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Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers

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Restore health:
Pause game play, then hold L + R and press Y, Down, A, Up. The sound of a sword will confirm correct code entry.
Striker Striker.

Restore ammunition:
Pause game play, then hold L + R and press A, Down, Y, Up. The sound of a sword will confirm correct code entry.
Striker Striker.

Add 1000 experience points:
Pause game play, then hold L + R and press A, Down(3). The sound of a sword will confirm correct code entry.
Striker Striker.

Level 2 skills:
Pause game play, then hold L + R and press B, Right, B, Right. The sound of a sword will confirm correct code entry.
Striker Striker.

Level 4 skills:
Pause game play, then hold L + R and press Y, Up, Y, Up. The sound of a sword will confirm correct code entry.
Striker Striker.

Level 6 skills:
Pause game play, then hold L + R and press X, Left, X, Left. The sound of a sword will confirm correct code entry.
Striker Striker.

Level 8 skills:
Pause game play, then hold L + R and press A(2), Down(2). The sound of a sword will confirm correct code entry.
Striker Striker.

Pause game play, then hold L + R and press Y, X, A, B. The sound of a sword will confirm correct code entry. Note: The game must be completed first before this code can be enabled.
Striker Striker.

Unlimited missile weapons:
Pause game play, then L + R and press X, B, A, Y. The sound of a sword will confirm correct code entry. Note: The game must be completed first before this code can be enabled.
Striker Striker.

Devastating attacks:
Pause game play, then hold L + R and press X(2), B(2). The sound of a sword will confirm correct code entry. Hold Y during battles to do devastating attacks. Note: The game must be completed first before this code can be enabled.
Striker Striker.

All combo upgrades:
Pause game play, then hold L + R and press Y, B, Y, B. The sound of a sword will confirm correct code entry. Note: The game must be completed first before this code can be enabled.
Striker Striker.

Small enemies:
Pause game play, then hold L + R and press Y(2), A(2). The sound of a sword will confirm correct code entry. Note: The game must be completed first before this code can be enabled.
Striker Striker.

Slow motion:
Pause game play, then hold L + R and press Y, B, A, X. The sound of a sword will confirm correct code entry. Note: The game must be completed first before this code can be enabled.
Striker Striker.

Tower Of Orthanc level:
Successfully complete the game with any character at level 10.

Fangorn and Tower Of Orthanc background photos:
Successfully complete the Fangorn's Forest level with any character.

Rohan and Helm's Deep background photos:
Successfully complete the Plains of Rohan level with any character.

Fellowship Of The Ring background photos:
Successfully complete the Balin's Tomb level with any character.

John Rhys-Davis interview:
Play as Gimli and get him to level 5.

Orlando Bloom interview:
Play as Legolas and get him to level 5.

Viggo Mortenson interview:
Play as Aragorn and get him to level 5.

Play as Isildur:
Successfully complete the Tower Of Orthanc level with any character to unlock Isildur as a playable character on most levels. Once you play the Tower Of Orthanc level as Isildur, he will be available at level 10 for all levels of the game.

Note: When playing any level as Isildur, Legolas or Gimli will call him Aragorn.

Hint: Defeating Lurtz:
When you get to the end of the Amon Hen mission, you will fight Lurtz. He will take out his bow and fire at you. Deflect the arrows, hide behind a statue, and use a projectile attack. Once he takes out his scimitar, try to get him to follow you to one of the statues. He will try to slash you, but his scimitar will go into the statue. While his scimitar is in the statue, fierce attack him as many times as possible. Another Uruk-Hai will try to help Lurtz kill you while his scimitar is stuck. Kill the Uruk-Hai while Lurtz is stuck.

When fighting Lurtz (at the end of Amon Hen), instead of trying to get his sword stuck in the marble statues, try the following trick. After you are done with the bow and you are swordfighting him, just fight him for a while by mostly parrying. Speed attack once in a while; if you do not, Lurtz will grab and trip you, which does a lot of damage. The attack will not do any damage because he will block it, but you must do it. After a while, he will stand back as if tired and you can use an attack combination. He will then attack you again. Repeat this until he is dead.

As soon as Lurtz picks up a sword, kill the one beast that comes at you and just block Lurtz's attacks. As soon as you see that you blocked an attack, kick him. He will be knocked back, and will stand for a few seconds, stunned. While he is stunned, hit him with a fierce attack one time, then repeat. It is possible to defeat Lurtz without getting hit by doing this.

At the end of the Balin's Tomb level, purchase any special item that deals extra damage (for example, Ranger Fury or Elven Fury). When you fight Lurtz in the next level. get his scimitar stuck in a statue. Then, use the item you purchased (hold Fierce Attack) instead of doing as many fierce attacks as possible. You may only get one shot in, but it will deal extra damage.
Colin W..

When Lurtz is stuck in one of the statues, hold Y. Note: This attack must first be purchased. Hold it until it is almost fully charged, then release Y. After doing this two or three times, Lurtz will be defeated.
A good way is to get Lurtz's sword to become stuck in a statue is after the bow sequence. The first time he is stuck, kill off his allies and start running. On the second time, use a swift attack such as Islidor's or Elrond's Swift Attack and your sword will start to glow. Hit him once more if possible, then start running. The next time he gets stuck, do the same thing and you will get a Perfect kill on him.

