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Metal Arms: Glitch In The System

Original Concept FMV sequence:
Successfully complete the game in campaign mode.

Multi-player General Corrosive:
Successfully complete the game with all secret and speed chips to unlock General Corrosive as a playable character in multi-player mode.

Multi-player levels:
Collect the corresponding number of secret chips during campaign mode to unlock the corresponding multi-player level.

Corrosive City: 110 secret chips
DMA Death Sphere: 40 secret chips
Mac mines: 138 secret chips
Matt's Big Gun Fun: 8 secret chips
Morbot Land: 15 secret chips
Ruins: 60 secret chips
The Coliseum: 85 secret chips
The Reactor Factor: 25 secret chips
The Trenches: 4 secret chips

Hint: Getting past General Corrosive:
When playing in the coliseum, you will fight against General Corrosive in the last match. You cannot hurt him. When you enter the arena, run to the far right side. There is a box that has a health in it. Hide on the side opposite General Corrosive and get him to destroy it with a rocket. When he does, get the health. There is also a wrench when you get the health. Run from the general and hide in one of the small huts. When inside, quickly disassemble yourself. The general will destroy the hut and find you in pieces. A short intermission sequence will play and you will proceed to the next level.

On the next to the very last level you have to get past General Corrosive. He is invincible, but there is a way to get past the level. In certain long boxes (and some small) there will be chips. There are five that you must collect. Then, go to the jump pads (the green gassy pads) to get to a room with a arcade game in it, along with Zobby. Put the five chips in the game machine to take control of Corrosive himself. After this is done, an armada of every one of your enemies except zombies will come at you (as Corrosive). However, you are invincible; take them all out, then use the master computer to destroy the space ship.

Hint: Defeating General Corrosive:
In last level, you will find yourself in ruins of the Space Station that you destroyed earlier. After General Corrosive survives the crash, he will get very mad, but will not be that "indestructible". First, try to shoot off his right leg so he will not be that fast. Then, go for his left arm that he uses to get those flying green things out of his mouth. Next, go for the whole thing. It will be easy with rockets and few "cleaners".
Anton Krivosheyev.

Hint: Defeating Kingbot:
Fire missiles at Kingbot until he stops moving. This usually happens after about four to five shots. Then, aim your targets at his right leg, stand just off-center, and throw in a Core Charge. This normally takes about five times. After ever two charges, some little bots will appear. The best weapon to use against them is the Scatter Ammo, as it will kill them quickly, especially when they are directly bearing down on you. Missiles will cause more damage to your health.

Disable the King Bot by firing missiles at him. This will make him stop in his tracks. Then his mouth will open, and you can throw core charges in. Next, aim your recticle (target) at his leg where it meets his body. You need to stand slightly to the right.

it is only necessary to use missiles and grenades. Immediately take out your missile launcher and run to the right to get extra missiles. Turn and disable Kingbot with three to four shots. Move over to one of the enclosed ground areas and allow Kingbot to crush it open, being careful not to be hit. This will give you more grenades. Disable him again and fire missiles in his mouth when he opens it. Line up your grenades to go in his mouth by standing just off-center to his right. You will see his head start to smoke. After doing this a few times, small robots will pop out of him. These can be destroyed with other guns, but it is easier to use the missiles. When they die, they will leave behind heath packs. Keep firing in his mouth and he will explode.

Hint: Defeating Mils:
Mils are a lot less likely to "know" what is shooting at them if you are in a vehicle.
4I Falcon.

The best way to catch Mils that are already hunting you down off-guard is to throw a coring charge around a corner. Even better, in the case of the bunkers in the Access The Ruins level and Secret Rendezvous level, stick your head in, throw a coring charge, and get out. The results are amply satisfactory.
4I Falcon.

Always reload your weapon when you are done with a pack of Mils. Reloading in a firefight can be very costly.
4I Falcon.

Hint: Defeating RATs:
If you end up on top of a RAT with a Mil or enemy player in the gun seat, jump on top of the gun, or into the gun seat before shooting at them. This takes a little practice, but it is possible. By doing this, they will not be able to shoot at you while you shoot at them. The same goes for the Sentinel turret, as well as the AA gun turrets (single RAT machine gun, mounted on the ground). However, it does not work for the Super AA guns (quadruple barrel and mortar launcher, much more powerful than standard AA); if you stand on top of the barrels, you will still take damage for some reason.
4I Falcon.

Hint: Defeating Scouts:
To deactivate a Scout quickly and easily, run up to it, preferably from behind. Get as close as you can before it notices you. Use the Scatter Blaster on it. Do not use coring charges or rockets on it; they take far to much time to re-fire/reload. The Rivet Gun is too accurate, and there are only five rivets to a clip. The Mining Laser should not be used, for obvious reasons. If it gets too far away to use the Scatter Blaster, get the SPEW out and use that.
4I Falcon.

Hint: Defeating Sentry turrets:
When dealing with a Sentry turret, get around the back of it and jump onto the platform on its back. You can shoot at it, but it will not be able to shoot back. When it turns around to fire at you, you will still be behind it. It will just end up turning around and around.
4I Falcon.

