The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Collecting 6th Medallion

Gerudo Valley

Items to find: Entrance to Gerudo Fortress

This area can be found to the far west in Hyrule Field. To get across the broken bridge, whip Epona a lot and she'll fly over the large gap. Another way is to use the Longshot on the circle that is on the little piece of cloth that is above the bridge. Explore this area and you can find two Heart Pieces (one behind the waterfall that is feeding the river, and one on a ledge in the canyon; just drop down to get them). According to the boss carpenter, all of his workers have left to the Fortress because, as they said "...working's not cool!" So, continue on, past the tent, and you'll reach...

Gerudo Fortress

Items to find: Four Carpenters, Gerudo Membership Card

Go up and around and let a guard see you and you'll be locked up in a jail cell. Look above the room to see a little notch in the doorway - use your Longshot to pull yourself up there and you'll be looking down on the area. Look straight down and you'll see a doorway to the left...but there is a guard down there. If you walk in front of her line of vision you will be put back in the cell. There are three main ways to get past these. The easiest it to just peg them with an arrow from your Fairy Bow, they will pass out and never wake up. Another is to stun them with your Longshot (they will turn blue like an enemy) and then run up to them and slice them with your sword. Or...find a way around them! Whatever you do, drop down and go through the door directly to your left (on solid earth).

Talk to the man in the cell to get the story of why they are locked up...then you'll face a (nice looking) Gerudo Guard! She has dual swords, and she can do moves with them that will make you wet your pants! Heck, they even double as a shield. The best way to get past this tough enemy is to Z-target (obviously) and circle around until she does a lunge, but then sidestep and do a lunge of your on (Z + A). Another good way is to get far away from her (but not so far so you break the lock), then she'll run towards you, then you can sidestep and she'll be facing AWAY from you - commence hacking. If you get hit a few times you'll be captured again, so don't fool around! Once she is defeated she will run away, but not before dropping a Small Key - use this to open the cell. Talk to him and he'll say some more stuff, yada yada, then exit through the exit.

Go to Link's left here, through the tunnel. Once inside, head right and watch the guard until she goes around the corner, then quickly run down the hall and turn into the first turn you come to (which is on the right-hand side of the wall). Go around the all and defeat the guard there with an arrow, then go through the door she was guarding. Another will be exactly as before. Get the key, open the door, then continue on. In this area you should see some vines going down over the wall, climb down them and go through that door. Another cell and another beauty to hack to bits. Rescue the confused carpenter, then exit through the door you came in. Climb up the vines on the wall and go through the door to Link's left.

Carefully sidestep around the corner and...ow! Two guards are making their rounds in this small room. Just use a few arrows to take them out. Just don't be too quick to continue, another one is in the nearby hall. If you're in the room and you see her coming, simply get behind something and press R to duck - voila! You're hidden. Anyways, from where you came in, go across and up the ramp, then through the door. Drop down to the lower area, which is to LINK'S right, then go through the door. Oh, before entering, you can get the Heart Piece by grappling to the large chest on the roof (use the Longshot, obviously). Anyways, go through the door. Quickly roll into the box in front of you, then cock your Fairy Bow and get ready to knock out another guard who will be coming around the corner any second. Go forward and save the fourth Carpenter!

A woman will come in, and since she thinks you have such great thieving skills, she'll hand over the Gerudo Membership Card, which will allow you to wander about without being hassled! Exit back outside.

This area has a lot of fun games to play, so I would stick around and play some (especially the Horse Archery game, you can get there by going to the path behind the Fortress; you'll need Epona to play though. The prize for 1000 points is a Heart Piece, and 1500 grants you a 50 arrow quiver!). You can retrieve the Ice Arrows by going into the Gerudo Training Grounds. This is not needed to complete the game, however. Once you're done with your fun (that was not intentional, I swear!) walk on over to the large gate. Climb up the ladder that's next to it and talk to the person up there, she'll open the gate for you.

