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Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones

Secret baby rattle weapon:
Successfully complete the game. Press Start to pause game play, then press Right(2), Left(2), Y, X(2), Y, Down, Up. This code is revealed after completing the game under the easy difficulty setting.

Secret telephone weapon:
Successfully complete the game. Press Start to pause game play, then press Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down(2), Y, X, Y(2), X(2). This code is revealed after completing the game under the under the normal difficulty setting.

Secret swordfish weapon:
Successfully complete the game. Press Start to pause game play, then press Down, Up, Down, Up, Right, Left, Right, Left, Y, X, Y, X. This code is revealed after completing the game under the hard difficulty setting.

Secret chainsaw weapon:
Press Start to pause game play, then press Down(2), Up(2), Right, Left, Right, Left, Y, X, Y, X.

Video gallery:
Successfully complete the game.

Voice credits:
Play through the game until getting to the large courtyard just immediately before the first chariot sequence, during your second Dark Prince transformation. Look in the corner of the courtyard to find a hole in the ceiling which enemies appear from until you leave the area. Stab and hang from the panel near that hole to open the exit. Climb the pole nearest to the hole in the ceiling to hear a monotone female voice announce the game's voice credits.

Sand Gate rewards:
Deactivate the indicated number of Sand Gates to earn the corresponding reward.

Fourth Sand Tank: 1 Sand Gate
100 Sand Credits: 2 Sand Gates
Eye of the Storm Time Power: 3 Sand Gates
Fifth Sand Tank: 4 Sand Gates
150 Sand Credits: 5 Sand Gates
Winds Of Sand Attack: 6 Sand Gates
Sixth Sand Tank: 7 Sand Gates
200 Sand Credits: 8 Sand Gates
Sand Storm Attack: 9 Sand Gates

Hint: Health bonus:
Shortly after your first transformation into the Dark Prince, you will reach a hallway with two paths. One is down a trapped corridor, and the other is hidden behind a cloth doorway. Go through the doorway and follow the beams until you reach a fountain. Drink from the fountain and you will appear in a trapped corridor. Make your way past the traps to the light, and you will appear back at the fountain with a health bonus.
bob dahaka.

Immediately after you defeat the Canal Monster, there will be a fountain where you can save. Go back where you will find some pots and jars and smash them. There will be a hole behind them, which you need to roll under. This will lead you to a bonus health fountain.

There will be a circular water-filled room shortly after one of your Dark Prince transformations. After solving the puzzle and running up the wall to get to the rods, jump up from rod to rod. Around halfway up the room you will see a hole in the wall poorly concealed behind a blue banner. Jump through this hole to get to a life upgrade fountain. Make it to the end of the corridor and you will appear back at the bottom of the room.
bob dahaka.

After the third Boss fight and a Dark Prince transformation, you will be in a large room with an elevator in it. Make your way up the room until you get to a platform with two seductresses on it. Defeat them, then climb over the railing. Then, jump up the dagger holds. At the top one, do a wall jump until you activate the pressure plate. Slow time and make your way through the door on the left before it closes. At the end of this hallway there will be a health bonus fountain.
bob dahaka.

After the intermission sequence in which Farah kills a Sand Guard for you, climb the rooftops and kill the Sand Archers in your path. After a while you will be told that you have lost the rooftops. Make your way down until you are in a room with one of those mechanisms that you stab your dagger into. It will open two doors. Do not go through the closer one to your right. Go through the one behind you down the ramp. Make your way through the corridor until you get to a health bonus fountain.
bob dahaka.

Get past the second tower climb, where you raise stone blocks in elevators when you are at the top. Go inside to see a corridor with traps and diagonal jumping shutters. Go back outside. Go down to the last platform you were on. You will see that you have the landscape view option available. Use it and go into the doorway you see below. It will lead to the last extra health fountain. Note: The traps in this one are difficult. It is frustrating, but you can do it without any slow downs. Do not worry about falling; you will wake up on the floor in front of the fountain and can try again.

Hint: Defeating the Canal Monster:
Treat this like a thrall from Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within. Begin by slashing at its legs and climb on top of it. Once you are on top, you can control him. Guide it so that it smashes into the doors. Eventually he will tire out near the end of the canal and the level will be over.

Hint: Defeating the giant in the Arena:
Run around in a circle avoiding his hands until you find a white crate with steps on it. There should be a dagger hole. Run up and hang on to it, then run to the next one and go over the wall. There is a platform which is above the giant and it will trigger a speed kill sequence. You must time it correctly. Repeat this process a second time and you will blind the giant. He will smash part of the arena which will make it more difficult to find the ledge you use to attack him. Run around in a circle until you eventually find it. Do a speed kill sequence. Then, take him out by slashing his legs which will trigger the final speed kill sequence. If timed correctly, you can defeat him.

Run around him a few times and you will find a set of brown wooden stairs. Go up the stairs. When you are on them, there will be a location where you can run up and stab your dagger. There will then be another dagger location on your right where you must run to. Then, run onto the wall where the giant opens it for you. There will be another dagger location. You must then run up again, and then on your left will be a platform where you will be able to jump onto the giant and stab him. Repeat this sequence and you will blind him. You can defeat him by cutting his legs when he is blind.

