cd,
    Cr, Cd, 2-U-Cd, U-A, A, Cd, A, D-A
  8. Good Riddance (Green Day):
    2-A, Z-D-A, A, U-A, R-Cd, U-A, A, Z-D-A, A, Z-D-A,
    A, U-A, R-Cd, 2-A, Z-D-A, 2-A, Z-Cd, A, 2-Z-A, A
  9. Closing Time (Semisonic):
    Cu, Cl, D-Cl, Cl, 2-D-Cl, 2-D-Cr, 2-Z-Cd,
    D-Cr, Cl, R-Cl, Cl, Cr, Cl, D-Cr
  10. Overworld theme from Zelda:
    Cd, D-A, 2-Cd, U-Cd, Cr, 3-D-Cu, Cu, U-Cu, 3-R-U-Cu,
    U-Cu, Cu, U-Cu, Cu, 2-R-Cl, Z-Cl, R-Cl, Cu, R-Cl,
    Z-Cl, D-Cl, Z-Cl, R-Cl, Z-Cl, D-Cl, D-Cr, Cr, Cl, Cu,
    D-Cu, then D-A many many times

Submitted Songs:

The following songs were submitted by John J(

  1. Star Wars theme:
    3-D-A, Cd, R-Cl, Z-Cl, Cr, D-Cr, U-R-Cu, R-Cl, Z-Cl, Cr, D-Cr, U-R-Cu, R-Cl, Z-Cl, Cr, Z-Cl, D-Cr, 2-Cd, D-Cr
  2. Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back:
    3-U-Cd, R-A, R-Cr, D-Cr, R-A, R-Cr, D-Cr,
    3-Cu, R-Cu, R-Cr, R-Cd, R-A, R-Cr, D-Cr
  3. Axel F (Theme from Beverly Hills Cop):
    A, Cd, 2-A, U-Cd, A, D-A, A, Cr, 2-A, Z-Cl, Cr, Cd,
    A, Cr, Cu, A, 2-D-A, Cr, Z-Cd, A
  4. Star Trek theme:
    Cd, Z-Cl, R-Cu, Cu, Z-Cl, D-Cr, R-Cl, U-R-Cu

These songs were sent in by Noobster1(
Both are checked and sound good.

  1. Mary Had a Little Lamb:
    Cl, Cr, D-Cr, Cr, 3-Cl, 3-Cr, Cl, 2-Cu
  2. Kakariko Village Theme:
    A, U-Cd, A, Cl, U-Cd, Cu, A, U-Cd, A, Cl, U-Cd, 2-Cu,
    U-Cu, R-Cd, U-Cu, Cu, 3-Cl, Cr, 3-U-Cd, R-Cd, Cr, U-Cd,
    A, D-A, D-Z-A, D-A, A, D-Z-A, 2-U-Cd, R-Cd, Cr, U-Cd,
    A, Cu, D-Cu, Cl, Cr, D-Cr

By Popular Request:

  1. One Week (Barenaked Ladies) (Requested by Mikey) -*NOTE* Due to the many harmonies of Barenaked Ladies, and a battle of melodies ensuing between the authors, which ended in a draw, there are two versions of the second part of the song.
    A, Cd, 2-Cd, U-Cd, Cd, U-Cd, 2-Cd, 6-Cr, 3-Cd, U-Cd, Cd

    Willow: 6-Rcl, 4-Cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd
    Hoops: 4-R-Cl, 2-Cr, 2-R-Cr, 2-Cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd
  2. Mission Impossible theme (Requested by General_Bradley)
    2-R-A, R-Cd, Z-Cr, 2-D-Cd, Z-A, A
    R-A, R-Cd, Cl, A, Cd, R-Cr, Z-A, Z-Cd, Cr, Z-Cr, D-Cr

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