Hint: Defeating Trolls:
Run up to a Troll and use your fierce attack. When he is about to hit you, jump back. Continue this to defeat it.

When battling Trolls, first rush in and fierce attack. Depending on your character, you can get up to two attacks in (Aragon and Legolas). Then, jump back. This will put you out of the range of their clubs. This works well against the Cave Troll in Moria. but can fail against the two Forest Trolls in Fangorn because one will just throw logs.

At a long distance, shoot arrows until they run out. At a short distance, press fierce attack once when close, then run. Wait until it swings, then do it again repeatedly until it dies.

Often when you fight a Troll, it either hits you before you run away or it takes a seemingly endless time for it to go down. Use this trick to kill Trolls swiftly and easily. Run up to the Troll and tap Fierce Attack only once. This should bring your weapon on an upstroke to hit the Troll. Then, let your character finish the upstroke, then quickly tap Fierce Attack again. This should repeatedly make the character do an attack on the Troll while stunning it long enough to do the attack again. You can now eliminate the Troll without it ever getting to swing at you.

It is possible to kill a Forest Troll with arrows as Legolas. Wait until they swing at you, then run around behind them. Shoot and hit them with an arrow. It only takes about three arrows to kill it.
Jared Schafer.

Purchase the Ranger Fury/Elven Fury/Dwarven Fury upgrade. Run up to a Forest Troll and dodge the club. While he is lifting it up, hold Y to charge up your weapon. Just before he smashes you, release Y and it should be an instant kill.
Joe and Matt.

When killing Forest or Cave Trolls as Legolas, make sure to have purchased either the level 6 or 8 arrows. With these, simply shoot it once in the face and let it burn. This also works on the Urik-Hai without the armor and big sword.

Hint: Troll types:
There are two types of Trolls in the game. The Forest Troll has a light color and has little branches of trees to throw at you. The Cave Troll is darker and does not carry branches. You can shoot arrows into the Cave Troll, but not the Forest Troll.

Hint: Defeating strong Uruk Hai:
The strongest Uruk Hai have a sword, no armor, and have only white on their faces. Shooting them with arrows and setting them on fire works well.

When a strong Uruk-Hai approaches you, use your "Bane Of Sarumon" attack to easily it in one move.

When you are in a level with one of the strongest Urak-Hai, wait until the three slash attack. When it does that, at the end it will stop for a moment and not swing at you. This is your chance to hit it two (as Gimli) or three times (as Aragorn or Legolas).
Jeremy Gorham.

Hint: Defeating enemies:
If you are having problems killing some of the Berserkers, Urk Hai, etc., try one of the following two tricks. First, let the archers target you then run. Have another enemy between you and the archer. The archer will now hit your opponent instead of you. Second, allow a Troll to spot you and have it come towards you. When it does, run on the other side of a group of enemies. The Troll will knock them out of the way so it can get to you. This can also be useful when you have to fight more than one Troll.

Hint: Amon Hen: Secret area:
When you are near the place where you meet your friends again, just when you are going down the stairs you can see a bunch of vine covering a hole. Slash it to find a Tome for experience points.

Hint: Amon Hen: Extra experience points:
At the start of the level there will be a concrete structure in the background. Go under it and up the steps to find a secret box. Another place to find a secret box is at the part where there will be an archer on top of a concrete "doorway". Go around the side of it to find a walkway going up. The box will be there.
cody manning.

When playing as Gimli, instead of fighting all of the Uruk-Hai at the ruins near the end then losing all of your skill meter when you join your companions, skip through this fight. You may have to use a speed attack or two to pass through. At the last fight on the bridge, there will be at least double the amount of Uruk-Hai. This trick is best for Gimli because he is slow and his weapon kills very fast, he cannot build up his skill meter unless there are a lot of enemies at once. Do not attempt this if he is at a low level.

Hint: Amon Hen: Defeating Uruk-Hai:
Run through and get lots of Uruk-Hai to follow you. Stop where the bombers surround you with fire bombs. Get behind the rock and fight some Uruk-Hai, and the rest will burn when the bombers try to hit you.

When fighting the head Uruk-Hai, if you run out of attacks you can block, kick him, then attack him. Do this until he is dead.

Hint: Amon Hen: Kill more enemies:
After you kill the Uruk-Hai that attack you in the first part of the level (where all of your friends are fighting with you), go down the path. If you are facing ahead, look to your left and there are probably Orcs in that direction, running. If you fire your arrows at them, you can usually kill them now, and not later in the level.

Hint: Balin's Tomb: Defeating the Stone Troll:
Once you enter the mines of Moria, waves of trolls will file through the door. Fight these off until a short intermission starts and the Stone Troll appears. The best way to defeat him is to dodge his attacks and fire when you can. After the Stone Troll has taken some damage, another short intermission will begin. You will find yourself on a ledge lined with pillars between you and the Stone Troll. The troll now attacks with a chain. It only takes two to three hits to kill you. Hide behind the pillars when the troll swings his chain at you. You will see dust fly from the pillars when he hits it. Jump out and fire as many arrows as you can at him. There are more arrows to the far right of the ledge. Every now and then, a goblin will appear on the ledge. One fierce attack usually takes care of them.

