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Sega GT 2002

Control replay views:
You can control the camera during replays. In "main view" mode, use the Left Analog-stick to move it up, down, left, or right; and L and R to zoom in and out.
Fiat 500.

GT90 Concept Car:
The GT90 is a high-tech concept cat that (if hooked up correctly) will have over 1200 hp, go over 200 mph, outrun a Viper, and even help you in the 90's/Super Car event prizes. To unlock this car, you must first begin a new game and buy the Peugeot 306 Hatchback. Go into Event race (optional) and raise your money to about $100,000. Then, buy a CorvetteZ06 and give it bolt on turbo, level 2 turbine, level 2 intercooler, all weight reduction methods possible, new tires, brake kit, and if there is still money remaining, a suspension adjustment. You can try and raise the car's hp and top speed if desired, but it is not recommended as you will need the extra money to hook up your future Ford GT40 Concept. Go to Official Race. Participate in the race and sell all unwanted cars except for the following: Superseven, GT40, Tipo 33/2, ZERO, and your Corvette. When you get the Tipo 33/2, participate in a few more races and the Ford GT40 Concept will be unlocked to your full use. Sell the Tipo 33/2 if you do not have enough money and buy the Concept for $150,000 dollars. Buy everything for it. Continue to compete in the Official Race until you reach the last race. Fix up your best car (typically the Concept) and overhaul every part possible even if it is in full performance. Your "rival" car will be the CorvetteZ06. This car will definitely be a challenge -- it has about 850 hp. Race the car and win. Then get the Lotus Elise. Hook it up to full throttle, race in the Battle of 90's, and finish in first place. You should now have the Ford GT90. Take it to the Parts option and hook it up completely. It should be able to reach speeds of over 200 mph and have at least 1200 hp. To test it out, go into the second season of the Official Race. You should win a few cars to sell or keep. Note: The GT40 Concept unfortunately goes faster than the GT90 when it has all of the possible parts in the game.

Hint: Easy win:
Get in front of all cars on any race. When a car is gaining on you, swerve in front of him to slow him down. This should give you enough time to get away. Repeat this as needed.

Hint: Easy special prize:
Start the race and get in first place. Hold everybody back until you get to the start of the second lap. Before you cross the line, move over and hit the brakes so that everyone will pass you. It will be easier to catch back up and get the special prize.
Matt Rogers.

To get the special prize, do any event race (except when the prize is ????). At the beginning of the second lap, you must improve your place standings at least three times (for example, sixth to third, fifth to second, fouth to first) to get the special prize.
Matt Rogers.

Hint: Nitrous Oxide:
To get the nitrous from the used parts shop, you will have to lose at the drag races on a day ending with "5". For example, 305,15, etc. Return to the screen for the parts shop after the drag race. It will now be 306,16,etc. There will be a question mark at the end of all the parts, after the turbos. If your car has a turbo or if it does not appear, get out then go back in and it should appear. Note: You must have a bolt on turbo to get Nitrous Oxide.
Snowflake, Forgham, and Kolton Knuteson.

To use the nitrous oxide add-on, go to "Drag Race", which is the only place you can use it. When you are about half-way along the track, press Y to activate it. It is one-time use only, and you will have to wait for another one to come up for sale.

Alternately, you can try getting NOS on days ending in 6. It is in the used parts menu, at the end. At first it is a question mark; all you have to do is select it.

Hint: Easy money:
Unlock the GT40 Concept car from the Season 1 Official Races. You can buy it for $150,000 then sell it for $185,000 to $195,000. It only takes about one or two game days to sell it, for a $35,000 to $45,000 profit.

Enter your fastest car into the "oval track". Try not to hit anything and you will get a "Perfect" and extra money.

Enter the fastest drag racing car you have into the drag race. Win the drag race at least ten times.

To get extra money in all races except drag racing, do not hit anything.

Start a new game. Buy a Peugeot 206 2.0 S16. Turn off the TRS (Traction Control) in the options. Enter the drag race in event mode. Drag race just the first race; do not continue on to race other cars for that day. Race until the seventh day or you will lose the eighth day race.

Near the start of the season, buy an old car (around 70's). Then, go to event race, One Make Race and try racing about six to seven times. As soon as the other cars speed away from you, it is time to sell the car for a fair price (as you have used it a lot). You should now have made a small profit. Try not to use newer cars, as the opponents will be too fast.
andrew shephard.

Finish in first place in every official race. The best car for this is the Elise Exise. Once you get The TIPO (a red car), put it up for sale in your garage for $800,000. Choose to race and exit two races and lose one. By the time you return, the car will be sold.
Joshua McL.

