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Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

Mortal Kombat 2 arcade game:
Hold White and press X, Up, Down, Right, Left, Black, X at the main menu. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Note: This is not available in the PAL version of the game.

Alternately, successfully complete all five Smoke missions. Note: This is not available in the PAL version of the game.
morris peck.

Play as Scorpion:
Hold White and press X, Up, L, R, Left, Right, X at the main menu. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Alternately, in the Foundry, follow the pathway downstairs to the left of the save point. Two archers will break through the wall. Throw one at the wall to the left of the doorway to break it open, giving you access to a hidden room full of lava and a Ying Yang on a ledge. Grab one of the archers and throw him into the lava. Then, double jump off his back to collect the Scorpion Ying Yang for versus mode.

Successfully complete the game as Liu Kang to unlock Scorpion in single player and co-op mode.

Play as Sub-Zero:
Hold White and press X, Down, Up, L(2), Up, X at the main menu. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Alternately, take the boat ride across blood lake. You can find Sub-Zero's versus mode icon in back of the lion-like statue to your left (when facing the big door). Run along the wall and double jump at the end to collect it.

Successfully complete the game as Kung Lao to unlock Sub-Zero in single player and co-op mode.

Play as Baraka:
In the Soul Tomb Portal, go to the area where you must wall climb. You will find two paths, to the left and right. The right path has a statue. Use Fist Of Ruin to break it. Continue, and use the Long Jump ability to cross the gap.

Play as Johnny Cage:
Get to the area in the Wu-Shi Academy where everything is burning. Go to extreme right of the gate then jump onto the roof of the house. Run to the right and jump to reach a new platform with a boulder blocking your way.

Play as Kitana:
In the Mortal Kombat 2 arena level (just before the portal with the two statues in front of it) in the Evil Monastery, you will find a number of pillars. Jump on the half broken pillar then double jump on the roof.

Play as Noob Saibot:
To play as Noob Saibot in versus mode, have a match against Sub-Zero vs. Sub-Zero. Player one will be Sub-Zero, and player two will be Sub-Zero's brother, Noob Saibot.

Play as Reptile:
Go to the section after the Brotherhood Of Shadow in Living Forest. Long Jump across the gap with the small waterfall, then go through the door. Get the clay statues to come to life then destroy their shield. Get one of them near the giant stone column on the other side of the stream, near where you entered. Throw the clay statue into it and it will fall. Return to where the little waterfall was located to find a Koin that unlocks Reptile.
cvahmoe ouso.

Note: Human Reptile can only be played on versus mode. Player one must be Reptile, and player two must also be Reptile. At the start of the battle, notice that player two's Reptile will be his original human form from Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat 2, and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.
Billy Valentine.

Survival mode:
Start in the Foundry. Grab the axe (the one you follow while it is being made). Go into the room with the lava. You must break the wooden door to enter this area. This is in the hallway where two arrow guards break through the walls. There is a part of the wall on the left side you can break by throwing an enemy through. Jump into the lava, then jump back out. Go into the hall to the right of the save statue then smash the barrel at the end of the hall by pressing B. Go up the ramp, and take two lefts, and smash only the barrel on the right. Go to the area with the Nitara weapon. This is the small cubby to the right/straight of the top of the ramp. Smash the barrel on the right. Go to the area with the stones that drop from the ceiling and smash this barrel. It is left off the cubby. Go back to the area with the Nitara weapon and smash the left barrel. Go back to the left of the top of the ramp and smash the left barrel by pressing B. Hold B to smash the ground. You should see a green glowing area behind where the barrels where if you did everything correctly. Step into the glowing area and press B to enter survival mode.
NCJPR1993 and morris peck.

Survival Mode level 1: Baraka, Nomads, Masked Guards in the area Liu Kang was killed in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance.
Survival Mode level 2: Demons: Handlers, Archers, Generals, Captains in a new area.
Survival Mode level 3: 2 Oni bosses and Warlords in Goro's Lair.
Survival Mode level 4: Reptile and Bloody Skeletons at the bottom of the pit.
Survival Mode level 5: Inferno Scorpion and 3 Orochi Hellbeasts in the Armory.
Survival Mode level 6: Clay Soldiers and Brothers of the Shadow in the Living Forest.
Survival Mode level 7: Kano and Black Dragon Mercenaries in the Wastelands (the area where Raiden shocked the enemies with lighting in the pool area).
Survival Mode level 8: Goro and Kintaro in Kahn's Arena.
Survival Mode level 9: Reptile, Ermac, Scorpion, and Sub-Zero in the Warrior's Shrine.