Hint: RATs:
The gunner of a RAT cannot shoot at the driver of the same RAT.
4I Falcon.

Hint: 15 Minutes: Two extra cleaners:
At the start of the level, an elderly robot tells you about the Coliseum. When he is done talking, two Mils will come out and tell you to come with them. The laser gate will shut off. Push the elderly robot out of the cell by running into him. The Mils will shoot at him. He will blow up, and two cleaners will come out of him, allowing you to take them. These can help you if you are trying to get the speed chip.
Derek Campos.

Hint: Fire It Up: Defeating Swarmers:
In the Fire It Up level, there are a lot of Swarmers (the little spiders). Use the flamethrower to temporarily push them away. If there are a large number of them, the easiest way to kill them is to double jump over or out of them. If they start eating at your joints, double jump and they should get off.

Hint: Fire It Up: Getting past the double jump:
Near the end of the level after you activate the reactor, three Mil Bots will appear. Take them out with the Toaster. Go into the tunnel and there will be two Energy Cells. Go down into the gap, but to help get rid of the spiders temporarily, throw a Magma Bomb into the little space where most of them appear. . While the spiders are being burnt, drop into the gap into the floor, go backwards as far as you can, then make a blinding dash towards the other end where you have to double jump to get out. This may require a few attempts, but it will work

Hint: F&!?ing Krunked: Clearing out Mils:
Try controlling a Titan to clear out most of the Mils in the level. If you lose the Titan, pick up an Elite to finish the job.
4I Falcon.

Hint: General Corrosive: Aiming:
When playing as Corrosive in the General Corrosive level, do not release R; simply aim at the enemies, and Corrosive's heatseeker missiles will do the job quickly. The same is true in the Mozer, Schmozer level; simply do not release L; the steel girder Mozer swings is more than enough to dispatch anyone who gets too close.
4I Falcon.

Hint: General Corrosive: Find the barter droids:
In level 41, General Corrosive, get to the upper ledge around the level via one of the bridges from the central hub. Go clockwise around the level until you reach the area with two "elevators" that do not go low enough for you to double-jump onto them from the lower ledge. Ride the left elevator up to the top. In a small alcove next to you, you will see the barter droids. The chip they sell is worth 150 washers. Keep that in mind before you enter the level.
4I Falcon.

Hint:General Corrosive: Shortcut:
Go to "Edit" in multi-player mode, turn all vehicles off, and save. Then, go to Corrisive City and use the console to become General Corrosive without getting all the secret chips.
michael mckinney.

Hint: Get To The Tower: Use tank:
You can use the tank to jump over the electric fences and brick wall at the end of the level, instead of climbing the Corrosive Statue to slide down the wires. Park the tank rested against the fence/wall, and aim the turret as high up as it will go. Get out of the tank, run to the end of the turret, and double-jump over.
4I Falcon.

Hint: Last Minute Effort: Drill:
On the multi-player level Last Minute Effort, you can go to the drill by taking the big bot with four laser guns. Have a friend fly up to the drill with you on it.
Kjell Øyvind Østbø.

Hint: One Small Step: Quick completion:
There is a way to finish the level in about two minutes. Instead of actually fighting your way through the level, jump to the top of the ship that you rode into the station, and onto the "gutters" around the top of the docking bay. Go all the way around, collecting the secret chip on the way. Find one of the "peninsulas" on the ledge on the left side of the docking bay (the one you would have had to use a Loader to get to). You may have to deal with a Scientist on the way to the outside of the station, but you will definitely encounter a shielded Titan. Thus, have an EMP or a lot of ammunition ready. After that, just play through the rest of the level as usual. Do not worry about getting shot at; if you have more than three batteries, you are simply moving too fast to be hit enough to deplete them.
4I Falcon.

Hint: Secret Rendezvous: Bomb tactic:
Once you obtain the chip before you use the "mind console", get the DET pack and set it off at the gate. Then, use the console to destroy people in the round courtyard section of Mil City. If you forget to set off the pack and are in the Titan, just set the Titan on the elevator belt . Once you set off the bomb, go back to the console and take control.
michael mckinney.

Hint: Search For Krunk: Killing the guard:
Once you kill two sentries, go up one of the vents. If you look down after awhile, you while see a guard. Use Scatter Blaster or S.P.E.W. to kill him without harming yourself.
michael mckinney.

Hint: Seen Better Days: Bypass Predator:
You can pass through the room holding the Predator without actually destroying the Predator. However, destroying it activates a checkpoint. If you are going for a speed chip, run straight through and take a few potshots at the Predator if you are ahead of schedule. Otherwise, take the time to kill the Predator.
4I Falcon.

Hint: Space Station:
On the Space Station levels, you will have nearly every type of Mil Bot (blue, red, green, black, and silvery blue) plus the Titans and the Troopers coming at you. The most destructive weapons against them all are the Barrage Cannon, Scatter Blaster, Spew, and the Rivet Gun. The Control Tether is pretty much useless, as you will not have time to hijack a Mil Bot. Show no mercy, but try to save ammunition; at the end of all the Space Station levels you will face General Corrosive.