Start a new game and purchase the Peugeot 206 2.0 S16. Then, turn the TRS off. Next, go into the event races and choose the drag race under MT. You are most likely to race the Barchetta. If not, restart the race until you race it. You will win. Do not continue racing the rest of the cars. If you have no damage, you will earn $1,500. Keep repeating the same race. When you earn $7,500, make repairs as you may notice that the Barchetta is getting faster than you. Only bargain for the lowest prices in the used parts sale. If you buy an exact part for the exact amount of money that you have, you will get that part for free. Then, continue racing the Barchetta.
Arhen Resleff.

Finish in first place in the second race of the Official Races to win a Cosmo Sport. Put it out for sale for $45,000. After about five days it should sell for that amount.

After you win the Alfa Tipo in one of the early races, you can put it up for sale for about $650,000 to $700,000 and it will be sold in a few days.
Drew Thomas.

Start GT mode and proceed to buy a Peugeot 206 S16. This should leave you with no money in the bank. Then, apply for the Hot Hatch race as your first race, On Day 1 the track should be the "oval/egged" shaped one. Win this race by sticking close to the left and avoiding the other cars. You should win this race easily. If you have won the race, you should receive a Renault Sport Clio V6 24v, 2,000 credits, and 1,000 credits for perfect (no damage). Next, put your 206 up for sale for 12,999 credits and get into the Clio. Race the Clio through the first three races of the official race option but do not do the first license yet. Go back to the race selection screen and the 206 should have been sold, plus you have a Mazda Cosmo. Put this up for sale immediately and race through the Event Race option. Carry on racing but do not upgrade your Clio because you are going to sell it later. Race until you have enough money to buy a Lotus Elise Exige, which costs 55,000 credits. Next, race with the Lotus and sell the Clio for 35,000. It should sell within two to four racing days. With the money you have won and taken from the sale of your Clio, upgrade your Lotus with three stages of full body lighten process. Next, complete the first license and race the next three official races. Then, sell the cars you have won except the Orange Fiat Rally car. Use this to win the 70's race in the event race. You will win a Jaguar Mk2. Sell the Rallycar and the Jaguar for 30,000 each. Then, follow the process like before. Do the official races, but before you do the licenses do some of the event races to gain easy money.

Go to Official Race and keep winning until you get to stage 4. In one of the races you should get a certain car that can be sold for $435,235.

Hint: Cheaper parts:
Enter the used parts menu, select a part and check the price. Exit the screen and repeat a few times. The price may drop down by a couple hundred dollars.
Maciek Maksymowicz.

Go to the used parts menu, and look for your part. They will usually be cheaper, sometimes even up to half off the normal price. But be careful, for these items will often break in the middle of a race and cannot be repaired.

Hint: Third turbo:
To get the third turbo, win the "Monster B" race in the second season. There is an easy way to win it, that requires about thirty minutes. First, get a Nissan Skyline R34 V-SPEC II and build it up to the max. Set its suspension to soft on both and set the boost pressure to maximum. Make sure TCS is on. Win the last event race. You will win a car. Build that car up to the max. Set the suspension to soft and boost pressure to maximum. Turn TCS off. Before you buy the Nissan, it would be wise to sell an expensive prize car for double its price. It will take about ten to fifteen days to sell it. If it lowers the last number of its price on the left down one number, you are set.
Rick Power.

Hint: Quick start:
Get a six gear car. Top it out with the maximum HP, ten test it out in the Sega Drag race. Make sure you get your car with a manual transmission. Start out with sixth gear, and accelerate just before the last second. When you go up to 40 mph, shift down to third and make your way up the gears.

When you are starting a race, if you want to get ahead of everyone quicker, cut as many cars off as possible. As soon as you get in front of a car, it will slow down quickly, allowing you to get further ahead faster.

Press the gas in the drag race just as "1" appears on your screen to get a slightly quicker start.

If you have a six gear transmission, use manual, and start in sixth gear. The moment the countdown reaches "1", rev the engine and at the last second downshift to third gear. Work your way up, and you should win in the drag race.

At the beginning of a race, rev your engine up to almost redline. Then, just when it says "Go", shift into second gear. You will accelerate faster than going from first to second gear.
Mike Sumaya III.

When you are at the line of a drag race, hold the gas. When you see the "3" on the screen, shift into fifth or sixth gear, depending on the car, and start with it. When the tach reaches 2,000 or 3,000 rpm, shift into second gear for five speeds or third gear for six speeds. This will take at least a second or more off your time. You can also do this during a regular race.

Hold X at the beginning of the race and you will go faster.

Hint: Accelerate faster:
To accelerate faster during a race, tap R. Note: This will only work with an automatic transmission.

Hint: Burnout:
Go to the options and disable the TCS and SCS. Go to your garage and select a car to perform a test drive with. You can now do a burnout and donuts. Hold X + A to burnout for a long time. It takes a few seconds for the car to stop moving while holding the buttons. In quick battle mode, if you select dual race only player two can do burnouts and donuts.

