The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Revision History

March 29th - I really haven't done anything except change the Legal Section. Heh, you know what's really sad? Other people are trying to make their Zelda FAQs larger than mine by adding articles from other sites and making editorials related to Zelda, when they belong at a website and not on a Walkthrough/FAQ. I won't name know who they are...but isn't that just pathetic?

March 21st - More rumor killing...that is all.

March 9th - Wow! I did a lot of things in this update, so I present this list...

- Added new strategy for Heart Piece # 6...This allows you to get it WAY earlier than you're supposed to!
- I got a Spellchecker a few days ago. So, if you haven't guessed by now, I have spell-checked the ENTIRE document. Believe me, it took awhile!
- I moved the Bottom of the Well section to the 5th Medallion area in the Walkthrough. Not only does it make a lot more sense, it's easier on newbies.
- I added where the Map and Compass are located in the Bottom of the Well (check Walkthrough)
- I added the Map in the Spirit Temple (check Walkthrough, as a child, third paragraph).
- Fixed a few mistakes in the item section
- Added a Golden Rupee that is original to this FAQ! I haven't seen it on ANY other FAQ!
- Added another Purple Rupee.
- Added a butt-load of new secret grottos.
- Added new section (Check Contents, which can be found below)
- Fixed the Story Section a bit - Check the Fire Barrier in Ganon's Castle
- Credits Section! - Few more Stupid E-mails... - Added one new question to the FAQ Section (look at the top this time, not the very bottom)
- Few misc. things that no one really cares about I also have another challenge for you. You know the Fire Barrier in Ganon's Castle? Try NOT using the Hoverboots. It's possible, but a lot more difficult. Not A WHOLE LOT, but still.

February 20th - I added the Rumor and Great Search Section, so go check them out, please. Also, please look below the title of this FAQ for a _very_ important message. Also, I want to direct everyone to the Zelda Headquarters ( They have the most comprehensive information on the Zelda series, at least in terms of stories, music, etc...They don't exactly have any guides, but for those confused on the stories, it's a good place to learn. I also fixed a teenie-weenie mistake in the Golden Skulltula List!

And, naturally, I updated the Stupid E-mail Section

February 6th - Oh, I guess I was wrong, the last update WAS NOT the last large update! This might be, though...(I guess we'll see soon enough). Anyways, I added a new section, titled "Gerudo Training Center." It's right after the Walkthrough Section (as you can see in the Contents below). This section is about three times the size of my last Gerudo Training Center walkthrough, so you know it's good! Yes, don't deny it, you know that this will answer all of your problems. With this guide, you WILL get the Ice Arrows. No matter what. So, from now on I will ignore all Gerudo Training Center questions. Bwahaha...I also added a few Stupid E-mails.

January 31st - Added a new section titled "Stupid E-mail I Get." It's right before the Credits section. I've also added a few grottos here and there, some Red Fairies, fixed a few mistakes in various sections, and I TOTALLY RE-DID THE ENEMY SECTION! Go there now or die...Oh yeah! I almost forgot. I added a "Mask Quotes" Section as well, for you lazy people who don't want to work for comedy. Just...go check it out, it took me nearly six hours to compile (i.e. it's LONG). Also, I'm sad to say that this is going to be the last of the giant updates...From now on it will just be little changes here and there, maybe a few more Stupid E-mails...I mean, what else can I add? Not much...Oh! Oh! In the secrets section (at the very top) is the secret to un-locking the secret passageway in Zora's Domain...bwahaha...

January 25th - Whoohoo! Let's see, I totally re-organized on the Secrets Section, so go look there now you freaks of nature. Re-did the Shadow Barrier Walkthrough in Ganon's Castle. More Qs in the FAQ. More revisions. Even more revisions. More grottos. Even more grottos. More Locations of useless things (Red Fairies, Gossip Stones). Ahhh...if you find any grottos or secrets that I have missed, whatsoever, E-MAIL ME! ANYTHING THAT I HAVE MISSED GOES! This FAQ must be 100% complete, it's part of my diabolical plan to rule the gain world recognition. Heh heh heh...heh...yeah. Scroll through the Contents (just below) and drop your jaw in awe. Rhyme time! Doh!! Oh yeah, I also added a third and fourth and fifth quote (look above).

January 20th - (in tears) Please...please stop...e-mailing me about beating Ganon with Iron Boots...FOR THE SAKE OF HUMANITY! And the stupid questions have to stop, seriously. Check out the first question of the FAQ if you think you screwed up getting the Ice Arrows. Do it now...the next update will have more useless grottos and secrets. Whahay! Don't miss it, as it might be one of the last updates...or not...

January 12th - Bunch of new stuff...sorta. A lot of new questions in the FAQ, revised the walkthrough A BIT (nothing major, except I totally re- did the Gerudo Fortress walkthrough, and was a bit more detailed in a few areas), and...well...a few other things here and there. I also started up my OWN Golden Skulltula List, and it's complete, too...oh, did I mention, it's not real vague like all the others. Strange, I know. Also, check the very last section for notes on e-mailing me and about beating GANON with the Iron Boots on (For the love of God, GO THERE NOW!)

January 4th - Added a new area in the "Strange Info." section, revised the Heart Piece Locations, added some questions to the FAQ, finished the character section, added some mini-games, added some secrets, and...that's it. Oh yeah, and for beating GANON with the Iron backflipping or using your shield! And use Light Arrows! :) I want to expand the story section and make it a place where I can flesh out the cinemas. Why? I have no idea. I want to keep adding to this FAQ...Should I do it? E-mail me, if I get enough "yes" anwsers, well, I guess we'll see. I'm not sure about doing it since this is a FAQ, not some movie thing. Oh well...

December 31st - Finished typing up everything, collapsed into coma, vital signs missing, the nurses are nice, though...Seriously, this thing is huge, I wrote it in six days. Amazing, ain't it?

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