Hint: Baraka: Moves:

Blade Spark: Press R + X.
Jump Spark: Press R + X, X.
Blade Slam: Press R + Y.
Blade Chop: Press R + B.
Blade Spin: Press R + Y.
Blade Lift Fatality: Press Down, Left, Right(2), X.
Decapitation Slice Fatality: Press Left(4), X.

Hint: Johnny Cage: Moves:

Green Bolt: Press R + X.
Quick Draw Bolt: Press R + X, X(2).
Shadow Uppercut: Press R + Y.
Shadow Kick: Press R + B.
Torso Rip Fatality: Press Down(2), Right(2), X.
Decapitation Uppercut Fatality: Press Left(4), X.
Punching Bag Fatality: Press Up, Left(3), X.
-MtG- via magg10387 and Zach Owens..

Hint: Kitana:

Teleport: Press R + X.
Fan Lift: Press R + Y.
Fan Toss: Press R + B.
Air Fan Toss: In air, press R + B.
Kiss of Death: Press Right(4), Y.
Head Chop Fatality: Press Away(2), Forward(2), X.

Hint: Kung Lao: Moves:

Mid Air Slice Fatality: Press Up(3), Right, X.
Arm Cutter Fatality: Press Left, Right, Left, Down, X.
Tomo Talboto.
Body Slice Fatality: Press Right(4), X.
Tomo Talboto.
Headache Fatality: Press Up, Down, Up, Right, X.
Tomo Talboto.
Buzzsaw Fatality: Press Right(2), Up(2), X.
Tomo Talboto.
Head Toss Fatality: Press Left, Right, Left(2), X.
Many Chops Fatality: Press Up(2), Left, Up, X.
Tomo Talboto.
Friendly Rabbit Fatality: Press Up(3), Down, X.
shawn_d and Tomo Talboto.
Unfriendly Rabbit Fatality: Press Left, Up, Right(2), X.
Zach Owens.
Hat Control Mutality: Press Left, Right(2), Left, Y.
Tomo Talboto.
Tornado Mutality: Press Up, Right, Down, Left, Y.
Tomo Talboto.
Razor Edge Brutality: Press Left(2), Up(2), B.
Tomo Talboto.

Hint: Liu Kang: Moves:

Fire/Kick Combo Fatality: Press Left, Right, Down(2), X.
Tomo Talboto.
Shaolin Soccer Fatality: Press Down, Left, Up, Right, X.
Flipping Uppercut Fatality: Press Up, Right, Down Left, X.
Dragon Fatality: Press Down, Right, Left(2), X.
Bonebreak Fatality: Press Left, Up(2), Right, X.
Headclap Fatality: Press Right, Up, Right, Up, X.
Tomo Talboto.
Stomp Fatality: Press Left(3), Up, X.
Tomo Talboto.
Arm Rip Fatality: Press Down, Left, Right, Up, X.
Zach Owens..
Dragon's Fury Mutality: Press Left, Right, Up(2), Y.
Fire Trails Mutality: Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Y.
Rage Mode Brutality: Press Right, Up, Down(2), B.

Hint: Reptile: Moves:

Acid Spit: Press R + X.
Slide: Press R + Y.
Quick Orb: Press R + B.
Slow Homing Orb: Hold R + B for three seconds.
Head Eat Fatality: Press Left, Right, Left, Down, X.
Hidden Chomp Fatality: Press Left(3), Down, X.
Face Rip Fatality: Press Up(2), Right, Left, X.
magg10387 and Zach Owens..

Hint: Scorpion: Moves:

Flame Fatality: Press Up(2), Down(2), X.
Spear Slice Fatality: Press Right, Down, Right(2), X.
Raise Hell Mutality: Press Down(3), Up, Y.
Searing Blade Brutality: Press Right, Left, Right(2), B.
Flame Uppercut: Press R + Y.
Back Teleportation Kick: Press R + X.
Spear Throw: Press R + B.
Slice And Dice: Hold R + B for three seconds.