Hint: Reverse burnout:
Go to the options and disable the TSC. Then take your car for a test drive. Try to get in the middle of the track and spin the tires. You can turn right or left.

Hint: Faster drag race:
During a drag race turn your TCS (Traction Control System) off at the options menu. You will notice your car is much slower with it on. Just let the wheels spin and you will get a win every time. Note: This trick works with all cars, but a faster car such as a charger is recommended to get wins constantly.
Pete Laframboise.

Always choose a manual transmission. When starting out, hold A (gas) and shift all the way up to 6th gear. When the tachometer goes down to about 3,000 rpm, shift down to 3rd gear then shift up again .You can achieve much faster quarter mile times.

When you are drag racing with a manual transmission, start out in second gear. Once you have started racing, wait half a second, then shift down one gear to get a good start.

Hint: Recommended cars:
When starting the game and you have to buy your first car, just go to Fiat and choose the Punto HGT ABARTH. Upgrade it to win drags and other difficult races.

When you start the game you get $13,000, which is just enough for a Peugeot 206. Get that and race it on the first official race until you get enough money to buy a turbocharger or something else. Next, win that nice car in the Hot Hatch event race, and sell the Peugeot 206 for a fair amount of money. The car you now have is just good enough to get a free Charger in the Sega Drag Race event, which you should switch to immediately because it has twice the power of the hatchback. Now that you have a Charger, you can easily win the special prize for the drag race, the Chevelle. The Chevelle is one of the best cars in the game, but it has one downfall: it is a 70's Muscle Car with big engine, but poor brakes and handling. Sell the Charger for a lot, because you only raced it once or twice. With your Chevelle, win the Jaguar from the 70's event race. Sell the Jaguar and use all your money to get a Corvette Z06. Next, get a bolt on turbo for the Chevelle and drag race until Day 25. At Day 25, go into the drag race and intentionally lose. Now that it is Day 26, go to the used parts shop. Go all the way to the right on the parts list until you get to "???". Select that and you should see something called "Nitro" for about $2,000. If done correctly, it will be Day 26 and you have a brand new Corvette Z06 and a turbocharged Chevelle with nitrous oxide. You can now win any drag race and get all kinds of parts for your Chevelle or Corvette.

At the start of a new game, go to the car shop and go to the Peugot dealership. Purchase the car that sells for $13,000. This will be all your money, but you will get a lot more soon. Do not put anything in your car. Go to the event race and enter the Hot Hatch race. It should be at the Super Speed Way track. Race and win first place to get a Renault Turbo.

In the beginning, win the first few races then enter the Hot Hatch event race. You will win the Clio Sport. Wait until it is at a circle track, which is much easier. Put all your money into that car until you can get a Supra or a Skyline. Then, sell the Clio Sport. Make sure to get first place in all races, as you will win cars. Wait until you can get the Ford GT Concept and do the turbo. .

The best car to start with is Peugeot 206 2.0 S16, starting with 135 hp.
Robert DeBodt and Adrien Dobson.

Go to the event race and race on the oval-shaped track. Make sure that you do not hit anything. Then, race again on any track as long as you make at least $3,000. Then, buy a Lotus Elise. This car is faster than the Viper.

Get a Honda S600 for about $6,000. You will have about $7,000 remaining. Run the circle track and continue to do so until you get $23,000. Get a stage 2 turbo, then do it again. Do not spend and get to $61,000. If you want a fast car, buy one. Other wise, spend $38,600 on a Lotus 2002 Espirit. It has over 300 hp. Buy a new turbo mod kit for $8,000. Buy the stage 2 turbine kit for $15,000 and a new stage 2 intercooler for $4,000This will boost the Espirit's power up to over 500 hp. After a racing muffler for $3,000, port polish for $10,000, and a $5000 tuned ROM, the Espirit will have 562 hp.
cotey mitchell.

After you unlock the GT90, save some money to boost the car to over 1,000 hp. Then, go to every event race in the game after Season 2 to get all the items to modify your car. You will need several tricked out types of cars to race with first. You should still have the GTS-R. Trick it out to for the Super Car event, it is almost unbeatable. If you are very skilled, race the Rally Car event race and win first place. Get the S Prize to win a $30,000 stage 3 turbo system that will help you out if you get the online add on. Getting all the items that you can unlock will make the GT90 hit over 1200 hp, but controlling its maximum power is up to you to set. You can set the turbo boost pressure and tire traction.
cotey mitchell.