At first you will just have to fight a group of Orcs. These should not be too difficult. Keep killing them until there is an intermission sequence in which the Stone Troll appears. If you are low on health, stay away from the Stone Troll and keep killing Orcs. Some of them will have green potions. When you have good health, wait until the Stone Troll finishes an attack, then go up to his stomach and keep using your fierce attack. Do not go away -- press the D-pad towards him so you do not get too far away and thus allow him to hit you. After awhile, you will see an intermission sequence where you have to go up on the ledge while he uses his chains. It is best to have Aragorn or Legolas on this stage because of this section. At first, kill the Orc to your left. Then, run back and forth across this ledge. When he uses his chains, he will miss you, then remain still for a moment. When this happens, you should be able to get about three arrows out on him. If you run low on arrows, the far right side of the ledge has some. If you run low on health, dodge the chains and wait until the second or third Orc attacks you. One of them will have a green potion.

Hint: Fangorn Forest: Defeating the Forest Trolls:
Rush in and fierce attack on of the Trolls. Depending on your character, you can get up to two attacks in (Aragon and Legolas). Then, jump back. This will put you out of the range of its clubs. Note: One will just throw logs. After killing one of the Trolls, your life will now probably be very low (in the red or yellow). Return the way you came, back down the hill to the point where the intermission sequence began. On one side, you will see a second passage. Go into the passage and fierce attack the vines. Note: If you do this before going into the Troll battle, the vines will not break. Enter the little room. It looks like the Trolls would be able to get you, but there is a wall. Break the chest to get a full heal. Use it, then go back and kill the second Troll.

Get in the middle of the two Trolls. When they swing at you, run out of the way. They will hit each other instead of you.

When you have killed all the Orcs that drop from the roof, if you have any arrows or axes remaining, throw charged ones at the two Trolls. Make sure to dodge the sticks that they throw at you. You will eventually kill them.
Paul English.

Hint: Fangorn Forest: Defeating the Orcs:
After you defeat the first Forest Troll, you will have to break a barrier. An intermission sequence featuring Orcs and other enemies throwing a Goblin into a pit. Your character will walk out, and game play will resume. Do not walk forward yet. Instead, pull out your bow and arrow and hit one of the Orcs with two curved swords and no shield. If your arrow is powerful enough, it will kill that one, but all of the Orcs will come after you. Watch out for the Orcs with no shield. They do a spinning technique that can hurt you badly and knocks you down. Then, they all start attacking you. Try to block that spinning attack.

Close to the beginning of the level when you are walking through the rotted out log, an Orc with a very long sword will fall through the top. As soon as he does, hold Y. As soon as he gets close to you, release Y for an easy kill. Another one will come after you later, after you have defeated the second Forest Troll in the cave behind the waterfall. As soon as you break the barrier that resembles some piled up twigs, hold Y until he gets close for another easy kill. Note: This does not always workm even if you have sword upgrades. If you have the fire sword upgrade and you do not kill him imeediately, run around and do not let him hit you. You will notice that he is on fire and that will eventually kill him.

Hint: Fangorn Forest: Ent:
Proceed through the level until you get to the part where you fight people in the water. Kill the archers, then the Orcs that pop out of the water. After that, walk a little way in the water. Watch the water to your right. If you are going in the correct direction, it will be on the right. Keep looking until you see a reflection of a tree. Look closely at it to see Treebeard's reflection.
philip and cody manning.

At the beginning of the level, walk until you see a log. Go near it, but not next to it so that it changes the camera angle. You can see an Ent in the background.

At the very end of the level when the intermission sequence with Gandalf appears, before it turns into the film look closely and you will see many arms. Look even closer and you will see lots of Ents.

At the end of the level, look in the background behind the characters during the FMV sequence. You can clearly see Treebeard.
Brian Evans.

When you are about the crash the log that is in your way, stand still. When you are far away from your character, you will see a figure standing directly behind you. Also, you can see the Ent when Legolas, Gimli, and Aragorn meet up. The Ent is behind Gimli.
Mike Gioffre.

Hint: Fanghorn Forest: Easy "Excellent" ranks:
At the part where the Orcs throw the small Goblin into the pit, you can run up to one of them and kick him into the pit to get an "Excellent". Immediately after you defeat all of them, go to the river. After defeating the Orc with the shield, you can kick the Orcs shooting the arrows at you off the edge of the waterfall for more "Excellents".

Hint: Gap Of Rohan: Extra experience points:
After killing the first two Wargs with your companions, do not go on just yet. Go to all the barrels and smash them. You should find experience points in two of them.

Start by killing the two Wargs, then smash the barrel in front of the burning house with a quick attack for extra experience. Then go, kill the Boss and his cronies. After this is done, at least one or two levels will be gained.