Hint: Sub Zero: Moves:

Spine Freeze Fatality: Press Right, Down, Right(2), X.
Freeze Shatter Fatality: Press Left(2), Down, Right, X.
Frozen Uppercut Fatality: Press Right(2), Down, Right, X.
Frostbite Rage Brutality: Press Up, Down, Left, Up, B.
Ice Stomp Mutality: Press Up(2), Down, Up, Y.

Hint: Smoke mini-missions:

Break the walls in the Soul Tombs to reveal a secret fatality. This is an area with spikes on the ceiling and about six Tarkata in the room. You can see out on the far side of the room and you need to break the four center sections of the wall.
Destroy a statue in Wu Shui academy and enter the Warrior Shrine. The Warrior Shrine is at the very start of the Wu Shui area.
Offer three Sacrifices in the Sacrifice Room in Soul Tombs. You must go through the room that does not have a green or red symbol above it. Then, do air throws to get the Tarkatas into the spiked areas.
Find all Purple Portals and throw an enemy into each one to unlock the portal. There are only two portals to throw mobs into (one near the Evil Monastery and the other at the lower level near the climbing spot).
To unlock the Pit II, enter the portal and survive in the frozen peaks. After you enter the portal, keep killing the enemies that appear until you are told that you have won.

Hint: Fight against Ermac:
In the Warriors arena during one of the Smoke missions, interact with the mysterious warrior on the left three times. You will then fight Ermac. You can do this at any time.
Jeff Sheedy.

Hint: Fight against Kano:
Just before you fight Shao Khan towards the end of the game, Kitana is in the right cell walking back and forth. Talk to her about four times until guards appear. Fight and defeat them, then go in the entrance that the guards came out of. You will find Jax and fight Kano.
David Teal.

Hint: Fight against Mileena:
Go to the Living Forest area. You also need the Swing ability for this. At the first save point, there should be tree branches. Swing around this area somewhere until you get to a tree. Climb up it with the Wall Climb. After long bridges full with challenges, you will finally find Mileena and fight her.
David Teal.

In versus mode, play as Kitana vs Kitana. One of the kitanas will look like Mileena.

Hint: Defeating Baraka:
Baraka has four strategies while fighting. The first is just a basic one-on-one fight between the two of you. Use your best combos and juggles, but do not keep him in the air too long or he will strike you with his blades and knock you back. After fighting awhile, and when you damage him enough, a short intermission sequence will start, showing Baraka freeing some monks and lighting them on fire. He will then throw two monks at you that run around on fire. Do not get too close to them and pick them off. This will give you a small amount of health. Keep battling Baraka as before. Eventually, another intermission sequence will begin. After it ends, you must fight a projectile battle with Baraka. Use your hat as Kung Lao, your fireballs as Liu Kang, sand keep moving and evading. This round will not last very long. When you damage him enough, you will see yet another intermission sequence. Baraka goes berserk and gives you access to two weapons, which you will need to use against him. Pick up the weapon closest to you and start hacking away at Baraka. Note: You cannot block while holding your weapon. When he is sufficiently damaged, a Test Your Might occurs, and you must win to stun Baraka. While he is stunned, impale him on your sword. Next, pick up the other sword, damage him, and repeat the above steps. After you impale him the second time you can use your fatality and finish him.

Hint: Defeating Goro:
Play as Liu Kang and stay out of Goro's reach. Launch your three stages of fireballs. It will take awhile, but sooner or later he will be ready for the fatality.
The Cheats king.

Hint: Defeating Inferno Scorpion:
Inferno Scorpion has only three attacks; swinging his spear, his flame thrower mouth attack, and the raising of the flames. Dodge the raising of the flames and stay out of reach of his spear. Keep throwing fireballs. It will not take long before he is ready to be get another fatality done on him.
The Cheats king.

Hint: Defeating Kintaro:
This is the easiest Boss battle of the game. Go up to Kintaro as Kung Lao and use your Spin attack. You will be able to get about a 6 hit combo on him before he will be able to hit you. Jump out of the way after you get about five or six hits in from the Spin attack. Continue to do this. It takes a good amount of health away from him each time you do it. He may hit you a few times but yo will still be in good shape for the final battle with Shao Khan.

Play as Liu Kang and roll into him by running and holding Y. This will hurt him a lot. If he punches you while you are rolling into him, he gets hurt even more.

Have Kung Lao dive kick him only in the back. While doing this, Lui Kang must never stop shooting fire balls or stop moving. The fire ball that explodes does very well. When Kung Lao falls out of the Dive Kick combo, hit him with a fire ball quickly. Repeat this until he is defeated.
Tyler somebody.

