The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Collecting 3rd Medallion

Goron City

Items to find: Goron Tunic, Bolero of Fire, Entrance to Fire Temple

All of the Gorons are gone, except for the one on the third floor that is rolling around wildly. Put a bomb in his path and, if it blows up on him, he'll stop. But I know a trick that I haven't seen anywhere else, and it works like a know those two Bomb Flowers near the entrance to the Giant Goron that sells you Giant's Knife? Well, get away, and when the ball is almost there, fire an arrow at the bombs! It works perfectly. Talk to him and he'll thank you with a little present, the Goron Tunic, which is resistent to fire (Is this starting to sound like Super Metroid?...maybe...). You could always buy this at a store, but it costs a lot of money (200'd need the Adult Wallet for this one). Go downstairs to the King's Room and pull on the statue that looks out of place, behind it is the Death Mountain Crater. Cross the broken bridge, using your Hookshot to get across gaps. Before finding the entrance to the Fire Temple Sheik will teach you the Bolero of Fire, yet another song for your collection. Enter the Fire Temple...

Fire Temple

Items to find: Map, Compass, Megaton Hammer, Fire Medallion

Go up the stairs and through the left door. After the chat with the King Goron (I can't remember how to spell it) jump on the platforms to the left. You'll find a switch, stand on it to release the Goron! Talk to him to free him and get a tip. Pick up the Small Key that's in his cell. Now return to the entrance and go through the right door this time.

Cross the wooden bridge and go across the wooden board to the right of the locked door. Soon you'll find a wall with an odd piece...blow it up with a bomb! Inside is a Goron in his cell, along with the Small Key you need to open the locked door. Now exit the tunnel, across the chamber is a door under a blue block. Enter the door. Another Goron with a Small Key. With your two keys, un-lock the door across the wooden bridge.

Go across the board and then climb the gate near the right pillar. Jump on the pillar, being weary of the Keese, and push the block on top of the pillar of fire. When it erupts it will fling the block up. Get on your little elevator to be transported to the upper area, it has a locked door. Use your last Key on it...duh. Climb the ledges, killing the Torch Slugs, then hop on over to the adjacent area. Push the block off the edge, then drop down and pull it as far as it will go. Get back to where the block used to be, then use the block as a stepping stone to the next area. Climb the fence. The exit to this room is being blocked by a large flame. Remember that strange diamond object near where the block originally was? Well, if you hit it with something, the fire will go out...for five seconds. Get on the same level as the fire, stand near the edge, and toss a bomb on top of the diamond. Get near the flame. If the bomb hits it's target, quickly clib the fence and exit through the door.

Now we're in a giant maze with boulders rolling everywhere. You can find two Gorons now...the first one is to your left, just follow the wall in that direction. Get the key in his cell. The second is on the other side, in a small aclove. Get that key as well. Now, find the locked door (near a wall) and go through it. Hit the eyeball with an arrow (it's very easy to miss, look up near the ceiling) and the barred door will be open. Inside is a chest with the Map. Now return, go through the locked door.

In this room a curtain of fire will follow you, so don't doddle. Ignore the locked door and follow the path to find another door. Now you're at the top of the maze. The platform in front of you, the one with the Torch Slug, has a very large crack in it. Also, Navi will say "I hear Goron voices below..." It's pretty obvious now. Just plant a bomb there, then fall down the tube. At the bottom is a Goron and a Key (like always). Climb up the grating to return to the top of the maze. A few platforms away is a switch, it will open a cage nearby, on the other side of the maze. Carefully, hop over there. Get the Key. NOW return to the room with the fire curtain, un-lock the door. Go through the hall...

This room is huge, and very dangerous. It looks like an open space, but the curtains of fire that open up block your path and will torch you if you touch them. And since they only appear when you get close to them, it's a good idea to walk, not run. Turn to your right and follow the wall to a door, inside is a chest with the Compass. Go back to where you came in and go left, carefully make your way through the pillars of fire, the bats, and rolling rocks and un-lock the door there.

Go through the hallway (you can't get the Goron there - YET). Now you're on the opposite side of the room. The only reason you can't get here via the other side is due to the fact that the curtains of fire cover it up! Now, hit the switch and quickly run to the area that the giant flame was protecting. The door here is FAKE; it will attack you if you attempt to open it. Instead, lay a bomb down and blow it into oblivion. Behind it is a real door. Now you will fight the Flare Dancer. Ya know, the one in the Boss Section...

When he's dead the flame in the center will go out, now it serves as an elevator to the upper area. Climb the grating on the wall, then throw a bomb over the ledge to actviate the Diamond Object and de-activate the flame. Climb the grating, then exit.

Now we're in a semi-donut shaped room, Climb the stairs, then hit the switch. Now, above, the treasure chest used to have a flame around it, but now it does not. There's a timer, so quickly use the small steps near the edge of the hole in the center to climb up there. Oh, and try not to's a LOOOONNNG way down :) If you make it in time, and don't fall, you shall have received the Megaton Hammer! Go to your right to find a strange block with a face on it...smash it with the Megaton Hammer and it will fall, creating a tunnel for you. Break the statue with the Hammer to reveal a door. Take care of all the Keese, then smash the strange block with a face. It's a switch, and will cause the floor to transform into a stairway. At the bottom is a switch that will not stay down...Just grab a crate near the start of the room, carry it there, then lay it down on the switch!

Smash the stone with a face and you will fall into the room with the maze of fire curtains. The block that fell will serve as a step up to a barred door. There is a switch, but like Navi said, "It's all rusted!" Just whip out your Megaton Hammer and hit it. Now, take a running leap and jump over the gap! Play the Song of Time near the blue block and it will disappear (sorta), revealing a rusted switch. Hit it with your Megaton Hammer, it will un-lock the Goron below. He'll say that the statue near the start of the dungeon has a door behind it...Grab the Small Key in his cell. Now, climb the blue block and exit through the door you entered. See that platform right in front of you? Hop on it and smash the face block with your Hammer. Not only are we at the beginning of the dungeon, we've made a little bridge to the Boss Door!

The statue the Goron was speaking of is to the right of the stairs. Smash it to bits with the Hammer, then enter the door behind it. Kill all the creatures in this room to unlock the door. Exit through the door, avoiding the spinning you must face the Flare Dancer again! Just check out the section...that starts with a B...ends with an S...After killing him the barred door will be free to open. Also, a chest will drop down, this contains a few bombs. Exit the door, smash the rusted switch with the Hammer to open the cell and rescue the final Goron. Open up the syellow and blue chest to find the...Boss Key! Oh yeah, baby! Go to the door that's in the cell, you're to the left of the stairs at the start. I'm sure you know where to go now...(door, left of stairs...where the King was at the start!). Also, if you want to re-fill your health or your bottles are empty, go to the right of the boss door (you'll need to use the Hookshot target) and smash the pots on the ledge, one of them has a Fairy in it!

Now you will fight the mythical dragon, Volvagia. Check out the Boss Section for details on this fight...Take the Heart Container and enter the blue light.

Now Darunia, king of the Gorons, and the Sage of Fire, will hand over the Fire Medallion.

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