The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Link's Equipment


Silver Scale (CL):
Allows you to dive deeper. Found in Zora's Domain as Child Link.

Gold Scale (AL):
Allows you to dive EVEN DEEPER!! Found by catching a large fish as an Adult. Not needed to finish the game, however.

Silver Gauntlet (BL):
Allows you to lift heavy objects

Golden Gauntlet (AL):
Allows you to lift objects so heavy, it's amazing! ;)

Goron Bracelet (CL):
Allows you to lift bombs from bomb flowers.

Bomb Bags (BL):
Allows you to create bombs on your own.

Iron Boots (AL):
Takes you to the bottom of any lake. Now you can walk underwater! Slows you down tremendously on land.

Hover Boots (AL):
Let's you hover for a short time. For an even longer hovering distance, run at a ledge full speed, and then roll right before the ledge. You'll hover, but without the boots. Then when you stand back up, and when you should be falling, the boots will take affect, making you go even farther. Roll at the end to do it again...dumb rhyme...Anyways, this is a great way to reach so called "out of reach items."

Zora Tunic (BL):
Let's you go underwater without having to breath!

Goron Tunic (BL):
Now you can go into incredibly hot areas without being scorched. *Super Metroid Theme*

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