The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Collecting 3rd Spiritual Stone

Make your way to Zora's river, which is near Hyrule Field. Just follow the river right into the wall.

Zora's River

Items to find: Entrance to Zora's Domain

Make your way across the rocks and head east on the map. To get past this river, use Cuccos (chickens) to climb past large gaps. Simply pick them up and jump! You'll be able to glide for a few seconds. Neat! :) Soon you'll find a large rock formation with a waterfall. Play Zelda's Lullabye on your Fairy Ocarina and it will stop, revealing a large opening. Jump in to reach Zora's Domain!

Zora's Domain

Items to find: Silver Scale

Is it me...or are those Zora incredibly sexy? Um...yeah...Go past the Shop and talk to the King of Zora's, he will tell you that Princess Ruto is missing! Run inside the cave to the left and talk to the Zora and tell her you want to play the diving game [See "Mini-Game" section for more details]. Collect all of the Rupees she throws and receive the Silver Scale. Now you can dive deeper! You can also do a few other things, like getting a Heart Piece, but you can go look in that section for yourself. See the hole in the wall near here? It's right in front of the waterfall. Use your newly found diving techniques to get down there.

Lake Hylia

Items to find: Bottle/Princess Ruto's Letter

When reaching the surface get out and dive down again and retrieve the bottle with a note in it, it's right in front of where you start. It reads:

Help me. I'm waiting for you inside Lord Jabu Jabu's belly. -Princess Ruto. P.S. Don't tell my father!

Return to Zora's Domain the same way you got here, through the large hole. But before leaving you may want to do a little fishing, or plant a magical bean near the science lab that is not too far away so you can get to the fishing pond when you are older. You can also start the first half of making your own song! The Scarecrow Song, that is. It's absolutrly essential if you want to collect all 100 Golden Skulltulas! Ahem, where was I...yes, go back to Zora's Domain.

Zora's Domain/Zora's Fountain

Items to find: King, Bottle, Fish, Entrance to Jabu Jabu's Belly

Give the bottle to King Zora and he will look at it, then step aside to reveal a tunnel that goes to Lord Jabu Jabu, a gigantic whale like creature. Return to the shallow water along the sand and look in the water, scan for fish. Assign the Bottle to a C button and use it to catch a fish near the store! You have to be in shallow water for this to work. It may take a few tries, but it is possible. Keeping the bottle, go behind King Zora using the path to the right of him. Zora's Fountain! Ignore Lord Jabu-Jabu and swim behind him and you will eventually spot a small island, bomb the rocks and go inside. Play Zelda's Lullabye on the Triforce Symbol and you will earn Farore's Wind from another Great Fairy! Now return and use the bottled fish in front of Lord Jabu Jabu and he will open his mouth and suck you both in...MUAHAHA!...yeah.

Lord Jabu Jabu's Belly Dungeon

Items to find: Map, Compass, Boomerang, Zora's Saphire

Go forward, past the Octorocks, and get against the locked door. Using your Slingshot, hit the strange object hanging from the ceiling. The door will open. Run through the next room, then open the next door. There's Princess Ruto! She'll say she's ok, then attempt to walk away, but she'll fall through a strange hole. Go down there, as well, and talk to her again. Then she'll tell you that you can carry her. Pick her up and go through the next door. Fall into the water and toss her over the side. If she falls in the water she will disappear, go back to the previous room to find her. This applies to anytime you lose her. Ok, hit the switch and the water will rise, allowing you to go and pick up Ruto. Carry her to the exit, hit the strange object on the ceiling with your Slingshot, then go into the next room.

Wait for the elevator to come down, then jump on it and it'll carry you to the top. You're back, in the room before the area with strange holes. Avoid them, then go through the door at the end. Turn right, and stand on the switch. Now set Ruto down on it, her weight will keep it down, giving you time to go into the door. Now you have to kill all the creatures in this room. I prefer to just Z-target them and wham on them with my Slingshot. When they are all defeated a chest will appear, the Boomerang is inside! Now exit, pick up Ruto, and go to the opposite end of the hall. Set her on the switch, then enter the room to find The Tentacle. Just Z-target the center of it, then get close to it so it drops down, and hit it with the Boomerang. When it goes up into the ceiling, quickly run towards it to make it come down again (just be careful, it's very close to you and will probably knock you back). But you will need the Boomerang...When it's dead you'll receive the Map, and the hallway with the tentacle blocking your way is clear! Go there...

Now you must defeat the Bubbles in less than 40 seconds. The best way is to Z-target them, then quickly toss the Boomerang their way. A single Deku Nut will also do the job...Once you do this you will receive the Compass! Now go down the hall, go through the new door. Inside is another Tentacle. Kill it! You won't receive anything, but the tentacle thing in the nearby hall will disappear, allowing you to go to the next room. Guess what's inside? Another Tentacle! You won't receive anything for slicing it up, but the green tentacle in the room with the strange holes will be gone. Now go there and fall down where it used to be, then go through that door.

Throw that sweet little girl up to that platform...but then it will go up and you'll face another boss, Big Octo. Kill it bu checking out the Boss Section. When he's gone, climb on the central platform and it will lift you to the upper section. Go down the hallway, through the door. Throw the Boomerang at the convulting red things, they will freeze, allowing you get through this room (although you may want to finish off that Octorok in the water...).

Jump to the second platform, it will lower to the room before the room with strange holes, completing the circle and making a bridge to the doorway that was out of reach. But the switch won't stay down, and Princess Ruto is no where in sight! Well, go to the other side of the chamber, there's some crates that you can lift. 'Nuff said :)

Kill all the Jellfish with your Boomerang, it makes this room a tad easier. Climb the vines, at the top is a strange object hanging from the wall. You can't hit it with anything...not even your Boomrang! There's a strange wall blocking it. Solution? Stand back a few feet and let your Boomerang fly! If your spacing is right it should curve around the wall and hit it! Improve the chances by Z-targetting it. Now, walk through the door (what else?).

It's Boss time! Check out the appropriate section for details...

Princess Ruto will give you Zora's Sapphire, the last Spiritual Stone! She says it's her "most precious possesion." I don't think so... ;) Er...nevermind. Ignore that. I think it's pretty obvious she likes Link...actually, that could be said about every close friend Link has (Saria, Zelda, Malon...and Ruto). Ahem, carrying on.


(Not Part of Walkthrough: Before going through time you'll want to get the Fairies, plenty of Bottles w/something in them, Great Fairies and lots of Heart Pieces and what everything you can think of! You can come back, but you'll want to be prepared.)

When outside the Market you will witness an extremly cool cinema (at least the Ganondorf part is cool...I'm mean, just look at his stallion! Looks so realistic...). Impa will take Zelda away, but before they disappear Zelda will toss the Ocarina of Time into the nearby moat. Well, go use your deep diving skills to go get it! Now you have all the necessary items to open up the Temple Of Time. Zelda will telephatically teach you the Song of Time.

Return to the Market and go to the Temple of's near the Happy Mask Shop, just go up the stairs. It's sorta hard to tell with all of this *cough* pre-rendered crap *cough*

Temple Of Time

Items to find: Master Sword

Walk up to the altar and stand on the mat, then whip out your brand new spankin' Ocarina. Play the Song of Time and a bunch of neat stuff will happen. Go through the open door and walk up to the stone that has a sword in it...this is the Master Sword! Pull it out.......

After a very long AND AWESOME cinema, you will Adult! This was just a small fraction of your journey...this massive game is not even close to being over!

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