The Peugeot 206 is the most expensive car you can afford at the start of the game. Take the Peugeot 206 and race on the oval track in the first season and place in first. Also try to get no damage. Take the Cosmo Sport that is the prize and sell the Peugeot 206. Race until you win a car or can afford one that can participate in the Hot Hatch event. Note: Try to do this before the B license, because after that the car you race for is also in the race with a Step 2 turbo and Sports Turbine. Try to win first prize, then work your Hot Hatch car up to about 180 to 250 hp and race it again, this time for the special prize: The Renault Clio Sport. It is one of the best cars to start with, and can be used all the way to Stage 4 before becoming obsolete. It even does well on drag races. Then, participate in the race that will win you the Fiat Abarth 131 Rally. Supe it up with everything you can afford. To get it to its best with all available parts will cost about $200,000. This will become a drag racing monster. You can win the Dodge Charger with it. With the Clio Sport and the Super Abarth 131 Rally, you can make it all the way up to the S class stage. After that, it is very easy.
Tim Oswalt.

Hint: Dodge Charger:
You can get the Dodge Charger before it is for sale. First, buy the Camaro SS or a six gear car. While you are racing, do the trick that involves shifting into the sixth gear and driving until you are going 40 mph, then shift down to third gear. By doing so, you should win every drag race as long as your car is extremely fast. Keep racing the drag races until you have won the last race. By doing this, you will win the Dodge Charger for free with the money you won from the races.

In the beginning of the game, buy two cars that are $6,000 or less(Honda Sport600, Toyota Sport 500, etc.) and go to your garage. After that go to "Sell Car" and sell either one for $10,000. Then buy that same car and repeat until you get about $27,000. Then, go to "Buy Car" and go to Lotus. Buy a Lotus Elise and go to the drag races. Even though it only has 144 hp, it is faster than a Viper. If you want to go even faster, just go to the options and turn off the TCS. You will hit about 43 mph in half a second.

Choose any car when starting out. Go to event race and select the circuit race track. Race without getting your car damaged you will receive $3,000 every time. Once you have enough money, buy a weight reduction kit and a turbo. Then, go to the drag races and race all the cars to receive the Charger. Then, do the same thing to the Charger as you did with the last car to receive the Chevelle. You may need to buy a nitro kit and save it for the last car at the drag strip.

Use the following trick to get the Dodge Charger in thirty minutes or less. When starting a new game , buy the Peugeot 206 for $13,000. Race the Hot Hatch race in Event Race (should be the oval) and win. You will get the Renault Clio, and $3,000. Buy new parts that cost $3,000. You should still have $3,000. Then, buy sport brakes for $2,500. You should have $500 remaining. Put the Peugeot 206 on sale for $35,000, then race the Official Oval. You should get $1,500 if you do not get damage and win. After the Official Race is complete, go back to your garage to see that the Peugeot 206 has been sold. Boost the Clio with everything possible and turn the TRS off at the options menu. Go to the Drag Race and you will have four wins in a row. Do not be afraid to race to the end. The Clio can outrun the Mustang 390GT. After winning the fourth drag race you should have won the Dodge Charger. Sell the Clio for another $35, 000 and upgrade your new car.
Francis Lynch.

Hint: GT90 Concept:
To unlock the best car in the game you must go through a lot of money, days, and cars. Complete the License Tests then go to the real racing menu. Everything should change (the prizes). Buy a Lotus (or whatever desired) and upgrade everything in the car. It should be about 500 hp now. Race in the Battle Of 90's and get first place. You will now have the GT90, which when completely upgraded, will go 1200 hp and goes to 201 mph in a few seconds.

Hint: Hidden car:
On the level with the crane in the turn, look (drive) to the left. You will see a group of cheering people. Next to them is an Opel Astra coupe. Although you cannot get the car in the level, you can buy it at the car shop.

Hint: Completing the game:
In order to complete the game you must do all of the official races on seasons one and two. Also, on the first season on the world tournament, if you finish first, you will win a Dodge Viper and $150,000. On the second season on the world tournament, if you finish first, you will win $30,000.
Rob Rodgers.

Hint: All cars and about $ 6,000,000,000:
Load the Official X-Box Magazine Disk #26. Go to the downloadable content and select "Sega GT 2002" This will give you a saved game with every car plus money. You will not get the locked cars such as the Caspita or Viper. However, you will have every normal car from the Skyline V-Spec II (R34) to the Opel Roadster.

Glitch: Free part/upgrade:
Purchase any part/upgrade for any car and have the exact amount of money in your total money. You will receive the part/upgrade for free. For example, have $10,000 total money and purchase a Tuned ROM upgrade priced at $10,000. You will get the part for free with $10,000 still in your total money.
Boogah DJT.

Glitch: Headlights:
If you look in the rear view mirror on a dark track, the cars behind you will have their headlights on. However, if you press Black to look behind you, the car has no lights on.

Glitch: Rear view edges:
Look in your rear view mirror while in the driver's view. You will see that the curves on the track have sharp edges, and not smooth curves.

Glitch: Days:
Once the amount of days you have raced has reached 999, the days will no longer change. The amount of your days raced will stay at 999. You will no longer be able to collect Nitrous, and the tracks will not change because the days are not changing.

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