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Project Gotham Racing

Cheat mode:
Enter Nosliw as a case-sensitive name to unlock all cars, tracks, and paint jobs.
brent, Nathan Portlock, Lilsonosam912, and Iamarebel3191.

Note: Using this code may glitch the game. To restore the game to normal, you must delete all saved files for the game.
Maxim Ivanov.

Enter Tal as a case-sensitive name to unlock everything in the game, including all gold medals on every level.
wesley hardy.

Faster Mercedes:
Enter reki as a name.

Start with 10000 Kudos:
Enter treelife as a name.

360 Spider and 360 Modena:
Win the Kudos Challenge level 9.

911 GT2:
Win the Kudos Challenge level 12.

Aston Marton V12 Vanquish:
Win Arcade Race level four.

Boxster S:
Win the Kudos Challenge level 2.

Camaro SS:
Win all golds in Quick Race level two.

Carrera GT:
Get 150,000 kudos.

Corvette Z06:
Win the Kudos Challenge level 7.

Delfino Feroce:
Get 75,000 kudos.

F355 Spider and 355F1:
Win all golds in Quick Race level four.

Ferrari F50:
Get 200,000 kudos.

Focus Cosworth:
Win the Kudos Challenge level 3.

Lancer Evolution VII:
Win all golds in Quick Race level three.

Lotus Exige:
Get 50,000 kudos.

Opel Speedster:
Win Arcade Race level two.

Panoz Esperante:
Get 25,000 kudos.

Win Arcade Race level one.

Skyline GTR:
Win the Kudos Challenge level 5.

Subaru WRX:
Win Arcade Race level three.

TT Roadster and TT Coupe:
Win all golds in Quick Race level one.

TVR Tuscan Speed Six:
Get 100,000 kudos.

Viper RT-10:
Win the Kudos Challenge level 11.

VW Beetle RSi:
Get 1,000 kudos under the easy difficulty setting.

Z3 Roadster 3.0i:
Win the Kudos Challenge level 1.

Bonus helmets:
For every hour of game play you will receive a new helmet for your racer.
Shub Niggurath.

Bonus time trial tracks:
Accumulate over three and four hours of game play to unlock more tracks in time trial mode.

Drive 250 miles to unlock six new circuits in time trial mode.

When you accumulate nine hours of game play and also up to 700 or 750 miles driven, you will unlock additional time trial tracks.
Tory Edwards.

Medal pursuit paint jobs:
Accumulate five hours of game play.

Bonus paint jobs:
Get a gold medal in every kudos challenge to unlock custom designs that are not available through medal pursuit.

Bonus Kudos Challenge cars:
Win the one on one to unlock new cars in Kudos Challenge.

Bonus Kudos Challenge level:
Win all Kudos Challenge levels with a Gold Medal to unlock the level 13 bonus.

Free roam in time attack mode:
Win a silver or gold medal in all parts of kudos challenge mode for a city. Select time attack mode and a "Free Roam" option will be unlocked for that city.

Custom music:
You can hear your own Xbox ripped music while driving. Note: You must have already downloaded music to your Xbox hard drive. Before you start driving, enter the option menu and select "Music Management". Select "Add", then press Left or Right until your music appears. Then, add it to the music list. Begin game play, go to CD mode and scroll through the music list below that, on the station.
jose rodriguez.

Hint: Sliding for more points:
Use the hand brake when going around a turn.

Hint: Do a 360:
Start on a wide street (four lanes or more) and get some speed (80 to 100mph). Next, get on one of the side lanes and hold A (Hand Brake) while turning into the road to do a 180. Immediately as you pull off the 180 release A and hold X (Reverse) or shift down into reverse, and turn the opposite direction. When you pull around to the direction you were going, release X and go. This requires some practice. Try this trick in time attack mode at Financial District, Federal Reserve, just around the first corner with the Ferorce, Ferrari F50, or the Ferrari 355 FI.

To do a 360 and get infinite kudos until you stop, get to a wide street with at least the F50 or a very powerful car such as the GT2 or GT Carrera. Punch the gas then turn the car. Keep turning it and release the D-pad until the car keeps spinning by itself. Once you accomplish this, your kudos score will keeping increasing until you decide to stop the car. This may require some practice. Note: You must still be pushing the gas during the spin.

Hint: Do a 540 or more:
Go at least 140 mph and when you get to a wide section of street, press A and turn Left or Right do a 180. then steer in the opposite direction you were going. Do not press X once you do a 180 -- just steer. Once you do a 360, steer again in the opposite direction to do a 540. You can do as many turns as desired by repeating this process with enough room on the street and enough speed. Try doing this in free roam mode on Wall Street after you get out of the tunnel with the Ferrari 360S.
Shahab Sakha.

Hint: Slower opponent cars:
You can make the cars go slower if you drive in front of them, or you can get them to get away from you by driving next to them.

Hint: Pacific Heights: Big air:
Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Go to time attack and select Pacific Heights and free roam mode. Select either the Tuscan or the Feroce. During game play, reverse all the way to the wall in back of you. Turn down the hill, making sure that it is a brick road. Drive as fast as possible down this set of hills to get major air and possibly hit a power line.

Begin the game in free roam mode with the Porsche 911. Go down the hill with the bricks at the top to get big air and do a 720.

Easy 1 on 1 win:
Put the level down so that you gain no points. Although you will not get a level, you should come in first and unlock the car. Once unlocked you can put the headstart to 0 or -1 and win, and get a lot of Kudos.
Callum Shakespeare.

Hint: Kudos:
In any level or mode, do not worry if you get hit off the edge. Drive into a lake and you will get unlimited kundos and will get in first.
kavi and vishal purohit.

Go to multi-player mode and choose a level with big, wide, flat streets. Then, continuously go in circles. You should get Kudos if you do not hit anything. You can get a two wheels, a 180, a 360, or a nice slide.

Glitch: Indestructible cone:
In time attack in free roam mode, there are cones and a cone count in the upper left corner of the screen. If you hit these cones they will go flying. However, if they get hit when you are going less than two miles per hour you will get credit for hitting the cone but it wont fall over. The cone is now indestructible.

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