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Fable: The Lost Chapters

Hint: Fire Heart quest puzzle solution:
Use the following screenshots to solve the puzzle. Note: #44 and #55 are included as there were two different version. There are five puzzles in total. All solutions turn square in Sun -- no prophet dies. [Screenshot 1] [Screenshot 2] [Screenshot 3] [Screenshot 4] [Screenshot 5] [Screenshot 6] [Screenshot 7]

Glitch: Easy experience points:
There are two places you can power level (earn a large amount of experience points). You must do the following preparations. Do not use any Ages Of potions you collect, or duplicate some. Have to have a good amount of Will potions. Learn Physical Shield and increase it to least level 2. Optionally, to prevent too much overwhelming have Slow Time, but this can backfire. Increase your Will Power up to at least level 3. Have a strong Weapon (Ebony or higher unless you have a Legendary weapon). Go to Lychfield Cemetery. This location is found during your quest to Bargate Prision. Go through the Cemetery and open the Demon Door by collecting Nostro's Armor. Once it is open, you will find yourself on a winding path. Before you enter the door, hot key your Ages of Will, Skill and Might potions and activate Physical Shield. Once you pass through, you will be met by a group of undead. They will continuously respawn. You do not have to go very far before they appear. Do not leave that area. Keeping Physical Shield on will allow you to take damage without losing your combat multiplier. Make sure you watch your Will Energy. If your Will bar is depleted you will lose the Physical Shield and combat multipliers. As long as you keep Will energy up, the shield will stay on. If done correctly, you can get a combat multiplier well over 50. Once they stop, drink all the Ages Of potions. Each one gives 1,000 experience points to that specific ability and are affected by the multiplier. For example, a multiplier of 53 and two Ages of Skill potions will result in a gain of 106,000 Skill experience. Another location to power level happens later. This location is best for experience for Learning and maxing your spells. On the way to Bargate Prison you will exit an underground path reach an open area. You will recognize it because it is circular in design. After completing the Bargate Prison quest, return here. Much like the first location, undead will continue to respawn. However unlike the first location, they do not stop. Follow the preparation guidelines and you could net a combat multiplier of over 100.
James Dezelich.

Glitch: Reload trick:
To utilize this to its potential, there are two quests this work the best. The game has two save options. Normally there is the World Save, which is a standard save. The other option is the Hero Save, which is only available during a quest. The Hero Save will save all your items you collected and used, and experience that you gained during the quest. However when loaded, the game will resume at a point just before the quest started. The benefit to this is that any items that you collected in that specific quest (armor, potions Silver Keys, gold) will be restored. For example, during a quest if you collect 2 Silver Keys, then Hero Save and reload, you will keep the two Silver Keys you collected, and now two new Silver Keys are back where you originally found them. Note: Any items used in the course of a quest will remain used. Two quests this works best are as follows. In "Find the Archeologist Part II", the important items to collect are two Silver Keys, an Ages of Might Potion, and an Ages of Will Potion. All four can be collected in the location of Windmill Hill. The second quest is "Path to Bargate Prison" The important items to collect are three Silver Keys, an Ages of Skill Potion and a Ages of Will Potion. All items can be found in the cemetery. Also, you cannot collect the Armor of Nostro and Hero Save. The piece will return to their resting places and will be removed from your inventory.
James Dezelich.

Glitch: Easy money:
When buying and selling with traders, notice that the more of a particular item a trader has the less expensive it is. When they are completely out of stock of an item they will pay more to get it. For example, if a trader has upwards of 20 potions he will sell them at a discounted price at upwards of 50 or an even greater discount. Beyond that, the discount does not really change. If you buy all the potions a trader has in stock, that item will now be in demand and he would pay you more money than you paid him to get them back in stock. This only works with large amounts of the same item, otherwise the discount will not be great enough. There are other things that affect this, such as your characters alignment and you Guile skill (which affects your ability to bargain with traders). Anyone can make a profit from this trick, as long as they keep a large inventory of potions and gifts. Produce does not seem to be very profitable. The regular price of the items (displayed in brackets next to the buying/selling price) should be above 50 gold, otherwise the range for the discount is only a few gold. For example, keep a few hundred potions and perfumes. Later on after you can afford it, get as many diamonds, rubies, emeralds, wedding rings, etc. you can afford. When you are low on money, go to the nearest town trader. Bartenders, camp traders, and traveling traders do not offer the same discounts. Sell him everything you have, buy it all back at a discount, then sell it all back again at the in demand price. The only difficult part is acquiring the inventory to begin with. Start with potions and buy them from every bartender traveling and camp trader you encounter. Then, trade with a town trader and after you have some money try to collect a few gems. You only need about twenty of any particular kind. Note: Keeping a large inventory sometimes causes the game to run slowly. After a while you may want to drop some of it off with a traveling trader then move on to a different area. The items will be removed from the game.
The 13 Dirtbags.

As soon as you leave the Guild after training, go directly to Bowerstone South. Once inside, look to your right. There should be a trader near a little stall. Sell all of your items to him and buy every Apple Pie, Cider Crate and Grain Sack as possible. Then, go the Inn and do the same thing (only for those three items). Go back to the stall and sell them all again, then buy them back, and sell again. Each time you do this you will make a profit. You can keep doing this throughout the game. Every time you meet a trader, buy all of the three stocked items (Apple Pies, Grain Sacks and Cider Crates). You will make a profit by selling them to the Bowerstone South stall trader. This is a good method to earn money until you start being able to buy emeralds and diamonds. Once you have emeralds (which can be done pre arena victory), go the Oakvale Misc Trader (across from the weaponsmith). Sell the emeralds to him, then buy them back, sell again, and repeat. Gems are a faster method of money making, but can only be done once at Oakvale. Note: With both gems and the pies, sacks and crates, if you have a very large number of the items the game may take some time each time you sell the items. The game has not crashed. Leave it alone for a few seconds and it will be fine. If the game starts lagging during game play, save and restart the Xbox.
Tim Harvey.

Glitch: Missing feet:
When in the guild, go to the shop. In the doorway at the arch you should get slightly smaller. Notice that you no longer have feet. Note: This does not happen every time.
drew thomas.

Glitch: Dead Balverine grunts:
Kill a Balverine. Kick it, and it will let out a grunt as if you had hit it with your sword.

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