The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Ganon's Castle

Items to find: Golden Gauntlets, Final Boss, Zelda, Cool Ending

You must destroy each barrier that is feeding the main force field, blocking your path. There are six rooms to go in, each correlating to one of the Medallions. Here they are, in no particular order.

The best way is to go around the room is in a counter-clockwise fashion: Forest Barrier - Water Barrier - Shadow Barrier - Fire Barrier - Light Barrier - Light Barrier

Forest Barrier:

In the first room, stand on the center platform and use Din's Fire to light those torches, then use a Fire Arrow to hit the one above the door. It will un-lock. You can also get a Rupee Chest by killing all of the enemies.

You have to collect all of the Silver Rupees, above a bottomless pit, with fans all around. Go to your left, you'll see a fan. Use it with the Hoverboots to get to the platform near the Beamos. Z-target it, then hurl a bomb at it. It should explode, making this room a lot easier. Float down and hit that switch to activate a Longshot target on the previous platform, allowing you to get the Rupee. The last one is on a small pillar, with a fan right in front. Wait for it to die down, then quickly get over there! If you're slow it will start up again, use your Iron Boots to stop from falling off. Go through the next door.

Aim at the Forest Barrier (the green ball in the center of the energy) with your Fairy Bow and peg it with a Light Arrow. Saria will awaken and destroy the Forest Barrier.

Spirit Barrier:

You have to collect Silver Rupees. This is actually rather easy, as there are no pits or anything to hinder your way, just a ton of switchblades. For the ones bouncing off the Armors Statues, pull the statue away and it will have enough room to bounce back and fourth slowly, allowing you to get the Rupee without getting hurt. Also, one is in the center of the room, up high. You'll need to kill the Beamos with a bomb, then use the Longshot target to pull yourself up to it. When they are all collected the door will un-lock.

Kill those stupid Torch Slugs, they are too annoying and might mess you up. If you don't have any Bombchus with you, just hit the Diamond Object through the bars (you have to do a lunge, Z + A, to get your sword to connect) and a chest will fall down, inside are twenty of these mouse-like contraptions. Send one over the wall, at the farthest Diamond Object. If your aim is true it will explode on it, opening the door.

Now, look up. You'll see that a part of the ceiling is covered in spider-web, and there isn't a torch in sight, plus you can't use Deku Sticks as an Adult! Just whip out your Fire Arrows and hit it. Light will beam in. Use your Mirror Shield to bounce the light on the correct Sun Icon (all the others will cause a Ceiling Master to be dropped on you).

Aim at the Spirit Barrier (the orange ball in the center of the energy) with your Fairy Bow and peg it with a Light Arrow. Nabooru will awaken and destroy the Spirit Barrier.

Shadow Barrier:

First, use the chest on the platform to the left (of when you enter) as a Longshot target, inside are some Rupees. Pull yourself back to the entrance, then use the torch on the right (of where you enter) to pull yourself there. If you look across the chasm closely, you'll see a Like Like. When it's near the ledge, hook it and use it as a Longshot target. Kill it. Now, the only way that I know of to get to the next platform is to use your Hoverboots, take a running jump, then right before the ledge, leap, then then Hoverboots will take effect. You'll just BARELY make it, but you will. Use the Lens of Truth to find the hidden path to the switch. It's rusted, so you'll need to use your Megaton Hammer. That will open up the exit, but there's one more thing to do. Use your Lens of Truth to see another invisible path, use your Hoverboots to get to the second switch. It will drop a giant chest to where the Like Like was, use that as a Longshot target. Inside are the Golden Gauntlets! These will allow you to lift MASSIVE pillars. Ok, now exit (you'll need to take a running leap to clear the hole in the invisible path).

OR...........(better strategy below)

Look to your left as you enter and grapple to the small chest using your Longshot, inside you'll find some Rupees. Return to the entrance via the Hookshot target there, then look to your right. You should see a platform with a torch on it. Draw your Bow and Arrow and peg the torch with a Fire Arrow, it will light. You can also use it as a Longshot target and use Din's Fire, but it will be more difficult in the long run. Upon being set on fire, several platforms will appear, forming a bridge to the island with the Like Like. Quickly run/jump across, watching the patterns of the Flaming Green Skull so it won't knock you off into the abyss below, and you'll reach the Like Like. Stun him with the Longshot, then slash him with the sword a couple of times. Try not to get eaten, or else he'll spit you over the edge (NOT GOOD!). Ok, use your Lens of Truth to find an invisible path to goes to a platform below, it has a switch on it. Use your Megaton Hammer to activate it. This will open up the exit. Get back to the Like Like Island, and look to the exit, and peg the torch there with a Fire Arrow. Once it lights, small platforms will drop down to a switch. Use them to get there. Upon activation, a large chest will drop down onto the Like Like Island...but you can't get there, you don't have enough time. So instead, use it as a Longshot target to get back. Open it to find...THE GOLDEN GAUNTLETS! Now you can lift really heavy stuff. Use the torch by the exit as a Longshot target to pull yourself to the exit. Voila!

Aim at the Shadow Barrier (the purple ball in the center of the energy) with your Fairy Bow and peg it with a Light Arrow. Impa will awaken and destroy the Shadow Barrier.

