The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Collecting 2nd Spiritual Stone

Kokiri Forest

Items to find: Fairy Ocarina

Talk to everyone, their reactions wil be different since the Deku Tree is dead. You'll now want to (well, even if you don't, you have to) exit the forest. Use the exit by the Know It All Brother's House. As you are leaving the forest, Saria will hand you the Fairy Ocarina. Ignoring the fact that this is not the Ocarina of Time, continue out of the Kokiri Forest and into Hyrule Field.

Hyrule Field

Items to find: Map of Hyrule, Rupees (for Mini-games and shops!)

An owl will give you a map of Hyrule. Now if you don't know where something is I tell you, check the map >:) Going across, make your way to the Market that lies directly below Hyrule Castle. If you go during the night you'll have plenty of Stalchilds to deal with, and they're not the best of things because of the large numbers of them. You can not enter the Market at night as the drawbridge is down; wait 'till morning. There are plenty of bushes around here to make money, so that's a good way to spend your time. Don't forget about the Stalchild trick!

Market And Hyrule Castle

Items to find: Zelda's Lullabye, Strange Egg, Zelda's Letter

WOW! There is a TON of people to talk to here. Remember to come back here after finding Kakariko to partake in some pretty awesome Mini- games. Oh, you'll also find a girl named Malon, she has red hair. You know, the cute and sexy one. She says her dad is missing - she thinks that he is sleeping near the castle. Then continue on to the castle (for God's sake, whatever you do...DON'T buy the Hylian Shield! It's a huge rip-off, and you can get it later for free.) Making your way to Hyrule Castle you will find a guard , talk to him. It seems no one can enter the castle. So go back to the Market, then come back and you'll see Malon, and she'll give you a Strange Egg to help find her dad. Climb the vine wall behind her, make your way across the gate, and drop down the ladder you'll find on the other side.

Now you'll have to make your across a hill and past some guards. If you get caught they will kick you out; but no worry! You can always try again...After doing this you will find some water, swim around the pillar until it stops, get out. There will be a sleeping man, this is Malon's father, Talon. If it's daytime the WEIRD EGG will have hatched, and the chirping of the young chick is just the right pitch to wake up Talon. Fearing that his daughter may be mad at him, he quickly hurries off (it's rather funny...).

Behind him are two crates, push/pull them to the water to form a bridge. Jump across and get in the hole with water coming out. You have to aim for the ledges or else you'll fall into the drink. Now you have to make your way across the courtyard! This time the guards are walking around, which makes things a bit tougher. Watch them for a few seconds, memorize their patterns, then sneak by when they're not looking. It shouldn't be THAT hard, there are a lot of bushes to hide behind. At the end of the path is Princess Zelda.

Zelda will talk to you about your quest to save Hyrule, amoung other things. Zelda tells Link to go find Impa, her nanny, after handing you Zeldas's Letter. The funny thing is, this cinema takes about 10 minutes to do do...

Walk back towards the guards to find Impa. She will teach you how to play Zelda's Lullabye on your Fairy Ocarina. This will have many uses in the future...Then she will escort you out of the castle.

Hyrule Field/Lon Lon Ranch

Items to find: Lon Lon Milk (Bottle), Epona's Song

Go to Lon Lon Ranch, you will gaze at the horses...horses you won't be able to ride for a looong time >=) Speak to Malon, then show her your Ocarina to learn Epona's Song. Epona, by the way, is the name of your horse. Sure, it's just a baby...but it WILL be yours in seven years. Not REAL years, mind you...Go play Talon's Game [See "Mini-Game" Section] to get a Bottle Of Lon Lon Milk, but what you really want is the bottle itself. Talk to Malon (she's out in the horse pen) and learn Epona's Song, you'll be using this later when you need to retrieve your horse. Then go to the Lost's behind Mido's house in Kokiri Forest.

Lost Woods

Items to find: Saria's Song

This place is very confusing, with paths going every which way. Your main goal here is to find Saria. The route is: RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, CENTER, LEFT, and RIGHT. You can also find this by listening to the's loudest from the correct path. You will find a wolf at the end; defeat it (for 50 Rupees!) and follow the path behind it. You'll find a maze like area with enemies everywhere. After making your way through it you will find Saria, your cute friend, waiting for nothing in particular. She'll teach you Saria's Song. Aw, how cute, her name just *happens* to be Saria! What a coincidence...ahem...After you are finished, head to Kakariko Village. It's on the left side of Hyrule Castle.

