The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time


You do not want to ruin this game, if you do you'll feel really bad and icky...and everything like that. If you've been stuck for a week on the tinest little thing, then you could look. If you've beaten the game, etc., then feel free to look! You might have missed something...and besides, isn't it fun to read guides for games you ca beat? Or is it just me? :) Just wanted to warn you.

Note: This walkthrough is rather sterile...By that I mean, it's just the bare necessities to beat the game. There is SOOOO much more to do in this game it's not even funny...[Check "Mini-Game" and "Secrets" section]...But well, what else would a Walkthrough be? Unlike Zauron's awesome Zelda FAQ, I will insult your intelligence =)

2nd Note: Author is not responsible for anyone who (dis)likes my crude comments. :)

Kokiri Emerald
Goron's Ruby
Zora's Saphire
Forest Medallion
Fire Medallion
Water Medallion
Shadow Medallion
Spirit Medallion
And Beyond...

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