Hint: Gap Of Rohan Defeating the Orc Overseer riding the Warg:
Take care of the Wargs and riders that are present when the battle starts. The Wargs charge, but just step out of the way. Fierce Attack as they pass and stop. Soon, you will be facing just the Orc Overseer on his Warg, who deflects every arrow with his sword. Close attacks are similarly foiled by the Warg biting you, lifting you into the air, and the Overseer slashes at you. He also charges, and the Warg swerves to hit you, and succeeds virtually every time, so take care of him as soon as possible. The Overseer regularly calls another Orc and Warg into the battle. Dispatch it in the same way as the others, but try to stay close to the Overseer. When you kill the summoned Orc and Warg, the Overseer's Warg rears up. When it does, run in behind it and Fierce Attack the Orc. You can usually get three good hits on him this way. After the third hit, he will slash you -- go back and wait for the next Orc and Warg to be summoned. Dispatch them and wait for the Overseer's Warg to rear again. Repeat this three to four times to defeat him.

When you first encounter the Orc Overseer, he will have approximately four other Warg Riders with him. Dispatch these using any means necessary (projectile attacks work well), then get ready for the Overseer himself. Do not get too close or the Warg will bite you and the Orc riding it will slash you. Stay a safe distance away and the Overseer will charge. Parry the charge and you will receive little, if any, damage. Successfully parry a second charge and the Warg will back away and rear up on its hind legs. Move in and use any of the attack combinations to cause damage. Occasionally the Overseer will call in another Warg to help. Fire projectiles at this "helper" to eliminate it. Continue to parry the Overseer's charges. It will rear up after every second charge, at which time you can move in and eliminate him.

When you first see the Orc Overeseer, he will have about four other allies with him. These are easy to kill. Do so, and you will face the Orc Overseer. You cannot shoot him, because he deflects your arrows/axes, and you cannot attack him because his Warg will bite and lift you into the air for the Orc Overseer to slash. He will charge at you. Parry those attacks. After about two charges, he will rear his Warg. Instead of going behind at this point, shoot it with an axe/arrow. It will fall and whine. Then, move in and slash the overseer with fierce attacks, combos, etc. This takes about half of his life away. He will send in a warg ally, which is useful. Whenever you kill him, he will drop arrows or life. Repeat this process until you win.

Shoot his Warg when he rears up, then attack the Overseer while he is stunned.

You must first defeat the four other Warg Riders. To do this, dodge the charging Wargs. When they miss, they will stop. This is your chance to attack. When the Overseer charges, you cannot dodge because he swerves and hits you. You cannot hit him while charging -- he will just grab your leg and hit you. When fighting the Boss, wait in the water for him to lift up in the air. He will do this after three charges. After the third charge, run up to the middle area (but not up to him). Then, ready a throwing axe or bow. When he lifts in the air, fire. It will daze him. While he is dazed, run up and hit him with one or two fierce attacks. Do this several times to defeat him.

To avoid taking damage from this Boss, press Parry repeatedly until the Warg charges you. Although you will still get knocked over, you will not take any damage.

Use the following trick to avoid being hit when fighting the Orc Overseer riding the Warg. After you dispatch the Overseer's allies, the Overseer will try to mostly charge you. Go back and stand in the water, the Overseer will not come near you. When he charges, he turns back around and goes to the opposite side of the battlefield. Once he goes back, he will call for another ally. You can take him out easily with a ranged attack. After that, the Warg will leave himself open to an attack with a ranged weapon. Shoot an arrow or throw an axe. As soon as you release the projectile, run towards the Orc. By the time you get there, the Warg will be stunned and you can attack the Orc, draining his life dramatically. Ranged weapons will not work against him, except for when they are used to stun. Be careful -- if you are too close to the shoreline he will still be able to hit you with the charge. Also, make sure you take out his allies when he summons them with a ranged attack. They can come into the water after you.
Jason Chandler.

At the start, there will be a short intermission sequence where Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli face the gate. Two Wargs will charge out of the gate. Kill these two like you would any other enemy, then go into the burning gate. The others will be left behind, leaving you alone. When the regular riders come out, fire a fully-charged arrow shot at them. It will be a critical shot, and perhaps a one-hit kill (if you kept upgrading your arrows at each level up). After killing the others in the first wave, get ready to face the Boss. Instead of going into the water, charge up a Fury attack (hold Y) and just less than a second before he hits you, immediately release it. It will not do any damage, but will protect you. When more come out, repeat the arrow shot process until each one dies, then do the charged attack for the Boss. When the Boss lifts his Warg so that you can see his stomach, fire an arrow at him. This will lightly stun him, and you can do one of the following actions. The first is to do a quick combo on him (if you want some more kills later in the level). The A(2), Y combination is recommended, as the longer ones end up with you being either run over or grabbed. The second thing you can do is to finish him off instantly using the Fury attack. This is recommended if you have very low HP.
Ku Min Lee.

Hint: Gates Of Moria: Defeating The Watcher:
When facing the Boss, it does not matter who you are in this mission. Run into the water. The Watcher will raise its tentacles out of the water. Parry to block the tentacle's strikes. After being blocked, the tentacle will still remain out of the water. Chop it off. The Watcher will then leave the water. Use your arrows/throwing axes to hit it in the head region. Continue to block the strikes from the tentacles. After every tentacle you cut off, The Watcher will surface. He will usually die after about five well-placed arrows.

Block the Watcher's arm swing. Then, its arm will wiggle in the air. This your chance to attack it. Run up to the arm and use you fast attack to cut its arm off. Its head will appear out of the water for about five seconds. Before it goes back down, shoot an arrow (if playing as Legolas or Aragorn) or throw axes (if playing as Gimli) into the head. Do this repeatedly to defeat it.