Kakariko Village/Graveyard

Items to find: Opening to Death Mountain, Bottle, Sun's Song

There are a ton of things to do here! First off, get the Bottle from the Chicken Lady (See the approporiate section). After that, earn Rupees by jumping up on the log near the unbuilt house. You can also buy a few things. In the graveyard, pull on the tombstone with flowers in front of it to reveal a hole. Drop down to find the Hylian Shield! Ok, return. At the very end of the graveyard is a large statue, stand on the Triforce Symbol and play Zelda's Lullabye, the statue will explode, revealing a hole. Once inside, defeat all of the Keese to open the door. The easiest way to do this is to Z-target them and use your Slingshot. Avoid the ReDeads by swimming through the green soup (even if it does hurt you) and go into the next room. Read the writing on the wall to learn Sun's Song, the tune of the Royal Family. Go back outside. Now you can do a TON of things, but that's covered in other various sections, and is not vital to gameplay. To continue, give the guard in front of the gate Zelda's Letter, he'll open it for you, and ask you to get a Mask...but that's later.

Death Mountain

Items to find: Entrance to Goron City

Walk up the slope. In awhile you'll spot Dodongo's Cavern, but it's blocked by a large boulder, so you'll have to ignore it for now. Continue up the path, talking to the Gorons you see for information, and take a right when the path splits to find a city...just be careful of that rolling Goron, he can knock you off!

Goron City

Items to find: Goron's Bracelet

Again, there is a lot of people to talk to, but besides that there's not much. Putting everyone's stories together, it seems that Ganondorf has sealed the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern with a boulder. Thing is, Dodongo's Cavern is their main source of nutrient rich food - rocks! Everyone is starving, and the king, Darunia, has locked himself up in his room and is waiting for a royal messenger. Go down the stairs all the way to the bottom level and step on the mat in front of the closed door. Whip out the Fairy Ocarina and play Zelda's Lullabye. It will open, revealing Darunia. He says that a song that is lush and has to do with nature will cheer him up...Play Saria's Song and he will get up and dance! After an amusing sequence he will reward you with Goron's Bracelet, which will allow you to pick up bombs from bomb flowers! Exit Goron City...

Death Mountain

Items to find: Entrance to Dodongo's Cavern

There is a ledge above the sealed off entrance to Dodongo's Cavern, it's right next to the entrance to Goron City. Hike up there to discover a Goron and a bomb flower, he'll teach you about them. Pick up a bomb and throw it over the ledge. If you throw it correctly, it will land on the boulders and blow them away, leaving a rather large, gaping hole in the side of Death Mountain. Well, what are you waiting for? GET DOWN THERE!

Dodongo's Cavern

Items to find: Bomb Bag, Goron's Ruby, Map, Compass

(Always have the Hylian Shield equipped in this stage, as the Fire Keese and Dodongos can burn it if their fire touches it! However, the Deku Shield IS a better shield to use when fighting Business Scrubs and the Lizalfos, since Link uses it like a real shield instead of covering himself up with it (you can't move while in that position, even when in Battle Mode). If you're Deku Shield is burnt, you can buy one from the various Business Scrubs)

Pick up a bomb flower and hurl it at the strange part of the wall to reveal the "Main Room" of the dungeon! Run forward and jump on the platform, then head to your right. Pick up a bomb flower and throw it at the odd part of the wall and the Eye Enemy. Ignore the first one because it just leads to a Gossip Stone. Go in the hall, then run down, avoiding baby Dodongos. At the end is a switch that won't stay down...simply push a statue over it and the switch will stay down, allowing you to go through the door.

Lizalfos time! Use your sword fighting techniques to lay both down, then the door will un-lock and you can continue. Now, take out your Deku Stick and...wait, what's that, you don't have any Deku Sticks? No problem! Just blow up the odd side of the wall with a Bomb Flower and you can buy them from the Merchant Bush. Now, where was I...oh yes, the sticks. Take one and light it on the torch, then light all the other torches. Just be careful of the Dodongos...Behold! The door un-locks...