Water Barrier:

It should be called the Ice Barrier...First, destroy all of the Ice Enemies to open the exit. Then bottle some Blue Fire (there's a torch of it in the center of the room, you'll first have to bust the icicles) and use it to melt the Red Ice covering the exit. Re-fill, you'll need it in the next room.

This is hard to explain, but I'll try my best. Push the block FARTHEST from the entrance into the hole. You do this by shoving it into the rock near it, then right into the hole. Now, push the first one (nearest to you) into the 1st rock (nearest to you) then the next. Now get behind it and shove it into the wall, where the Red Ice is. If you're confused there are some good GIFs of it at Gamefaqs (I think...). Now, melt the ice with your Blue Fire, and hit the rusted switch with your Megaton Hammer. You don't need any blocks to escape, just climb up to the door.

Aim at the Water Barrier (the blue ball in the center of the energy) with your Fairy Bow and peg it with a Light Arrow. The sexy Princess Ruto will awaken and destroy the Water Barrier.

Fire Barrier:

Have you ever tried this without the Hoverboots? Kinda challenging!

Although it's only one room, the Fire Barrier is one of the hardest. You have to collect Silver Rupees above lava (the kind that resets the room and takes away a heart; like a bottomless pit). First off, put on your Goron Tunic, or else you'll only have 2:00 before being scorched to death. The first few are pretty simple, but then it gets tough. Lift the giant pillar (you must have the Golden Gauntlets for this) and it will create an island on the other side. Under the pillar is a Silver Rupee. Now, you first need to get to the island with the Torch Slug. DO NOT use the Longshot target! It's not at the right angle; when you get there you'll fall off. Instead, use your Hoverboots (make sure the Slug isn't near the ledge or he'll push you off). Now, kill the Slug and get the Rupee. Un-equip your Hoverboots, slip into your Kokiri Boots, then jump on the pillar you threw, then get the final Rupee. Even if you do fall in the lava now, the door will still be open (if you collected them all, that is). Longshot to the exit.

Richard Says:

If you wear your Hover Boots in the room, the main platform will *not* start to sink - this makes it all a lot less frantic!

To get to the Slug island easily... LongShot to the exit platform from the central sinking bit, the stand on the edge (change out of your Hover Boots for safety!) then LongShot to the target on the slug platform - if you wait until the slug is out of the way this is easy.

Aim at the Fire Barrier (the red ball in the center of the energy) with your Fairy Bow and peg it with a Light Arrow. Darunia will awaken and destroy the Fire Barrier.

Light Barrier:

To open the door for this you'll have to lift the huge pillar with the Golden Gauntlets. Now, use your Lens of Truth to see the invisible Keese and Skulltulas. Kill them all and a chest will appear, inside is the Small Key that will un-lock the exits. If I were you, I wouldn't bother with the chests around the room...they are either fake and it will sap your health, or are pathetic items (5 arrows, 5 Rupees).

Now get ready for one of the hardest things yet...Stand on the Triforce Symbol and play Zelda's Lullaby. Whew, that sure was difficult. Open the chest that falls down, get the Small Key, and exit.

You have to collect all of the Silver Rupees in under 60 seconds. There's one in each aclove, two in the central tower, and one on top. To reach that one you'll need to Longshot to the target above it. The next room should have the Light Barrier, but it doesn't. Use your Lens of Truth to find the passage that will lead to it...

Aim at the Light Barrier (the yellow ball in the center of the energy) with your Fairy Bow and peg it with a Light Arrow. Rauru will awaken and destroy the Light Barrier.

Central Tower:

With each of the barriers destroyed, the central force field has no energy to power it, and thus disappears. Now go in the Central Tower. Run up the flight of stairs, you don't get anything for defeating all of the Keese. Now you will fight two Dinolfos, a supped up version of the Lizalfos. Use the same techniques and they'll go down in no time. The door will un-lock, allowing you to go up another flight of stairs. At the top you'll do battle with two Stalfos for the Boss Key. Grab it, then continue. At the top you'll fight two Iron Knuckles. Easy enough. Up the flight of stairs...organ music...getting louder...............long flight of stairs......big door.......

See the Boss Section for this fight.

Escape From the Castle:

Like Zelda said, with his last breathe, Ganondorf is trying to crush Zelda and you by collapsing the castle. You have 3:00 to escape, and you don't have much time to waste! Just follow Zelda, she'll open up gates and stuff for you. However, about halfway she'll be surrounded by flames and you'll have to fight two Stalfos...better do it quick! =) At the very end is a ReDead. Just stun it with your Longshot, then exit. Watch as it blows up! Then, after hearing the strange sounds, go up to the ruins...

And Beyond...:

After an awesome cinema that is second to none, on any video game platform, PC or otherwise, you will fight the main boss, GANON. This is the most impressive (visually, audio-wise, gameplay wise, etc.) moment I've ever seen in my entire video-game career. Beat this mammoth beast and you will be awarded an ending. It could've been better, but hell, at least you don't get a friggin' cake and a "Thank you" screen >=)

MY CHALLENGE: Try beating GANON with the Iron Boots on. Ain't so easy now, is it?

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