Haunted Wasteland

Items to find: Entrance to Spirit Temple, Requiem of Spirit

Use the Hover Boots to get over the river of sand at the start, then just follow the long line of flags. It's easier to do this in the middle of the day, as it's MUCH easier to see where they are. Follow it until you see a stone block, then read the little note there. Use your Lens of Truth and look around, you'll notice a strange Poe...follow her. She'll wander the desert for a few minutes, seemingly going no where. After a bit of this she'll lead you to the entrance of the Spirit Temple. Walk near it, then a little bit away and then Sheik will return to teach you, yeah you guessed it, another song. This time it's the Requiem of Spirit, which will allow you to warp to the entrance of the Spirit Temple anytime.

Play the Prelude of Light to return to the Temple of Time. Go inside and travel back seven years...............Now, as young Link, play the Requiem of Spirit to warp to the Spirit Temple.

Spirit Temple (Young Link)

Items to find: Map, Silver Gauntlets

Go up the stairs and talk to the woman on the left, it's Nabooru! Eventually she'll tell you to go retrieve the Silver Gauntlets, since she's too big to fit through the small hole. Go in. Kill the Keese and the Armos Statue to un-lock the doors; go through the one on the left. Wow! You have to fight a Stalfos, as a kid! They look huge! After that's defeated, destroy the Flaming Green Skull by firing a Deku Seed at it with your Slingshot when it's flame goes out. See the Diamond Object across the chasm? You'll have to hit that with your Boomerang...that's easier said than done. You'll have to be in the right place. When you do hit it a bridge will form. Cross it, and exit through the door.

Kill both Anubises by using Din's Fire, or hitting the switch and making them hit the fire that appears, then exit. Collect the easy Silver Rupees to make part of the grating fall to form a bridge to the next area. Either use a Deku Stick on the already lit torch or Din's Fire, but just light the two torches there and a chest will drop down. Inside is a Small Key. Go through the door to return to the area where the Armos statue was. Go through the small hole in the wall and un-lock the door. Destroy the Skulltulas on the wall with your Slingshot, then climb up it. In the next room, kill everything. Then hit the Diamond Object to receive 10 Bombchus! Z-target the boulder on the wall, then let one go! If you're aim is true it will hit the boulder, explode, some light will come out, hit the sun icon, then the door will open, revealing the exit to this room.

Push the Armos Statue over the edge so it lands on the switch, un-locking the door. Before going through, though, fall down and walk up to the altar with two torches. Use Din's Fire to light them both and a chest will appear, inside is the Map! Climb the stairs and go through. Go up the stairs to enter another room. First off, kill those damn Beamos! All it takes is one bomb (Bombchus work very well). Then, collect the Silver Rupees using little steps. When you do, one of the torches will become lit. Use a Deku Stick and light all of the torches, you'll receive a Small Key. Then push the gray block with the sun icon on it into the sunlight, this will open up the exit door. Go up the stairs and un-lock that door.

Fight the Iron Knuckle until it goes bye bye. Then go through the door, and open the chest...for...the Silver Gauntlets! Then you'll witness Nabooru being captured by the two Witches. Now return to the Temple of Time and get the Master Sword to warp seven years into the future..........Now play the Requiem of Spirit to warp to the entrance of the Spirit Temple.

Spirit Temple (Adult Link)

Items to find: Compass, Mirror Shield, Spirit Medallion

Go up the stairs and turn right. Just look at that huge stone! Now that you have the Silver Gauntlets you can push it forward so it falls into the gap. Kill the Beamos with a Bombchu, then hit the Diamond Object on the ceiling with the Longshot. Go through the left door. Defeat the Wolfos, then play that song you always play when you're on a Triforce when you're on the Triforce! A chest will drop down nearby, use the Longshot on it to get there. Open it up to find the Compass. Now return to the previous room and go through the right door this time.

Collect all of the Silver Rupees while avoiding boulders! It's so simple, it's pretty pathetic. The door will un-lock and inside you'll find a nasty Like Like and a Small Key. Return to the room with the Beams and the Diamond Object and open up the locked door. Now run past the Like Like and climb the wall behind him. At the top, use the Lens of Truth to find the invisible Floormaster. Defeat him, then push the large lightbulb thingie (stand next to the wooden handles and it should appear) so the light hits the sun icons, one of them will release a Ceiling Master, so be careful! If you hit the right one the exit will open.