You will first see your partner get knocked out. Go out as far as you can into the water. Block his attacks. When its tentacles are sticking out of the water (not touching you), hack one off. Its head will appear from the water. Shoot your arrows or axes at its head. It should take five to six shots to the head to kill it.

Note: Play as Gimli when facing the Watcher. When he raises his tentacles, he will try to swing it at you. Use your parry to block his arms. Afterwards, he will wiggle his arms up in the air. Go up to his arm when it is in motion. Press Y to cut his arm off. When that happens, his head will come out of the water. Shoot his head with your axes or arrows. Repeat the process to kill it.
Jay Friesen.

Hint: Gates Of Moria: Extra experience points:
When you first get control of your character, run towards the edge of the cliff. Near the edge of the cliff will be a large rock. Next to the rock is what appears to be a box encased in a big block of ice. Fierce Attack the object to break the ice and reveal a secret box. Smash the box for experience points.
Scott P.

At the beginning of the level, there should be two rocks on the edge of the cliff in front of you. Smash them with a fierce attack to reveal a treasure chest.
Colin W..

Hint: Gates Of Moria: Fall off cliff:
This trick can only be done if you have Rush Attack. After you have defeated the archers and goblins, you will reach a cliff . Do repeated Rush Attacks, and as the subtitles appear you will fall off the cliff.
Noscool 10.

Hint: Helm's Deep: The Breached Wall:
At the start, your chosen character will be shown closing the door, and you must protect it. There is a meter in the upper right corner of the screen. It is best to use Legolas for this level. At first, all you have to do is shoot down Orcs with explosives. Once they are hit, they will explode. Do not hit them close to the door. After awhile, regular Orcs and Uruk Hai will start entering and slashing at the wall. Try to explode the dynamite Orcs by the Orcs that run in. Destroy all of them, and also keep the suicidal Orcs back. If you have too many Orcs by the door, and the door has a lot of health, you can blow up a suicidal Orc by them -- it will kill them all. After a bit, a Troll will appear and try to hit door. You have to keep the exploding Orcs back also. Once the Troll is killed, and a couple more Orcs appear, a huge catapult will enter. Run up to it, and kill the Orcs guarding it. Then, hit it. It is best to use Elven Fury to hit it. You can hit it about four times, then you will have to go to the other side -- always check to see if you are actually doing damage.

Hint: Helm's Deep: Hornburg Courtyard battle:
Fight with Gimli, keying on killing the enemies attacking the gates. When Legolas/Aragorn cries for help, go to the highest level on the stairs and kill the Orcs. Stay on the wall, killing the Orcs up there. The wall's life will stay the same. Stay up there awhile after you kill the archers, then go down. If you stayed upstairs long enough, the Trolls will soon appear.

At first, fight off the hordes of Orcs that attack the wall you are defending. After a while, your comrade will appear in a small intermission sequence, calling for help. Quickly run away from the door and save him. Return to defending the wall until you hear a soldier yell, "Archers on the wall!". Go up onto the wall and use your own bow and arrows to shoot them down. Make sure to get them all. Do not worry about the wall; its health will remain the same while you are up there. After all the archers have been eliminated, go down to the wall again. Two Trolls will come in. Defeat them to complete the level.

Legolas is recommended for this level. After fighting by the gate for awhile, an intermission sequence will appear featuring Aragorn in need of help. After going up the stairs and saving him, go back to the main scene. An intermission sequence of Gimli being attacked should appear. Instead of going down the stairs and helping Gimli, go to the area by the top of the stairs and face the main floor. Your character should be facing the screen. Although you cannot see anything, fire your arrows in the direction that you are facing. Messages of "Good", "Fair", etc., should appear, confirming that you are killing enemies. Enable the "Unlimited missile weapons" code to replenish your arrows when they run out. Note: The gate's power will not diminish if you are on the wall. Soon, a voice saying something about "archers are on the wall" should be heard. At this point, turn around and start firing at the archers in the background. Go up and down the wall until all the archers are dead. Then, return to the location by the stairs and continue firing arrows into the area that is not shown. Once again, it will be clear that you are actually killing enemies. If you run out of arrows, enable code again. After some time, an intermission sequence featuring the two monsters coming into the courtyard will appear. At this point, go down the stairs and kill the monsters using Fierce Attack or any other desired attack. There will be more than enough power remaining in the gate to kill the monsters quickly.
Mark R.

When you are about to fight in the Hornburg courtyard, it does not matter which character you are playing. It is quite obvious that you must fight the Orcs that are attacking the wall. Once you have killed enough Orcs, one of your comrades will appear in a short intermission sequence calling for help. You will have an icon of the characters face, and how much life he has, which is similar to what happened to Boromir at Amon Hen. Go up to the highest place in the courtyard and kill the Orcs that are attacking him. Once you have done that, stay up there and go forward up to a ledge and shoot the Orcs from down below. By doing this, the wall's strength will not decrease, and it will remain the same. Shoot all the Orcs that are coming in the courtyard until the Trolls appear. Kill the Trolls to complete the game.
Jay Friesen.

Keep killing the Uruk-Hai attacking the wall. When the Trolls appear and start chopping at it, do not panic and start running around in circles. Instead, just kill them. They do not care if you are slicing them up.
The Cheat Master.

