The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time


Long, long ago, in a time before time, there existed nothing. Then, from no one knows where, three beautiful Goddesses (Not Gods, these are women), Din, Nayru, and Farore emerged to create a fertile world, named Hyrule. But it was empty and lifeless, so they created the five humanoid races: The fish-like Zora which lived underwater. The rock- eating Gorons which resided in the mountains. The elf like Kokiri lived in the very hearts of the forests, protected from the outside world by the mystical Deku Tree. The strange and often times dangerous Gerudo inhabited the stretches of deserts, and the Hylians found home in the grassy plains.

Before departing their creation, the Goddesses left a symbol of their presence: The Golden Triangle known as the Triforce. It represented each Goddess's' quality: Power, Courage, and Wisdom, respectively. Although it was mighty powerful, the Goddesses feared that it may be destroyed, so they stored it in another dimension, created just for the Triforce. Affected by it's magic, the soul-less dimension become prosperous and very beautiful. This led to many names, the most world-renown being "The Golden Land."

All five races had up-most respect for the Triangle, and some even based their religion and daily lives around it. But some felt differently...they knew of it's power, and wanted to use it for their own, selfish needs. Fearing that someone may actually be ignorant enough to steal it, a great Sage named Rauru built an awesome array of buildings and guard houses around the entrance to the Golden Land. Later named the "Temple of Light", it guarded the entrance to the Golden Land with a magical seal that could only be broken by someone who had all three aspects of the Triforce in a perfect balance: Power, Courage, and Wisdom.

Many a year later, the Triforce had become a legend. Nearly everyone in the land wanted to get their greedy hands on it, but the Temple of Light stood in their way and no one could break the seal. Each race, filled with envy and greed, accused every other race of having the key to it, when no one really did. Hyrule fell into a time of war and sacrilegious acts that would last a very long time...

Nearly six decades later, a great Hyrulian King arose. He had Power, Courage, and Wisdom. Somehow, he calmed the races and everything returned to normal. Countless numbers of peace treaties were signed among the races and everything fell into place: Hyrule returned to it's prosperous self.

Months later, in the infinite reaches of the desert, the Gerudo leader, Ganondorf Dragmire, was sifting through some old scrolls. He found one, looking very old, and noticed it was talking about the Triforce. Oh, how he would love to get his clawed hands on that Triangle. He was a well- known thief among the Gerudos, so why not steal the Triforce? Intrigued, he read on to find this passage:

In a Realm beyond sight,
The sky shines gold not blue,
There, the Triforce's might
Makes mortal dreams come true.

Dreams come true? Why, no one could even imagine the Triforce doing this. It was long believed it would merely grant powerful magic. Reading on, Ganondorf discovered that whoever possessed the Triforce could have powers of nearly an infinite caliber. With the Triforce in hand, Ganondorf could easily rule all of Hyrule. But what about the Temple of Light? Ah, it appeared the scrolls had something to say about that as well.

According to the scrolls, only a handful of items were necessary to break the seal in the Temple of Light. First off, thy would need three mystical stones possessed by three races: The Zora, the Goron, and the Kokiri. The Zora should happily gave him the stone, having no use for it. The Goron are a bit slow, but would reluctantly handed it over. The Kokiri wouldn't budge, so Ganondorf would probably have to fatally wound the Deku Tree, and then steal the stone while they scrambled to save their one and only guardian.

Now he just had to do that...

Returning to the scrolls, Ganondorf read the very last sentence in the scrolls. "The last item thy need is the legendary Ocarina of Time, which is passed down the royal line of Hyrule." Ganondorf sighed, knowing this would be very difficult. If he forced his way in, he would either be killed or sent to the dungeon for who-knows-how-long. He would have to be very covert, and almost sneak in. After a time, he earned the King's trust and became his personnel aid. Then, he planned to kill whoever held the Ocarina, no matter who it's owner was. Even if it laid in the hands of the beautiful princess Zelda...Speaking of which, she was the only one who questioned Dragmire's actions, and wondered if he was really a friend of her father.

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