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Ghost Recon

Cheat mode:
Successfully complete all fifty dossier missions. The following codes can now be enabled.

Invincibility (self):
Press Back, then press Back, A(2), B, X, Back during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry. Your first soldier will be invincible, but the remaining members of your platoon can still be harmed. Note: You cannot complete the game normally when this code is active, as maps and dossier items can no longer be unlocked.
James Geiger and David M..

Note: If you switch to the last character on Alpha, then enable the "Invincibility (self)" code, the entire team, including Bravo, will have invincibility.
Nick M.

Invincibility (team):
Press Back, then press B, A, Y(2), A, B, X(3) for invincibility for everyone in your platoon.

Big heads:
Press Back then press A, X, B, Y, A during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry.

Big bodies:
Press Back then press B(2), Y, X(2), A during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry.

Chicken explosives:
Press Back then press X(2), Y, A, B during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry.

Paper mode:
Press Back then press B, A, X, Y, A during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry. Characters will be two dimensional in this mode.

Slow motion:
Press Back then and press Y(2), B, X, A during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry.

High pitched voices:
Press Back then press X, A, Y, B, X during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry.

Hint: Medals:

Purple Heart: Get wounded or killed in action.
Bronze Star: Get 15 kills
Silver Star: Get 20 kills
Distinguished Service Cross: Get 25 kills
Congressional Medal Of Honor: Get 30 kills

Hint: Bonus characters:
Complete the special objective in the indicated mission to unlock the corresponding bonus character.

Astra Galinsky: Mission 9 Blue Storm
Buzz Gordon: Mission 4 Black Needle
Dieter Munz: Mission 11 Dream Knife
Guram Osadze: Mission 7 Paper Angel under
Henry Ramirez: Mission 5 Gold Mountain
Jack Stone: Mission 3 Stone Bell
Klaus Henkel: Mission 6 Witch Fire
Lindy Cohen: Mission 8 Zebra Straw
Nigel Tunney: Mission 2 Eager Smoke
Susan Grey: Mission 10 Fever Claw
Scott Ibrahim: Mission 12 Ivory Horn
Will Jacobs: Mission 1 Iron Dragon

Successfully complete the first twelve missions in campaign mode to unlock all twelve heroes as playable characters in quick mission and campaign modes. They include Henry Ramirez, Nigel Tunney, Will Jacobs, Jack Stone, Guram Osadze, Susan Grey, Klaus Henkel, Buzz Gordon, Lindy Cohen, Astra Galinksy, Scott Ibrahim, and Dieter Munz.
eoidob erc, pfam.

If you complete the (X) objective for each mission, you will unlock a new soldier. These soldiers have boosted stats and have their own specialist weapons. If these soldiers die, you will not be able to use them except in quick mission mode. You can also use their weapons in multi-player mode.

Hint: Bonus weapons:
Complete the special objective in the indicated mission and difficulty during mission mode to unlock the corresponding weapon for the indicated bonus character.

5.56 Carbine for Susan Grey: Mission 10 Vilnius under Veteran.
7.62 AR for Lindy Cohen: Mission 8 Battlefield under a Quick Mission.
7.62 Carbine for Will Jacobs: Mission 1 Caves under Veteran.
7.62 Sniper for Astra Galinsky: Mission 9 Swamp under Veteran.
A-91 for Klaus Henkel: Mission 6 Castle under Elite.
AK-74 for Henry Ramirez: Mission 5 Embassy under Recruit.
AN-94 for Buzz Gordon: Mission 4 Village under Elite.
Bizon 9mm for Nigel Tunney: Mission 2 Farm under recruit.
M60 for Dieter Munz: Mission 11 POW Camp under Elite.
M98 for Scott Ibrahim: Mission 12 Docks under Veteran.
PKM for Guram Osadze: Mission 7 River, under Veteran.
Silenced Sniper for Jack Stone: Mission 3 RR Bridge under Elite.

Hint: Bonus maps:
Complete campaign mode under the indicated difficulty setting to unlock the corresponding map.

Map MP09 Wilderness: Elite
Map MP07 Stronghold: Recruit
Map MP08 Creekbed: Veteran

Hint: Bonus game types:
Complete the indicated mission in Firefight under the Elite difficulty setting using only a sniper to unlock the corresponding game type.