Hint: Defeating the Orochi Hellbeast:
This trick requires a full level 3 fatality meter. As soon as the battle begins, approach one of the Tarkatans (or Demon Generals if you are fighting the one in the Foundry). Hit them with the Fatality Stunner and perform a Brutality. While in Brutality mode, keep attacking the Hellbeast with quick attacks, which will deal huge amounts of damage to it. It will be dead within a few seconds.

Hint: Defeating Shang Tsung:
Use Kung Lao to get through the game and reach the final battle. The best way to defeat Shang Tsung is to block his first attack (he will be Sub Zero) and quickly throw your hat at him. Sometimes he will block it, but he usually falls down. Once he falls, run up to him and do your Spin attack (R + Y). Once he flies up into the air, back up slightly and get ready to block. Repeat the process until he changes into Johnny Cage. Get close enough to him so that he can attack you (usually with a Shadow Kick or Uppercut). Block the attack and use X repeatedly to do a fast attack to stun him. Once he is stunned, quickly do the Spin attack to launch him into the air again. As long as he is Johnny Cage, you can keep using this method. Once he changes back to Shang Tsung, go back to blocking his fire balls, throwing your hat, and using the Spin attack on him while he is down. Once he changes to Reptile, you can do a Flying Kick and if you repeatedly press X, you will do multiple kicks in a combination. As Reptile, he will not block the attack. He will disappear into a puff of smoke. As soon as he reappears, do another flying kick and repeatedly press X to do the multi-kick combo. You can do this until Shang Tsung is dead.

When on Ko-op and fighting Shang Tsung, have Kung Lao and Liu Kang. At the final stage, use the following strategy for an easy win. Have Kung Lao use the Dive Kick combo on him until he done with the combo. About that time, or while he is comboing, have Liu Kang shoot some fireballs at him. Hopefully you will have all the fireball upgrades. Repeat this until he transforms into Reptile. When this occurs, continue to do this but try less Dive Kicks and more fireballs so that he cannot teleport. If he does, look around and try to catch him with attacks or with an Air Grab. Repeat all of this until he is dead.
Tyler somebody.

Hint: Defeating Shao Khan:
As Jung Lao, stay on the outside of Shao Khan, throwing your hat at him whenever you get a chance. Use the long jump to your advantage. This helps you get to the other side of the arena faster. Dodge his fireballs and keep sending the hat. It will draw a 2 to 3-hit combo on him each time. Once his health is about half way down he will pull out the hammer. Continue to fight him as done earlier. Once he goes into his Spin attack with the hammer, use your long jump to stay out of his way. Long jump as far away from him as possible, then run away from him. He will get dizzy and drop to one knee. Go up to Kintaro's head, pick it up, and hit Shao Khan in his back with it. This will take away a nice amount of health. Continue to do this until he is dead.

You will need a lot of aim. Super jump all the way away from him. As soon as you land, hit him with your hat or fireball. If you are Lui Kang, you must shoot all the fireballs possible before he can get anywhere close to you. Jump away when he does this. If you are Kung Lao, jump around more then Liu, but you must shoot less because your hat will not return. While doing this, sometimes reach Kintaro skull and hit him with it. After he pulls out the hammer, stay even farther away then last time. He will soon start a spin attack. When he does this, stop shooting him. After this he will fall on one knee. Do not shoot him. You must hit him in the back with the skull or he will block it. Repeat this until you win.
Tyler somebody.

Hint: Living Forest: Finding Smoke:
Go to the second door guarded by the living clay statues, the one after the thin river and next to the grappling living tree. Destroy the soldiers' shield first and throw them into the sealed tomb door. Go through the opening and follow the path to find Smoke, who will issue five missions for you to complete. Once you have completed a mission, return to Smoke and he will issue the next one. Complete all five quests to unlock Mortal Kombat 2 in the Kontent menu.

Hint: Living Forest: Living Tree hints:
Before you can enter the door with a Snake Head, you must discover the three hints. To find them, grab and throw an enemy into the mouth of the Living Tree (big tree with a face). There are three Living Trees in the Living Forest. The first is before the statue that you can save on. The second is beside the door on the map where you can find Reptile's Yingyang. The third is on the right side of the door with the Snake Head.

