The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Great Fairy Locations

1. Magic Meter - Near Goron City is a strange rock...Bomb it to find a path! Hike up the trail, using the Hylian Shield to avoid the falling rocks, until you get to the summit. To the left of the sign is a rock, blow it up! The Great Fairy will give you your Magic Meter. This is required to beat the game...Now that you have that you can do the Spin Attack with your sword (hold B!)

Note: If you do not talk to this Fairy, none of the other Great Fairies will work. When you play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce Symbol, nothing will happen.

2. Din's Fire - Go to Hyrule's Castle grounds (right before the actual castle) and you'll find a sign that says "dead end." Bomb it to find the Great Fairy who will give you Din's Fire. This is required to beat the game (I think...)

3. Farore's Wind - Go behind Jabu-Jabu (behind the King Zora) to find a small island with a rock. Bomb it to find a Great Fairy!

4. Double Magic Meter - After exiting the Fire Temple, you'll be in the Death Mountain area, look for another bridge. Cross it to find your path blocked by two red rocks, smash them into dust with the Megaton Hammer then follow the path to find another prostitute Fairy.

5. Nayru's Love - Warp to the entrance to the Spirit Temple, walk away and look for two palm trees side by side with a crack down the middle. Bomb it to find another Fairy Whore.

6. Double Defense - Get the Golden Gauntlet from Ganon's Castle then exit back to where you received Din's Fire. See that huge pillar? Lift it up and follow the path to find the last Great Fairy.

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