Siege: Mission 5 Embassy
Cat and Mouse Game: Mission 6 Castle
Domination: Mission 15 Red Square

Hint: Helium mode:
Complete Mission 13 Airbase in Firefight under the Elite difficulty setting with a full team, and do not lose a soldier.

Hint: Paper mode:
Complete Mission 15 Red Square in Recon under the Elite difficulty setting using only a sniper with the M24 and frags kit.

Hint: Easy mission completion:
Use the following trick to complete missions without doing the objectives. Play the mission like firefight mode. Once you kill everybody, the mission is automatically complete with all objectives done.

Start a campaign by selecting "Unassign" to empty all team members. Choose only one man for one team (A or B) if you want an easier Medal of Honor, etc. You can keep a second team as a backup at the insertion point and on hold, suppress and in the prone position (if desired), if your one man is properly equipped with the correct weapons to meet all of the objectives. Before any shooting commences, enter the pause menu and choose "Quick Save". Then, seek and destroy all enemies using only this one man team. As soon as you eliminate an enemy or enemies, pause game play again and do another quick save before continuing your mission. If you should somehow get killed, do not select "Restart" during the mission. Instead, select "Reload" and continue from your last quick save.
L. R. Smith.

On a mission that you are having trouble on, tell the other team to go to a point then follow them. This will help you find where you are supposed to go.

If you are stuck on a quick mission, try these teams. Team Alpha: any three rifleman; Team Bravo: Henry Ramirez (MP5SD, M9 SD), Nigel Tunney (SA80, M136), and Jack Stone (L96A1, M9 SD). First, put Team Bravo in a safe place and do not switch to them until all of Team Alpha gets killed. Try to get as far as you can with Team Alpha before they die, then switch to Team Bravo. You should be able to complete the mission this way.

Hint: Clearing buildings quickly:
Place a claymore in front of a closed door. Backup and detonate it. This will not only blow the door open, but will kill most everyone inside.

Hint: Black Needle: Easier completion:
Leave Bravo at the insertion/extraction point. Take Alpha and secure the crossroads and rescue the soldiers in the buildings. Make sure you only have one soldier remaining (kill the other two if needed). Go back down the road where about five soldiers are waiting. Let them kill you. If done correctly you should have a mission complete.

Hint: Fever Claw: Sniping location:
When playing in multi-player mode, find the large building with a Russian flag flying in front of it. Go through the gate and take a right, then a left, then another left, then turn around. There will be a stairway. Go up it into the building and go up those stairs. Take the first left and you will find a very nice sniping location.
Bernard Thompson.

Hint: Zebra Straw: Other threats besides artillery:
When you meet up with the allied tank go forward. The first building on the left will have several soldiers in it. One man has an anti-tank rocket. Eliminate him as soon has possible to stop him from destroying the allied tank.
Bernard Thompson.

Hint: Sniping:
If you are a sniper looking for your enemy when he is hiding in the trees, zoom in with your sniper gun. Look around the trees until the crosshairs turn red. When this happens, you can be almost sure that the enemy is there. You can either shoot him or take out your pistol to save yourself some ammo for your sniper gun, since you are already in position.

When playing in multi-player mode on the city Gold Mt. Level, there is a nice hidden sniping location. In the mission there was a shot down helicopter. To the west will be a strip of the road going down. Go straight ahead. On the front left side is a door. Enter it and go up the stairs to the end of the building. You should be looking out a third story window.
Bernard Thompson.

Hint: Recommended weapon:
In multi-player mode, choose a rifleman and get Kit 6 (MP5 SD, extra ammunition). This kit will almost win every battle because it has a 30 shot clip and you can walk while looking in the scope. You will have great accuracy with most of the shots. It really does not matter what gun your opponent chooses, unless they select the same kit. The M136 and other powerful weapons take a long time to aim.

Hint: Determining enemy locations:
When you have a difficult time seeing where your enemies are shooting at you from, send Team Bravo directly in front of you and look which way they are shooting. You will probably lose many men because of their bad aim, but can always restart the level after you know where they are located to easily take them down the second time.

Turn on your night vision to see all enemies within your line of sight.
Adam Curtis.

During any day mission, if you cannot see your enemies turn on the night vision goggles. The opposition will appear as bright white against the lighter green shades of night vision.
Joe Craigle.

Hint: Enemy calls for backup:
Usually when you kill every enemy except for one, he will either shoot his gun straight up, or shoot a wall. If you wait about two minutes, about three or four more people will appear. When they shoot the wall or straight up into the sky, they are actually calling for backup. When another soldier far away hears a gun firing, they will run towards it to aid their friends. If you find a group of people and they all are killed except for one, and he begins to sprint away, it is imperative that you catch and eliminate him immediately before it is too late.