Hint: Netherrealm: Terminator 2: Judgment Day reference:
As soon as you defeat Inferno Scorpion, he will be pulled down by Hell's Skeletons. As soon as he get burned to his head, he will put his thumb up. In Terminator 2 the T-101 wants John and Sarah Conner to burn him in lava, then puts his thumb up as soon as his head is under lava. Midway did this because they also produced the arcade game Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
Nick Dopu.

Hint: The Pit: Santa Claus and other flying objects:
At Goro's layer, just before you see Reptile, stand by the lion and look at the moon. Wait a short time to see Santa Claus and his reindeer, a witch, and a rocket ship. There is about a one minute delay between each of them.
Moonly69 and donald licht.

Hint: Easy health:
If you use a save point, regardless if you save your health will be fully restored.

Hint: Easy experience:
Get a "Toasty" combo rating by the announcer, then quickly press Down + Start. The phrase "Toasty 1000" will appear, giving your 1,000 experience points.

It is possible to get all the experience needed to get all the moves at the beginning of the game. After you fight your way through the start and cross the first pit, you will be in a room with a lamp hanging from the ceiling. In the next room. You will first see a quick intermission sequence of the Oni killing one of their own. Afterwards, you must fight them. Raiden will tell you to throw one of the enemies through the wall to progress. Do not break the wall. Instead, keep killing the Onis, which will keep appearing. Try to get a high combo score to get more points. If your combos are high and you perform a fatality, you will get a little bonus experience. To speed up the process, pay attention to the top left where your combo count is displayed. If at anytime you see "Toasty", instead of "Impressive", "Outstanding", etc., press Start. The game will not pause and you will add another 1,000 experience points to your score. Keep repeating this to master all your moves very fast.
Eddie The Big Yeti Guerra.

In the Wu-Shi Academy when the monks are on fire, you can easily kill them to receive experience points.
Jacob Bratek.

Hint: Easy Test Your Might:
Instead of only tapping A, tap A + X to make the Test Your Might segments much easier.

Tap A, X, B, and Y during the Test Your Might segments. The meter will go up much faster.

Hint: Keep weapons longer:
Throw a weapon down then immediately pick it up again. It will regain all of its durability and you can keep using it. You can carry weapons with you for a long time by doing this.
Garth Harmon.

Hint: Prevent zombie explosions:
Use the following trick to avoid damage when zombies are about to explode when you attack them. Find any zombie with a glowing green ball in its chest. As it is about to explode, quickly get close to it and throw it. Throwing allows the zombie's explosion to be interrupted. This is a very good technique to perform when you want to hang the zombies up on the hooks in the Dead Pool or to feed the trees in the Living Forest.
Joshua Wiebe.

Hint: Secret items:
The 7th Number and Evil Dead.