Ignore the Armos Statue and run up stairs. See that huge statue in the middle of the room? Look at her left hand, it has a Triforce Symbol on it. Use the Hoverboots to get over there, then play that one know...Zelda's Lullaby you slack jawed yokel! =) A chest will drop on her right hand. You can JUST barely get to it with the Longshot, you have to stand on the very edge of it's hand. Inside is a Small Key. Now drop down and use the Longshot target to get back to the main path. Run up stairs and un-lock that door.

Destroy all of the enemies in this room to un-lock the door. The Beamos is easy, and the Anubises can be put down with Din's Fire or Fire Arrows. However, if you want to do it the way they intended it to be, hit the switch and run so they hit the fire curtain that appears. Over one of the gaps, Navi turns green: Play the Song of Time to cause a Blue Block to appear. Step on it and one of the Anubises will hit the fire. The switch in the next room will not stay down, so pester an Armos Statue and let it follow you. It should eventually stumble on the switch, giving you just enough time to run through the exit. Run up the you'll fight another Iron Knuckle. Your prize is the Mirror Shield, which will allow you to bounce back magical attacks and light. Return to the room where you had to trick the Armos Statue. Bounce the light from the window onto the sun icon. The door will be un-locked. Inside is a Small Key. Use it to un-lock the door in the room before this.

Kill the two Beamos with whatever Bombchus you have left, then gaze up at the moving wall. This COULD be hell on earth (er...Hyrule) but you have the Longshot, and you can just hook the uppermost wall and simply pull yourself up there. Go through the door. Stand on the Triforce Symbol and play that one song...then go through the open door.

Kill the Torch Slugs, they're so annoying! Now, all the doors in this room are fake, but you must destroy one of them. It's the one to the left of the flame covering the treasure chest. behind it is an eyeball, peg it with an arrow. This will cause another ice block to appear in front of the one that is above the chest with the flame. Use the Longshot target to pull yourself up there. Hit the switch to extinguish the flame. Inside the colorful chest is the Boss Key. Now exit the room and follow the hallway, go through that door.

To open this door you'll have to hit the Diamond Object...but it's behind some bars. Simple! Do a lunge (Z + A) and it'll go down, opening the door. Run inside and destroy all of the enemies. Now, go to where the light bulb statue thingy is. To the left of it, on the wall, is a large rock. Bomb it. If you don't have any bombs, light the previous sun icon for some. Once that rock is down, kill the enemies there. Now we're on the other side of bars, with the Diamond Object, looking in on the previous room. Turn the light bulb statue thingy so it's facing there. Now, go to the first light bulb thingy...shine that down the secret passage you bombed so it hits the second light bulb. Return to that room.

Now the light should be reflecting off the large white circle and onto the floor with the chains. Use this reflected light on the sun icon and the floor will lower itself in front of that giant statue from a few rooms ago. The light should still be reflecting itself on the ground...reflect it on the face of the statue and it will, eventually, melt off. Use the Longshot to get over there, and open the Boss Door.

If you want to get back to the boss quickly (when you die you start at the start of the dungeon...duh), stand on the chained platform and look to your right, and down. Longshot to the chest down there. Behind it is a rusted switch, hammer it with the Megaton Hammer. Now, a door near here, on the bottom level of the Statue, will open. Go in there and push the large blocks as far as they will go. Now, at the end is a face block. Smash this down with your hammer and you will have created an elevator that you can easily use to return to the statue area...To return to the Chained Platform, use the chains as a Longshot target.

When you go through the Boss Door you'll be forced to fight an Iron Knuckle. It turns out to be a brainwashed Nabooru! After the cinemas, go behind that door and climb the platform to start out the fight...

It turns out that Nabooru is the Spirit Sage, and she'll squeeze her power into the SPIRIT MEDALLION.

. . . -/\- -=- YOU GOT ALL SIX MEDALLIONS! -=- -/\- . . .

Use the Prelude of Light to go to the Temple of Time where you will receive the Light Arrows, which are vital to your quest. You'll also find out who Sheik REALLY is...I won't say, but let's just say it's not a "he" :)

(Note: Now go complete all the mini-games, stock up on weaponry, finish the trading sequences, find all the Heart Pieces, get all the magic powers, and do all the secrets in the secret everything to prepare yourself for the final level...the end to this awesome game...)

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