Glitch: Castle: Crawl in house:
In the multi-player day Castle level, go to the house near the broken fence. Go to the right side of the door and crawl into the corner between what appears to be a trash can or box as far as you can. Then, stand up and you can shoot out. If an enemy enters the house, they can see and shoot you but you cannot do the same. The only way out is to go through the door.

Go to the house on the southwest side of the map. Lay down on the porch and you will notice a cylinder. Get close enough to it and you will see a shaded triangle. Try crawling between the triangle and the cylinder, and you will notice that the walls have disappeared. Stand up or kneel, and you can shoot people. Note: If someone comes in the house they will be able to see you.
Jameson Fehlhaber.

Glitch: Docks: See area around building:
This trick can be done with any door on the Docks level (MP05), but is much easier at the building in the northeast (with all the offices). First, go inside one of the buildings. Open a door from the inside. Try to use the south entrance of the office buildings. Next, crouch in front of the open door so that the black square on the door is directly in front of you. Close the door and immediately lay down. The door should be trying to close on you. Use the Analog-stick to slightly move out the door. Try to line your waist up with the frame of the door so that your legs remain inside the building. Once you have positioned yourself accurately, face the crates closest to the door. Then, hold Left on the D-pad for a second and release. Your screen should become orange/white and you should be outside the door. Finally, get up, reopen the door, and walk inside. You should be able to see the entire area around the building. You can take enemies out from inside the building. There are a few drawbacks. Only the host can shoot people on the outside. Other people can do the glitch, but will not be able to shoot. Once an enemy steps inside the building you will not be able to see them and they can kill you. You can do this glitch with many doors in the game that open in the same way. To get out of the glitch, walk out the door and keep going until your screen returns to normal.
chris lambert.

Glitch: Docks: Get inside boxes:
In the day Docks level in Xbox Live!, have a pair of binoculars out and go near a box. Lay down and start to crawl into it. This will only work on the small metal boxes with the wood frames at the bottom. The enemy will still be able to shoot the box and kill you. Sometimes if you do not do this correctly, your feet will stick out of the box, making you an easy target.
John R.

If you have binoculars, go in front of the metal box in between the office and the other building. Make sure there are two boxes behind you. Lay down flat and take out your binoculars. Start crawling forward to get in the box.
Jameson Fehlhaber.

Glitch: Docks: Get inside rock:
In the day Docks level, go to the crater in the corner of the map. Go to the next one over and you will see a rock near some boxes. Take out binoculars and lay down on your stomach in front of the rock (not in the gap). You should lay down directly in front of the largest smooth area. Then, with your binoculars still out, start crawling forward. If done correctly, you will notice that the rock has disappeared, because you are inside it. You can stand up and walk around. If you move forward, you will notice some boxes to your left. You can easily walk in them and shoot people from there, but be careful not to go too far out; you might walk out of the boxes and get shot.
Jameson Fehlhaber.

Glitch: Embassy: Sniping location:
In the Embassy level, by the broken car bridge, there is a set of steps. At the top of the steps, there is a little "panel" that you can see through and shoot people, but they cannot see you. It is easier to find the panel if you are laying down and are zoomed in.
Joe P.

Glitch: P.O.W. Camp: Crawl under cabins:
In the P.O.W. Camp level, all cabins can be crawled under. When you stand up, you will be inside the walls. You can shoot out and cannot be hit, except for your feet, but they are a small target.

Glitch: Training: See through wall:
Go on the top balcony and lay down by the door to the left of the stairs in the little gap. You will notice that you may be hanging over the edge. Try crawling off the edge and you should see a door below you. If you kneel, you will fall and most likely get wounded and see white. However, if you try looking at a wall, you will see through it. Be careful, as people can easily shoot you.
Jameson Fehlhaber.

Glitch: Fever Claw: Get inside tank:
Get in front of a tank then go into the prone position and press Back. The tank will roll over you. Press Up to get up to crouch. You will be inside the tank.

Glitch: Weapon combinations:
Sometimes enemies will have two guns in one. You can see strange combinations like a sniper rifle with a grenade launcher on one side, and an AK 74 with a huge snipers scope on the other.
Nick M.

Strategy: Glitches: by James Geiger
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