Goro's Lair
Concept Art: In room 1, throw an enemy into the skeleton on the wall.
Movie: In room 2, you must have Double Jump, or wall run to reach it.
Concept Art: In room 3, shoot at the moon and it will appear in the middle of the bridge.
Concept Art: Drop down on the left side, toward you, when on the end of the bridge at the top.
Concept Art: In room 4, uppercut an enemy into the chandelier. It will fall and unlock it.
Fatality Input Image: In room 5, you need Double Jump to get it.
Concept art: In room 6, drop down on the left side of the broken bridge.
WuShi Academy
Concept Art: In area 1, throw someone in the third catapult. He will hit the wall and unlock it.
Warrior Shrine Vs. mode: In area 1, hit someone into the fourth catapult. It will break a barrier that is blocking you from the ying yang.
Arena Art: In area 2, you need the Swing move. Wwing on the branch and get across.
Johnny Cage Vs mode: In area 3, jump on the building left of the first Test Your Might, and jump into the opening above the first Test Your Might.
Fatality Input Image: In area 4, go to the place where you cut the ropes to the pots and climb up the left wall. You may need to Wall Run, then Double Jump to get on top.
Concept Art: In area 5, you need the Swing move. You can then jump across a couple poles and get to it.
Concept Art: In the Warrior Shrine, Defeat Ermac to get it.
Evil Monastery
Concept Art: In room 1, the first window at the top where the enemies crash through will have a dragon coin. Shoot it and the Ying Yang will appear next to you.
Concept Art: In room 3, throw two enemies on each of the statues claws.
Kitana Vs. Mode: In room 4, jump on the broken column on the left (just past Shadow Priest), then jump left onto the roof.
Concept Art: In the Boss area, go back after you defeat the Boss and ut should be there.
Living Forest
Concept Art: In area 1, you must swing on branches to find a secret area above the save statue. Enter the hidden level above the save (you must swing and climb) and you will see a dragon coin; shoot it.
Fatality Input Image: In area 1, go to the end of the hidden level and defeat Mileena.
Reptile Vs. Mode: In area 2, go into area 3. Make the clay soldiers come to life and throw them into the column that is half broken on the right side of the creek. It is right at the fork of the creek, near where you entered.
Concept Art: In area 2, throw a clay solider into the door of the building in the southwest corner.
Fatality Input Image: In area 3, go right behind the top of the tree. There is a space on the left side to get behind the tree, but you need Double Jump.
Concept Art: In area 4, go on the left side of the giant snake head and Wall Run up the wall and jump over.
Concept Art: In area 5, go back into this room after completing the level and step inside the circle. Statues will fly at you as before. Crush them all and get it. This is easier to do in Ko-Op mode, but is possible in single player.
Fatality Input Image: In area 6, going down the hall to Reptiles house there is an eye at the top of the tunnel that will be half closed. Shoot it and get the icon.
Soul Tomb
Arena Art: Before the building, look left in the circle and you will see a dragon coin; shoot it.
Arena Art: In the main room, above the door that leads to Baraka is an icon. You will probably need Wall Run to get it.
Kombat Tomb Vs. mode: In red room 1, throw an enemy in each spiked device.
Baraka Vs. mode: In the red room middle door, climb up the skulls and move to the right. Break the statue then continue that way and jump over near the second floor door.
Movie: In the red room middle door, there should be another ying yang on the floor where the statue broke.
Movie: In the Test Your Might spiked maze, Wall Run up the side and kick the skull to make it go in on the exit door. A priest will appear in the middle circle. Kill him and get it.
Fatality Input Image: In red room middle 2, go in the left bottom corner and jump up there. You cannot see it, but it is there.
Fatality Input Image: In red room middle 3, break the wall and shoot the dragon coin.
Concept Art: In red room left 1, kill the Bloody skeleton in the background.
Concept Art: In the Hellbeast room, go back into the room after you defeat him. Stand on the button on the right side of the room for about five to ten seconds.
Fatality button combination: In green door room 1: there are no secret yin yangs. However, complete the first Smoke mission by throwing four Tarkatans into the four breakable walls to reveal a fatality button combination.
Arena Art: In green door room 2, there is a chain on the right that has hooks on it. Throw someone on it.
Concept Art: In green door room 2 right 1, in the center where the circle platform is located, uppercut a Baraka into the flying dinosaur.
Kombat Crag Vs. mode: In green door room 2 right 3, there is a statue on the left. Break it and follow the path.
Fatality Input Image: In green door room 2 right 3, there where you collected the ying yang above, wall run and jump on top of the cell to collect another.
Fatality Input Image: In green door room 2 top, jump in the middle where you fight Barakas, and long jump to the right.
Arena Art: In green door room 2 left 1, go back into the soul tomb after you complete it.
Fatality Input Image: In Wasteland main, there is a ying yang above the save. Climb up to the second floor and move over that way.
Concept Art: In Wasteland main, throw or uppercut an enemy into the pole in the middle of the ditch.
Concept Art: In Wasteland second story cave, Go back after you complete this area and kill the Oni Overlord.
Fatality Input Image: In Wasteland third story cave, Go to the right of where you save Kabal.
Sub-Zero Vs. mode: In Wasteland main level cave, : After the Sub-Zero boat ride, go to the back of the left lion.
Concept Art: In room 1, go above and to the right of the spiked wheel.
Arena Art: In room 2, go all the way to the right bottom corner. There will be a dragon coin; shoot it.
Concept Art: In room 3, go back after you defeat Goro and it will be there.
Arena Art: At the DeadPool, throw three enemies in the pool. It will appear at the top of the left rectangle.
Arena Art: In the NetherRealm, above the 2nd archway.
Arena Art: Before you go in the portal, do a fatality while in the middle of the dragon on the floor.
Concept art: In the main room, go up the stairs then double jump up there. Continue to jump back and forth off the wall to snatch it.
Fatality Input Image: In the main room, go up the stairs on the left then keep going straight. You will be directly under it. Wall Run up the wall and jump onto that little balcony.
Scorpion Vs. mode: Go down the main hallway toward you and some enemies will burst out. Throw one to the left side and a wall will break. In there, throw an enemy into the lava, jump on him, and go up to the ledge.
Arena Art: In room 1, but you cannot do this until you get the weapon that this level makes. After you get it, climb up the left ladder and double jump into the hole where the pot comes out (above the door you came in). You should be able to stand up there. Use the weapon and break the pot to get it.
Concept Art: In room 2, to the left of the fire.
Movie: In room 3, climb up to the second story. When in the middle above the pot, use a strong move to break the wall, then shoot the dragon coin.
Concept Art: In room 4, throw an enemy into the smashing hammers just as they smash together.
Concept Art: In room 5, use the weapon and cut the pipes under the monster's head.
Ko-Op mode
Goro's Lair Vs. mode: In Goro's Lair, go to room 5 and stand on the co-op buttons. It will lead you to a room. You must throw an enemy into each bell, then you can cross and get the ying yang.
Unknown: In WuShi Academy, stand on the co-op buttons where Johnny Cage is located. Directly across is a building with weapons and a health upgrade. Johnny Cage will tell you to get the weapons to cut the ropes of the pots. It is there. The house north of the buttons will open. Go in and there is a ying yang behind the tree. You need Double Jump to get it.
Wu-Shi Arena Vs. mode: It is in the same area where Wu-Shi Academy 2 is found. Just go to the right and you should see it.
Wastelands Vs. mode: In the Portal, go to the upper level. To the left there will be co-op buttons. Stand on those and a ledge will pull out. You can now jump on the high platform.
The Tower Vs. mode: In the Evil Monastery, go to Room 2 and you will see co-op buttons on the side. It opens a room you can enter. Then, go left and you will see a cell with a ying yang in it, to right of the man sitting in the chair. Break the Fist Of Ruin statue and the cell will open.
Deadpool Vs. mode: In the Living Forest, go to area 5 and you will see co-op buttons on the north side of the circled room. Stand on those and it will open a room. You will see a ying yang after entering the room.
Living Forest Vs. mode: In the same room as Living Forest 1, go near the golden ball and drop down to the right of it. You should get the second ying yang.