Hint: Helm's Deep: Hornburg Courtyard: Extra help:
When Legolas or Aragorn cries out for help, depending which character you are and you have saved them, stay up there and fight off the Orcs. Notice that there are Rohan soldiers fighting along with you. When they die, and you get overwhelmed, return to the area where you saved your comrade. Then, go back to the area where you were fighting. There will be multiple Rohan soldiers fighting along side with you. This can be done more than once.

Hint: Helm's Deep: Hornburg Courtyard: Easy kills as Legolas:
After you go up and save Aragorn, stay there. Instead of going down to fight the army, shoot arrows off the wall and off screen. You will know if you are hitting anything by looking at the skill meter. This trick works best with Dragonfire or Mithril arrows. If you rapidly fire enough, you can get up to an "Excellent" rank. If you run out of arrows, go down and there will be all types of items from the Orcs you killed while on the wall. You can score very good points by fighting with knives as Legolas. When you get onto "Perfect", go to a corner in the back and start firing arrows. Your "Perfect" Mithril arrows will kill in one hit. Stay in a corner because if you get surrounded, your arrows will not save you.

Hint: Helm's Deep: The Deeping Wall:
The easiest way to complete this level is to knock down the ladders. Only concentrate on the ladders on the right hand side and in the center, not the left. This is to avoid getting caught up in the killing fiasco. When you are only knocking down the ladders in the center and right hand side of the wall, you can go back and forth, hitting them down. Only kill the Orcs in your way, not the orcs killing the other men, but the ones killing you. Even if they are trying to attack you, just run away. The other men will take care of them. There is a quick and easy way to remember when it will end. It usually takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes to have the sequence with the Orc archers firing the arrows. Then, it takes another 30 seconds to 3 minutes for the catapult sequence to happen. After that, when you hear a single horn blowing, indicating that it will end.

Hint: Helm's Deep: The Deeping Wall: Easy "Excellent" kills:
To score easy "Excellent" kills, kick invaders off the wall in the same manner as you do the ladders. This is a fast and effective way to take care of the Uruk Hai.

Hint: Helm's Deep: The Deeping Wall: Forest Trolls:
At the last part of the Helm's Deep level, use the following steps to get the two Forest Trolls to appear so that you can complete the level. When you hear someone yell "Archers on the wall", go up the steps and shoot arrows at the other wall in the distance. Run up and down the wall to make sure you get them all.

Hint: Plains Of Rohan: Extra time:
Use any character and save most of the people and kill as many Orcs as possible to get more time.
df brown.

Hint: Plains Of Rohan: Extra experience points:
When you get to the part where you have to shoot a barrel open with your bow, then break the wood to set the people free, look to the right . You will see a walkway, but fire will be blocking your path. Enable the "Invincibility" code ad walk though it. At the end will be a box. Note: Make sure you save the people and kill the three Orcs first.
cody manning.

Immediately after Gandalf leaves after breaking the door at the beginning of the level, go inside and rescue the Rohan citizens. Once you have freed them, run to the back wall of the building. Look to the left there to find an overturned table. Break the table and proceed behind the counter. Another table will block your path. Smash that table, and just beyond it there will be a box. Break it open for experience points.
Scott P.

The easiest way to get experience points is to defeat the Boss in this level. Every time you defeat him, you will gain a level and a lot of experience points.

Hint: Plains Of Rohan: Defeating Wargs:
When you fight the Wargs you can complete the level without getting hurt. You should see river of water behind you. Step back and go in the water when the Wargs are charging you. They cannot go in the water and cannot hurt you if you are far enough in. Wait for them to run around, then shoot your arrows or axes at them when they put their heads back. After they are weakened, use combos or fierce attacks. Keep continuing this process until they are all dead.

Hint: Tower Of Orthanc: Easy completion:
Use the Orc Bane and Bane Of Saruman moves repeatedly. When you are using them, no other monsters will attack and the arrows that archers fire will not hit you. If you continuously parry as soon as you finish one Bane move, then you will not be hit and can do another easily. This obviously does not work for the Trolls that you encounter in the last few levels, but they will not attack when you are performing this on another Orc or Uruk-Hai.
Greg Kirton.

There are 20 levels. It is easy in the beginning, but its gets harder. The first five levels are straight forward; kill the Orcs and Uruk-Hai. At about the fifth level, Saruman will start sending out archers. Since they fire in waves, block them then move to an archer and kill it. Repeat this until all are defeated. When they begin to mix archer and close range fighters, parry the Orcs' attacks until they all are around you. Then, just keep blocking their attacks until the fire from the archers has dwindled their numbers. To save on time, use some Bane attacks (Goblin's Bane, Orc's Bane, Saruman's Bane). At level 10, the archers' arrows may explode on impact, but the same technique still works. At level 15, Trolls and berserk Uruk-Hai with huge swords will start to appear. When this happens, use the same technique while running from the Trolls instead of parrying. The archers can also do damage to Trolls. When fighting the berserk enemies, parry their attacks, then do Saruman's Bane.

Try using the technique "Isildore's Judgment" by pressing Y, B, Y(2). It does a lot of damage and gets rid of enemies very quickly.