Hint: Defeating Mahasti:
When you meet up with Farah again after the brothel, there will be an intermission sequence in which Mahasti will attack you. Climb up to the save fountain, then down to a platform where Mahasti will be waiting for you. Use whatever fighting tactics you prefer. If you get knocked off the platform, rewind time and dodge the attack. After awhile you will transform into the Dark Prince, and Mahasti will run away. When chasing her, always run to the right, kill the enemy on the platform in between to fill a sand tank, and heal. Then, when you grab the ledge of the platform Mahasti is on, slow time and jump up. Slash at her until slow time ends and she jumps again. Repeat this until her health is depleted. You will enter a deadlock that you will have to win. If you lose, Mahasti will jump across the arena, and you will have to try again.
bob dahaka.

Stay in the corner of the first platform you start on when you begin battle with Mahasti. Then, constantly block her attacks and attack by using counterattacks. If you get kicked into the wall or off the ledge, rewind time. When you become the Dark Prince, attack Mahasti until she jumps back to the other platform. Get to her, but before you jump onto the platform slow down time and attack her as much as possible. Continue this unti lshe is defeated.
sourya smith.

Hint: Defeating Sand dogs:
When you have to fight the sand dogs (the ones that suck out your sand), wait until they open their mouths. Then, walk up and use the dagger facing their mouths for an instant kill.

Hint: Defeating the Twin Warriors Boss:
Immediately after the room in which you must move the statue of your father down the hall, you will have your second chariot race. At the end of the race you will run into the sand enemy that you saw in the earlier intermission sequence. His brother will come with his sword and surround you in a ring of fire. Run towards the one with the sword and slash at him with your dagger. He will block it, and after a little bit his brother will slam his axe into the ground. Roll to the side to dodge it, and his axe will become stuck in the ground. Vault over him while his brother with the sword tries to slash at you. If done correctly, you will trigger a speed kill scene where you slash them both down to half health. You must try to repeat this process. When the brother with the axe jumps towards you, roll to the side and get away from him. Only go for the one with the sword. If you fail a speed kill you will be knocked to the ground and will lose a lot of health. If you find yourself on the ground, do not try to attack coming up; just roll away to the side.
bob dahaka.

Hint: Defeating the Vizier:
When you step into the circular room, the floor will rise up until you are level with the fighting stage. There will be a short intermission sequence, followed by the fight. As soon as the intermission sequence ends, roll to the side to dodge an attack. Repeatedly roll to the side until the Vizier charges at you. Roll to the side once to dodge it, then charge at him and double slash with your father's sword. He will block the dagger, and any slashes after the second one. Once you have hit him twice, roll backwards or to the side to repeat the process. If your attack misses for whatever reason, do not try to attack him until he attacks you again. There will be three times when the Vizier will fly up and throw statues at you. Just keep running left or right until you see the statue, then roll in the same direction to dodge it. After awhile, the Vizier will fly up and crumble one of the walls. The chunks of stone will hover around in a circle around the center of the room. The Vizier should be on the opposite end of the stage. Make your way through, then wall run up the columns behind him. At the top of your wall run, trigger a speed kill to cut one of his wings off. If you make a mistake on the wall run or the speed kill, or the Vizier moves before you can activate the speed kill, just try again. Do not get caught on the edge. If you touch the railing it will hurt you. After a few speed kills and you cut off both of his wings, he will fly up and take the boulders with him. Never stop moving, because he constantly shoots sand attacks at you. Make your way up until you get to a beam. Activate the final speed kill sequence and kill him.
bob dahaka.

Immediately roll backwards, as he will immediately try to get cheap shot at you. Get close to him, but block his attack. Then, attack him quickly because he is a hit and run type Boss. After you hit him a few times he will fly back and try to hit you with a piece of the arena. Get close to him again, blocking his punches, and attack him a few times. He will fly back and try to hit you with two pieces of the arena. Roll to dodge them. Then, attack him again and he will fly back and try to hit you with three pieces of the arena. Get close, block, and attack him again. The Vizier will now blow up part of the arena and there will be blocks going around in circles. Try not to get hit by them, as they can do a lot of damage. Do not rewind time if you get hit. Try to conserve your sands for later. The Vizier will now fly to every other column and try to hit you with an energy beam. Dodge and get close. Run up the column behind him, which will trigger a speed kill sequence in mid air. Time it correctly, and you will slice off one of his wings. The Vizier will now try to hurt you by trying to hit you with energy beams. You must get close to him and run up the column behind him, which will trigger another speed kill sequence in mid air. If timed correctly, you can slice off his other wing. It is easy to predict where he will go because it is every other column. Get close to him for the final time and run up the column behind him. It will trigger the final speed kill sequence, where you will stab him with the sword and the dagger. After this is done the Vizier will take the pieces that were on the ground and form some type of obstacle course in the air. Look around with the camera and find a block that is sticking out. Run up the column and rebound to grab it. Make your way to the top. Conserve your sands because the Vizier will try to hit you in mid-air, and if you get hit it is a long way down. Use slow time to help you. Once you make your way to the top you will become level with the Vizier. Jump towards him to trigger a Matrix-style sequence. Wait for the dagger to glow and time it correctly to defeat him. You will stab him and you will both fall. After the intermission sequence, the Dark Prince will take you to a dream world where the walls and platforms are yellow and black, and everything is glowing and moving. Pursue the Dark Prince and slash him every time. You are safe in this world because if you fall you are returned to the platform from which you fell. Get to the end where you will see Farah telling you to wake up and come into the light. The Dark Prince will be next to you. Do not bother attacking him because he will make two more copies of himself. Walk into the light and you will complete the game.

