The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time


The basics of the basics.


Flying over and around your head, this little creature is Link's personnel fairy, which each Kokiran grows up with. She's more useful than you might think! She'll often give you tips, shouting things like "Why don't you try..." and "Hey, go..." etc. The color she is also means something! When she's yellow she is over an enemy, trying to get your attention. Green is for secrets. Blue for friendly affairs and talking to people. Other than that, she's usually white/light blue.

Talking to People:

Really, if you want to complete this game (or any RPG/Action RPG for that matter) you'll need to talk to people! Even ordinary-looking folk can yield insight on puzzles or myths. Heck, sometimes they might just want you to do a little job for them, or start up a meaning-less conversation...either way, it's a good idea to talk to everyone. Check back after "saving a village" or doing some other important objective, as people will often change their stories. Oh, and one last thing: This game IS filled with a a slight twinge of humor. Don't be surprised to find yourself laughing out loud ;)


This game is filled with A LOT of mini-games [check out the "Mini-Game" section for specifics], and it would always be a good idea to try and complete them. Who knows what you may get? :)

Traveling in Time:

After you receive the three spiritual stones [See "Geography" or "Walkthrough" sections] Link will fall alseep for seven years only to awake in a world ruled by Ganondorf, King of Thieves. After finishing the Forest Temple you may travel back in time using the Ocarina of Time. What you do in the past will affect things in the future...Always remember that =)


Past 3D games have been plagued with bad camera angles when trying to fight baddies...some tried to fix this problem by having just one or two, but they failed. Zelda is the saving grace. By simply pressing/holding Z button (configerurable in the Options Menu) you can lock onto a specific enemy, or group, depending on the weapon. If done, Navi will fly over their heads, bright red and waving her arms. The screen will become slightly letterboxed, Link will move slower, and a target will appear on the enemie (s). Now you can strafe around the creatures, using your shield for protection and your sword (or whatever weapon you may have) for offense. It will stay like this until the enemies are defeated, you are, or if you break the lock.

Using the 1st-Person View:

Some weapons (Bow & Arrow, Hookshot, Fairy Slingshot, etc...) have an optionable 1-st person view. Simply press the C button you assigned it to...wait, that doesn't make it optionable..oh well! Now you can aim a whole lot better, but be careful, as you can only swivel your view; you can't go forward, backward, etc. Z-target someone and you can just fire them off in the 3rd person view, making it much easier.

Finding Items:

See a rock on the ground that looks funny? Come back later with bombs and blow it up! You might get a Heart Piece, Rupees, more bombs, a secret passage...or it might just be a strangely shaped rock :) Always be looking everywhere for Rupees and other items, like under bushes, mis-placed rocks, trees, cracks, weak looking walls, etc. ESPECIALLY in Hyrule Field...

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