We're back in the "Main Room" again. Hit the switch you see, it will un- lock the door on the far side of the chamber. Scramble over there, take the bomb flower, and throw it at the oddly shaped piece of wall. Inside is a chest with the Map! Now go through the door...Throw the bomb flower at the odd shaped piece of wall, again, and go through. Fight the Armos Statue, it's easy, but here's how: Awake it by touching it, and then use a Deku Nut or a bomb (there are bomb flowers in this room) to hurt it. If you use a Nut, you'll need to then slash it with your sword, but if you use a Bomb it won't matter. Then quickly run away as it will explode. The exit will un-lock and you can then retrieve the Compass from the chest it was guarding. Exit to the previous room.

Now, this is hard to explain, but extremely easy to do. Ok, see the little split in the row of bombs? It's where the two rows a bombs (one on each side of the central pillar) meet. Well, pick up the bomb near the wall (totally away from the two rows) and throw it in the split. It will explode, causing a chain reaction that will demolish the pillar and form a nice stairway for you. Bomberman, anyone? Go up the wooden path and go through the door at the top of the chamber.

Like the old saying goes, "Let a sleeping dog rest." Well, "Let a sleeping Armos rest." You do not have to destroy them, and you shouldn't want to since it's a big ordeal (especially for rookies). All you have to do is pull the statue away that is in front of the ladder. At the top is a switch that will solve this room...Cross the bridge, being weary of the many Keese, and into the next room, then fall down into the little maze with switch blades. Just watch where you are, everything should be fine. Like Navi says, you can see around the corner by using Z and sidestepping, that way you won't have any surprises waiting around the corner. At the end is a blue block against a ladder. Climb up to the thin path. Jump off to the side and land on the pillar with a bomb flower and a chest (it has some Rupees). Pick it up, then face the oddly shaped wall above the ladder. When it is flashing red, toss it. With proper timing, and maybe a little bit of luck, the bomb will explode on the wall, revealing the next path. But that is not the only way to do it. If you have a good eye, you can get it "stuck" at the top of the ladder. Then you can just wait for it to blow; it sure is easy that way! Go through the new passageway.

Problem: Platform to exit is on fire. Solution: Shooting eyeball above doorway with Slingshot. Then another Lizalfos room...then a similar problem, except with two platforms. And for the occasion there are two eyes...well, what are you waiting for, a drawn map? The next room has a large chest...ta da! The Bomb Bag! Now you can make bombs under your own power (I suppose Bomberman has one, as well?). In the next room, hit the switch. Now if you accidentaly fall or get a game over you can easily reach the 2nd level, but I'm sure that won't happen, now will it? Ok, see those gaps in the bridge? You have to throw bombs down them so they land in the eye's of the giant statue of a Dodongo...ok. Now it will open up it's mouth. If you lost your Deku Shield on accident, bomb the nearby wall (still on the bridge here) and a chest has one. But if you still have it will just have a few Rupees. Get to the main level by either falling or using the elevator, then go through.

Another switch that won't stay down, but there's not a statue in sight, so go up the hole instead. Drop down, then follow the path to the left. You'll find some blocks to so. At the end of a tunnel is a block, push/pull it into the room with the switch (which is just ahead; how nice). If you're low on your bomb supply, just open the chest nearby. Now bomb the odd part in the floor to drop down into a lava pit room...

Good, boy! Here's a 10 foot boss for your troubles. Check out the Boss Section for more details on this fight...

After defeating King Dododongo, Darunia will come out and thank you for freeing his home of the evil creatures. Then he will hand over Goron's Ruby, the 2nd Spiritual Stone. Only one more is needed...and now the Gorons can EAT! The cinema is quite hilarious if you ask me. "How 'bout a big Goron hug?"

There are tons of things you can do now that you have bombs, but I'll focus on the necessary things, there are other sections. First off, near the entrance to Goron City (sorta) are a bunch of boulders, blow them away and use the steps to get above. Follow the path, when the volcano erupts just use your Hylian Shield to block the rocks and ash. At the end, kill the Skulltulas with your Slingshot so they don't bother you, and then climb the wall. Bomb the wall to the left of the sign and the owl, then go inside and play Zelda's Lullabye on the Triforce Symbol to talk to the Great Fairy to get the magic meter and the Sword Slash (run on!). Mr. Owl will give you a lift down the mountain if you talk to him and hold on to his talons. Fall off the roof in Kakariko (you can get a Heart Piece here...) and then return to the Hyrule Castle grounds, a side path will take you to a sign that says "Dead End." Bomb this with your newly found bombs and you'll find the Fairy that will give you Din's Fire. These are also found in the Fairy's Location Section...naturally. These two spells are absolutely VITAL to your quest, so make sure to pick them up.

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