For part one, when you start fighting the Vizier, he will attack you close up. Meet him and start slashing the dagger. Once you do the third hit with the dagger he will block it. Quickly roll to the right and continue. When he flies up, he will pull some statues from the wall and throw them at you. Run in a circle. When you see a statue coming, roll and continue. When he comes back to ground, repeat those steps. Eventually there will be an intermission sequence and you will do a different set of attacks. In part two, the Vizier will bring rocks down to circle around you. Dodge them and go to where The Vizier is hovering. Move quickly though, as he will soon fly to a different place. The Vizier will be hovering in front of a pillar. Run up the pillar and jump off. This will start a speed kill. Complete it and you will rip off one of The Vizier wings. Do this three times and you will stick your father's sword into him, starting another intermission sequence in which The Vizier will lift all the rocks off the floor. In part three, if you have more than three sand tanks immediately use slow motion and run up a pillar. Then, jump off to land on a platform. Jump to another platform which will lead to a bar. Jump on it and immediately sit up on it. By doing this, if The Vizier hits you with a blast you will not fall on the floor. Continue jumping on platforms and objects. Do not use slow motion again as you will not need it. In the end you will reach a beam that will lead to The Vizier. Jump to start a Matrix-style dive. When your dagger flashes, immediately stick the dagger in him and pull you father's sword out.

For the first fight sequence with the Vizier, this is the easiest process to reach the second sequence. Simply wait for him to attack the first time, then roll to the right. Press Y(3). The third one will be blocked. Immediately roll to the right. He will try to attack you with one of his hands. Repeat the process. It is a quick and easy way to get to sequence two. Note: You still have to avoid the pillars when he does the fly in the air attack.
Christopher Ritchie.

Hint: Instant kill with Dark Prince:
Press A, Y(2) with the Dark Prince.
Brando Sandoval.

Hint: Better Stone Guardian control:
Once you have made it into the City Gardens and deactivated the Sand Gate, you will encounter a large round sunken arena which is patrolled by four Sand Guards. After you have speed killed them both with "double kills" and have dropped down into the arena, you will be confronted by the Stone Guardian, which is really just a Thrall from Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within with a different look, which means you will initially deal with him in the same way. Once you are in front of him, roll between his legs then attack the back of his ankles. After a only a little of this he will drop to one knee, just like the Thrall. Climb up on his back, just like the Thrall, but this is where the similarities stop. After you have climbed up on his head you will stab your dagger into the back of his neck, which will enable you to steer him like the chariot. As soon as you gain control of him, lead him through the large, closed, wooden door in the arena then through another door in the adjoining room. As he is running, the giant speeds up and this makes it much more difficult to control him. However, if you brush him up against the walls, he slows down to a manageable speed. However, make sure you only brush the walls or he will crash and land on top of you.
Ian F. Van Gelder.

Hint: Unlimited sand:
A good number of the secondary weapons have special powers. Some, like the Illusions Dagger, are instant kills if thrown and not blocked. Some will knock an opponent down with one hit, like the axes you get from the weapons racks. However, the most important secondary weapon is the Sand Gate Guard's Sword. At every Sand Gate there is one guard with red armor, who has sand flying to him from the Sand Gate. He is the only guard that can call for reinforcements. If you kill him you only have to deal with his friends. Note: All the Sand Gates can be done with Speed Kills so that there is no need to fight anyone, but this is difficult. The red Sand Gate Guard drops his sword after you kill him. This sword's power is to regenerate one Sand Tank about every 1.5 seconds. Therefore, as long as you are carrying this sword, you will have virtually unlimited sand, unless you either throw it away or become the Dark Prince. Because you can regain this sword at any Sand Gate, it is much like having infinite sand. However, because this sword has a rather low number of hit points, if you want to keep its power do not use it in a fight; just use the dagger and your Sand Powers.
Ian F. Van Gelder.

Hint: Unbreakable second weapon:
After Farah sees the Vizier (when he is transformed), you must fight some almost invisible sand monsters that turn visible when you hurt them. When you have killed some, go to the location where one of them died and press [Pick Up Weapon]. The Prince will pick up air and in the secondary weapon part (next to your health circle), it will show that you have a dagger. The invisible dagger does not do much damage but it is unbreakable.
Michael Hillman.

Glitch: Invisible sword:
The first time you encounter the invisible enemies on the Temple Rooftops, kill the them with your A, B(2) combo. You should have an invisible sword. It will not run out of health.
Kyle Whiteford.

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