Note: This is best done with Legolas. First, buy all the Bane attacks. Keep doing them by pressing Parry, then quickly press A + Black. When you meet the Archers, either just kill them or kick them off the edge. When you meet the Trolls, repeat what you did in Balin's Tomb.

Hint: Tower Of Orthanc: Floor 20:
On the last floor, you will have to face some Orcs, archers, two Forest Trolls, and a Cave Troll. The easiest way to kill the Trolls is to let them kill each other. Go between them and they will try to smash you, but will smash each other instead.

Hint: Tower Of Orthanc: Body shield:
Enable the "Invincibility" code. When you kill all enemies except for the archers, run up to an archer and stand directly behind him, so you can still see the next archer. The next archer will shoot the one you are in front of, instead of you.

Hint: Tower Of Orthanc: Slow motion warning:
Do not enable the "Slow motion" code on this level. The enemies can attack you easier.

Hint: Tower Of Orthanc: Parry arrows as Gimli:
There will be levels with archers. Kill one side of archers, then when the other side starts to fire at you, use your speed attack at the correct moment. The arrow will be deflected. Always use Triple Strike when doing this, just to be sure.

Hint: Tower Of Orthanc: Easy "Excellent" rank:
Kick anyone except for the Trolls off the edge of the stage to get an "Excellent".

Hint: Weathertop: Defeating Ring Wraiths:
As Aragorn, the easiest way to kill the Ring wraiths is to knock them back against a wall. Then, keep fierce attacking them. Keep doing this to have a good chance of getting a "Perfect" each time. However, If you are knocked down you will lose your flame. If this happens, speed attack the fire.

Hint: Westfold: Do not explode the explosives:
In The Westfold level, you do not have to destroy the explosives as described by the Rohan soldier. You can leave all of the explosives alone. You only need to destroy the row of carts carrying the explosives at the end of the level.

Hint: Westfold: Exploding enemies:
Every time a enemy is close to the explosive devices, shoot them with your range attack. They will blow up into pieces.

Hint: Westfold: Easy experience:
When facing the Orc Overseer, you can keep killing the Warg riders for experience. Hit the Overseer four times so that his health is in the red, then continue to avoid his attacks by running in the water. Then, keep killing the Warg riders until you are satisfied and finally finish off the Overseer. This is a good way to level up a character who is at a low level.

Go through the level until you reach a stream of water (creek). Go up it and open the box. Your character will say something about it. Continue through the level until you get to the intermission sequence in which someone says "Hold them at the gate". Immediately after that, go to the wooden structure that is back there. When you get there, look to the left. You will see a box inside, but it is covered with fire. Your character will say something again. Go under the structure. When the camera angle turns, look to the right. There will be a staircase. Go up the stairs. Once again, fire will block your path. So shoot the barrels at the top with your bow. Then, go over to the other barrels and slash them to extinguish the fire below. Your character will say something similar to "Quite useful" or "That should do it". Go down the steps and get the box.
cody manning.

Go up the waterfall to find a box.

You will notice that there are two streams that you will cross, one near the starting area, and one just before the large pond at the end. The one near the starting area will have explosives and an archer. Kill the Uruk-Hai running toward you, then blow up the explosives, which will kill the archer. Run forward. When you are standing in the water, walk upstream. You will see a chest. Break it open for a nice little tomb (experience points).
Mathieu Jolicoeur..

Hint: Westfold: Better ending:
After you have defeated all of the Uruk-Hai in front of the final explosive set, instead of blowing up the last set with an arrow, charge up your weapon. Do a devastating attack by holding Y. If done correctly, your character will be walking away in the ending sequence with a flaming sword.

Hint: Experience Runes:
Each of the following Runes will give you 1000 extra experience points.

Gates Of Moria (Watcher in the Water)
Directly in front of where you start is a piece of ice with a chest in it that can be destroyed with a fierce attack.
Amon Hen
After defeating the Uruk-Hai in the very beginning of the level, go up the stairs onto the platform Aragorn walks out from under in the opening sequence.
Go up the stairs on the back-side of the bridge that three archers are near, and an Uruk-Hai yells "Uruk-Hai, attack!". There will be a chest there.
After the ambush in which three archers throw several fire-bombs at you,keep going until you get to the ruins and the awkward camera-angle change. There are some vines that will break if you hit them with a fierce attack.
Fangorn Forest-
In the cave that the second troll emerges from, there is a chest.
There is a chest at the opening of the cave (leading to the exit) near the two cave trolls.
Plains of Rohan
At the point where Gandalf breaks down the door, there is a barrel a building or two to the left.
Also, inside the building, destroy the water-barrel, then the tables (some people are behind the blaze), and behind the counter are more tables to break and a chest.
At the part where you have to shoot the water barrel behind some debris and destroy it, defeat the Uruk-Hai. There should be several barrels on a ledge. Destroy them, go back down, and get the chest that was in the fire that you put out.
In the final area where you must save the people inside the burning house, there is a barrel will experience inside. You have to be quick in order to save the villagers, kill the Uruk-Hai, and reach the barrel before the intermission sequence.
The Westfold-
There is a chest above a small river that you can walk up near the beginning.
There is a building/gate that is burning that your character will say is impassable. Climb the stairs in the back, destroy the barrel that is off-screen, then destroy the other barrels.
Gap Of Rohan-
In the area that you begin in, there are three barrels with experience in them.
The Deeping Wall
On the left-middle part of the map, there is experience in a barrel. There are other barrels, but only one has experience in it.

