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Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup

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Bulgarian team:
Collect 65 Quidditch Cards.

Nimbus 2000 broomstick:
Collect 20 Quidditch Cards.

Nimbus 2001 broomstick:
Collect any 35 Quidditch Cards.

D'orazio Dive skill:
Collect 25 Quidditch Cards.

Firebolt skill:
Collect 50 Quidditch Cards.
jonathan hickey.

Edgar Cloggs:
Collect all Quidditch Cards.

Hint: Team moves:
Keep collecting Quidditch cards for your team until your receive the Quidditch card for its special move. Note: Look at the locked cards to find out their unlock requirements. You must get enough cards to do the team's special move. A message under your team score will appear when you are able to do the team special move. Play well during a match to increase your Snitch power bar until the message appears.

Teams with team special moves that score high, such as Ravenclaw, do not move back the opponent's Snitch meter much. Teams with special moves that score low, such as Gryffindor, can move the opponent's Snitch meter back farther.

To get the team special move, win a match with Japan. To do this, keep on passing the Quaffle back and forth until the two halves of the Golden Snitch is together, which will allow you to catch the Snitch easily . Your opponent will not be able to catch it. However, between that you cannot score a goal, but you will always be able to catch the snitch.
Karate Boy Josh.

Hint: Extra Team Special Move point:
Before performing a Team Special Move, make a goal. Then, perform the move. Note: This will not work by performing a special move before the Team Special Move.

Hint: Get Team Special faster:
Keep passing the Quaffle to your team members. The team your are playing against might steal the Quaffle from you. If so, steal it back. Notice the bottom of the screen will have two bars with curvy half-spheres. The spheres make each half of the Golden Snitch. When they touch, the Snitch will appear. Passing will move them closer. The bars are the amount of boost you will have while chasing the Snitch. If by chance your opponents launch a Bludger attack, shoot the Quaffle and restart the process.

Hint: Easy special moves:
When you want to do a special move, score. Either make a long pace forward and press Bludger + Shoot just as the other player catches it to have a 95% chance of performing it.
Emielle Bloemendal.

Pass the ball with a single or double combo move. On the last one, continually press Bludger + Shoot. If done correctly, you should have a 100% chance of performing the move without being bothered by other players.
Emielle Bloemendal.

Hint: Get Snitch gauge up:
To get your Snitch gauge up, whenever you pass to another player hold R + L to make a combo pass. After that, you must score to get your gauge up. The more combo passes you make, the more your Snitch gauge increases. If you do a lot of passes with combos and the other team steals the Quaffle, you must do more combo passes to get your Snitch gauge up.
jonathan hickey.

Hint: Catching the Snitch:
To save your boost while catching the Snitch, hold Forward, while using Left or Right. This will make you move at the speed of a boost. When you are close enough, it is always good to boost just in case.
Emielle Bloemendal.

Hint: House Challenges:

For the Passing challenge, when a ring turns white, it is about to change to either yellow or green. Use that to see who to shoot it to.
For the Tackle and Shoot, it is best to tackle as soon as you can. When you shoot, look carefully for an open ring. Hold Shoot, then launch.
For the Seeker, hold A until you get close enough. Note: It may be difficult to steer.
For the Beaters and Bludgers, the best way to avoid the Bludgers is to stay either ahead of it or to the side of it so the Beaters can whack it away.
For the Special Moves, use a similar strategy from Tackle and Shoot, except with a Special move.
For the Combos challenge, hold L + R down and keep pressing A as fast as possible to do up to eight combos. Watch out for the Keeper.

Hint: World Cup:
To play in the World Cup, you must defeat all three other teams with one team.
jonathan hickey.

Note: At the Quidditch Cup for Hogwarts and the Quidditch World Cup, it is best to replay any matches that you have lost to keep your score up.
jonathan hickey.

Hint: Queerditch Marsh:
To play in the place where they first invented Quidditch, called Queerditch Marsh, win the Quidditch World Cup with any country. You can play multi-player or against the CPU.
jonathan hickey.

Hint: Easy scoring:
At the beginning of a match, hold the Left Analog-stick Up/Right to start out with possession of the Quaffle, making it easier for the first score. Usually making the first score assures that you will win the match as long as you follow the other scoring tips.
jonathan hickey.

When hitting a Bludger, make the Bludger go directly in front of the other team's Chaser that has the Quaffle. Then move the Analog-stick Down and in a few seconds the Bludger will hit the Chaser; and you will have possession of the Quaffle.
jonathan hickey.

To fake out the keeper, wait to go up to the hoops until you get a Dodge. Once you get the Dodge, go to one of the side hoops. The keeper will then get there very fast. When they reach that hoop, use your Dodge to get to the other side hoop, and while you are passing the hoop, throw the Quaffle.

Once you have scored, wait for the keeper to pass of the ball. When he does, immediately launch a Bludger attack. Wipe out the player as soon as possible (preferably at or before the half-way-line). Then, make a quick pass. Pass using a combo. Shoot using a combo and shoot using a combo again. If done correctly, you will score every time.
Emielle Bloemendal.

Hint: More Quidditch Cards:
To get more Quidditch Cards, play the Challenges and beat the Team Record.
jonathan hickey.

Win matches, each with a different team, in the Hogwarts or World Cup.
jonathan hickey.

Hint: Better items:
To acquire almost anything, you must first collect Quidditch Cards. To unlock the best broomstick, the Firebolt, you must collect 50 Quidditch Cards.
jonathan hickey.

Hint: Faster brooms:
If you want a really fast broom and play dirty team specials, choose Slytherin. They have Nimbus 2001 brooms and their special gets you 20 points. Japan has Firebolts, but does not have a strong team.

Hint: Temporarily knock out Chaser:
Get a Bludger, then use it. When the Bludger screen appears, control it all the way left then hit the Chaser. You will see him lose control of his broom and fly straight into the wall. This is only temporary.
cj regan.

Hint: Recommended team:
The best team to pick for Hogwarts is the Ravenclaw team. The Ravenclaw team has a Team Special Move that allows to get 30 points.
jonathan hickey.

Hint: Avoiding Bludgers:
When someone shoots a Bludger, turn around so your Beaters are in front of you. The CPU will run the Bludger directly towards your Beaters and they will just knock it away. This works almost all of the time. If it does not, you probably turned around too late or your Beaters did not get in front of you in time. This will even works on the Firebolt level.
Jesse Rivero.

Hint: Easy Bludger hits:
After you shoot a Bludger at someone, press Away and it will hit the person almost every time.

While you are hitting the Bludger, let it drift out in front of the person, then pull the Bludger towards you. It will hit almost every time, and if it does not, it will go in-between the beaters frequently, and may give you another chance to go to the side and hit them.

Hint: Get Bludgers quickly:
Hold L + R while pressing A to make combo passes. However, pass quickly or it will not work. Then, use L and R and make a shot while holding one of those buttons to finish your combo. This will give you Bludgers faster.

Hint: More boost:
Let the other team during the match pass the Quaffle more to get more boost when you go in the "Snitch" part of the game.
Cesar Castanedo.

Hint: Broomstick levels:

Comet 260: Beginner
Nimbus 2000: Novice
Nimbus 2001: Intermediate
Firebolt: Expert

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