Hint: They Live: Zombie bot allies:
Reach the part of the They Live level where two zombie bots are trapped in two cages. Free them by cutting the red wires that are holding the cages and they will become your allies.

Hint: What Research?: Killing the Titan:
You can use the turret of the RAT at the back of the garage to kill off the Titan guarding the Det-Pack. Make sure you check any Robot Control Consoles you find after the first robot you control is finished off. In the case of Titans, Elites, and the Predator in the I, Predator level, you will only get one Mil to control. However, usually in the case of Mil Grunts, the Mil will respawn, allowing you an infinite supply of controllable bots.
4I Falcon.

Hint: You Know The Drill: Stacking crates:
It is possible to do some very strange things with crates using the Loader. Since crates do not slide around, you can stack them up on top of each other on a slant, and they will not fall over. There has once been a bridge made of crates to connect the lower and upper floors, though it took a little less than half an hour.
4I Falcon.

Hint: Multi-player: Invincibility:
In any multi-player level, press Start. You can be shot at, but receive no damage. You cannot move, but it is better than dying.

Hint: Multi-player: Breaking the laws of speed:
Stand on the RAT or the Tank without falling off while a friend is driving at full speed. On the RAT, you can be in the gunner seat; just get out and walk the deck of the car without falling (at top speed). Or, take the Tank and if a friend (or enemy) is driving, you can get on the back of the Tank's bumper. Make your way around to the front or the tank by skimming the side of it.
matt M.D..

Hint: Multi-player: Level design:
Only multi-player levels 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 are original. The rest of them are copied from campaign levels from throughout the game. The only battlefield type that is missing is the Space Station.
4I Falcon.

Hint: Automatically recruit a sentry:
In some levels there are guns that are difficult to destroy. If you throw an EMP grenade at it, then hijack it, you can shoot with it. When you get out of the sentry, it will automatically be recruited, giving you a good advantage in the Mil City Hub, and Mil City Center levels.

Hint: Surviving trooper onslaught:
When you get to the level where all the troopers (blue/multicolored Mils with the wings) just keep coming at you, keep lobbing EMP grenades at them until they get trapped. Then, hijack one of them to get into the center building. Press the hand button on the wall. Then, exit the trooper (Scatter Blasters work best against them). Get into the tank after getting the energy cells. Then, just run straight through the barred/fenced area and just keep going to complete the mission.

Hint: Secret chips:
There are a total of 143 secret chips in the game. There are 104 hidden chips to find, and 39 speed chips. Note: There are no speed chips for levels 1, 18, and 37.
4I Falcon.

Hint: Keep Mil or vehicle:
If you pass a checkpoint while controlling a Mil, and you die as Glitch later, you will return to the checkpoint that you last passed as the Mil you were controlling. Similarly, if you pass a checkpoint in a vehicle and die later on, you will return with the vehicle that you had.
4I Falcon.

Hint: Additional barter droid dialogue:
If you visit Shady and Mr. Pockets (the barter droids), then leave without buying anything, they will say something other than their usual set of parting phrases.
4I Falcon.

Hint: Grenade warning:
Every grenade you launch can hurt you if you are close to it.
Jordan S.

Hint: Saving ammunition:
Instead of wasting ammo to lure mils away from you, shoot a stream of the control tether at a wall or another object. This should make them walk over and investigate. Note: This will not work for mils that are searching for you (pacing around), and you must wait until they stop for it to work.
Mickel Johnson.

Hint: Drive on the wall:
On any level that has the car with the claw, have the wall on your left or right. Then, strafe left or right and you will begin to drive on the wall.
Kjell Øyvind Østbø.

Hint: Make the big barter droid mad:
Leave the barter droid shop without purchasing anything. The big barter droid will flip you off, but it will be covered by a censor bar.
Zachary Spilinek.

Glitch: Throw around player:
When in a multi-player level with a Hover Claw vehicle, get in the vehicle and grab the other player with the claw. Then, shoot the player with the machine gun until he dies. After he dies, do not release the claw. When he reappears, start moving or turning and the other player will still fly around in that direction as if he is still in the claw. When you are done throwing him around, just release the claw to end the glitch.

Glitch: Get to waterfall:
While you are at Big E's House in multi-player mode, take control of the trooper. Walk outside and go to the highest level. You should see a waterfall. You can use your jetpacks to get over there.

Glitch: Drive vehicles without being in them:
While in a multi-player game, jump into a vehicle (Loader, RAT, or Sentinel). At the same time, get someone else to grab you, using the claws of another Loader, about half a second before you actually land in the vehicle. You will now be able to drive the vehicle you were about to jump into, but will not be actually be in it. However, you are not invincible, as that vehicle will take your damage for you.
4I Falcon.

Glitch: Jet around the room:
On certain levels with the big yellow pincher things, pinch another player and kill him. Keep it pinched and let him jump on a jump pad. He will jet around the room.

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