Hint: The Pit: Developers (Demo version):
In the spike pit, the heads that are stuck on the spikes are those of the game's developers.

Hint: Goro's Lair: Concept Art (Demo version):
On the bridge near the end if you jump off the left side you will land on a platform which will unlock a new concept art.

On the bridge, at the end will be a golden Dragon Koin. Use a projection attack to receive another new concept art. A notification will appear when you have hit it correctly.

Glitch: Kung Lao's razor hat in his head:
This can only be done in vs. mode. Play as Kung Lao and defeat the other player with the charged throw (the second one where Kung Lao catches his hat in). Kung Lao will do what he normally does after winning a match. However, his face will be going through the top of his razor hat. Note: This will stop working at the beginning of the second or third match when you are hit or move.
Sean Edwards.

Glitch: Development errors:
While playing as Scorpion, you can be damaged by being set on fire. This makes no sense, considering many of the moves Scorpion does involves lighting the opponent on fire. In excess, if you light an opponent on fire with one of your moves, by standing too close to them, you will be lit on fire.

When playing as either Scorpion or Sub Zero in story mode, there are often plot holes because of your character selection. For example, if you are playing as Sub Zero, you will encounter Sub Zero fighting Scorpion and they will hop through a portal. When the intermission sequence ends, you are not chasing after Scorpion.

During the opening sequence, you will see Lui Kang and Kung Lao fall through the floor into Goro's lair. If you are playing as either Scorpion or Sub Zero, you would not have fallen through the floor, however when the sequence ends, you are falling with Kung Lao. Raiden then looks to you and says "You won the first Mortal Kombat tournament", yet neither Scorpion or Sub Zero won.

When playing as either Sub Zero or Scorpion the story mode, you will always be teamed with Kung Lao. The only difference between playing as an unlocked character and Liu Kang is a simple grunt. Every character will call you Liu Kang, and whenever your character speaks, he will speak with Liu Kang's voice. When you go to fight Sub Zero or Scorpion, there is no plot change. You could, in essence, fight Scorpion while playing as him, and fight Sub Zero using Sub Zero. Every character in the game will simply recognize you as Liu Kang. It is as if you're still playing with Liu Kang, with just a different look and set of moves.

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