Hint: Easy experience:
Note: This trick only works with Aragorn. At the start of each level, go to the options menu and change difficulty to hard. Kill one enemy, then return the difficulty back to easy.

Hint: Easy kills:
You can kick an enemy off just about any cliff in any level.

As long as you are not surrounded, rotate the Right Analog-stick. A message will appear at the bottom. You must have a Gambit or Swift Terror upgrade. By doing this, you will get more Perfects.

An easy way to defeat enemies is to use your rush attack. All enemies, such as Orcs, Uruk-Hai, and Goblins can be killed by using your rush attack (A, B, Y, or R). Use this special move instead of your complex moves that are designed for the enemy. The rush attack kills enemies faster, as opposed to the special killing moves (for example, Goblin Bane). You also must be in a special position against the enemy when using the special killing moves.

Hint: Become Devastating faster:
Use one of the Judgment moves (Isildur's, Eldron's, etc.) for level 8 characters or higher against a shielded foe and kill him. You will almost always become devastating.

Hint: Destroy shields with arrows:
To eliminate a shielded foe from long range, charge up your arrows or axes to full power and fire at the shielded enemy, then quickly fire again. If you get the flaming arrows or axes, then you can fire one at the weakest power and catch the shield on fire. Wait ten to fifteen seconds and the shield will be destroyed, giving you a clear shot to finish off your enemy.

Hint: Easy Perfects:
This trick is easiest when done with Legolas because of the way he moves. After you get to level 8, purchase Elrond's, Islidur's, or Balin's Judgment. Work on using it and getting very proficient with it. After mastering it, go to any level you want to get a Perfect on. This will not work every time, but if you can kill two enemies using the Judgment, you can usually get a perfect devastating sword. After you get this, go around killing as many enemies as possible, then repeat.

Enable the "All combos" and "Devastating attacks" codes; or if you have not completed the game, enable the "Level 8 combos" code. While in a large crowd of Orcs, press Y, then B. Repeat this very quickly for awhile until you kill all of the Orcs around you. This method quickly gets you up to the Perfect level of attacks, but you must know the Isildur's/Balin's/Elrond's Judgment move for it to work effectively. You can guarantee at least 15 Perfects for most levels, and perhaps even 20.

To get easy "Perfects" with Aragorn, purchase the Isuldur's Swift Terror level 2 combo. Use it three times without missing and your sword will glow blue. Continue cutting down enemies for easy Perfects and experience.

Hint: Easy Excellents:
When you can play levels over again, use this trick. It will take several attempts, depending on your skill. In all of the levels (excluding Weathertop, Amon Hen, Plains of Rohan, Breached Wall, and the Helms Deep), you can complete the level with an "Excellent" rank, just by killing one or two Orcs, and getting "Excellent". Kill a few Orcs at the beginning of the level (five or more), getting an "Excellent" rank. Then, run near to the end of the level. For example, in the Gates of Moria level kill off the first few Orcs with your Linked Move until the intermission sequence with the arrow and the Orc and Gimli. Then, run to the part where you need to kill the Watcher, and do not kill any Orcs on the way, unless you have to. No orcs will follow you to the Boss part after you have started it. Kill the Watcher. When your kills get counted, as you will see, you will have more "Excellent" kills.

As Legolas under the normal or expert difficulty setting, you can get an "Excellent" rank most of the time by doing the following. Do two fierce attacks to knock your opponents down. Then, do a Shadow Strike. Alternately, ready your bow and arrow. Do not charge up your arrows at any time. . Shoot one orc, then another. Next, shoot the other one again. Repeat this until two "Excellents" appear.

Hint: Legolas: Extra damage:
Reach level 8 or above, then fire at the enemy. Wait a few seconds and it will die.
df brown.

Hint: Dodging arrows:
Enable the "Slow motion" on any level with any character. You will be able to dodge arrows easier. Note: This may not always work.

Hint: Putting out fires:
Many parts of the game will require you to put out a fire or save people in order to move on to the next area. Look for a barrel in the area of the fire. Smash it with a speed attack and water will flow out, extinguishing any fires it can.

Hint: Avoiding Warg charges:
To avoid a Warg charge, stand in the water.

Hint: Easy Bane moves:
To do the Orc, Goblin, and Saruman Bane moves with Aragon or Legolas easier, enable the "Slow Motion" code.
Orc Slayer.

Glitch: Shields on enemy's feet:
Enable the "Small enemies" code twice. All shielded enemies shields will be on their feet.

Glitch: Fangorn Forest: Aragorn In disguise:
When playing as the secret character Isildur on the Fangorn Forest level, after you have defeated the two Cave Trolls, an intermission sequence will start. Listen carefully to hear Legolas will call you Aragorn instead of Isildur.

Glitch: Plains Of Rohan: Hear Lurtz:
During the Plains Of Rohan level, listen during the intermission sequence where the Uruk-Hai are fighting the Rohan warriors. You should hear Lurtz saying "Uruk-Hai! Attack!" (from the Amon-hen level).
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