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Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy

Level select:
Click and hold the Right Analog-stick and press Right, Left, Right, Down, Right, Up during game play. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Pause game play and select the "Quit" option. The "Level Select" option will now appear at the bottom of the main menu, Note: The strength of your core Force abilities will be dependent on the level selected. This code cannot be used simultaneously with the "Level skip" code".

Click and hold the Right Analog-stick and press Down, Up, Left, Right, Down, Up during game play. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Level skip:
Click and hold the Right Analog-stick and press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right during game play. A sound will confirm correct code entry. This code cannot be used simultaneously with the "Level select" code".

Unlimited Force:
Click and hold the Right Analog-stick and press Up, Down, Up, Left, Up, Right during game play. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

All Force abilities to level 3:
Click and hold the Right Analog-stick and press Left, Down, Right, Up, Down(2) during game play. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Note: This has no effect on your core Force powers.

Change lightsaber:
Click and hold the Right Analog-stick and press Down, Left, Up, Down, Right, Up. Repeat the code to cycle through the various single, dual, and staff light saber types and colors.

Keep lightsaber:
After you complete the game (Light or Dark side), you will see the credits. During the credits press Y, X, B. If you hear a lightsaber ignite, you have done this correctly and you have unlocked the lightsaber that you ended with for a new game. For example, if you end the game with a saberstaff and execute the code, you will be able to use that exact saberstaff when you begin a new game.

Skip intermission sequences:
Press Start + Back.

Alternately, press Y.

Hint: Defeating Allora:
When you are on Hoth at the room before you get to Allora, you will see a Wampa attacking a Tauntaun. Save the Tauntaun from dying and ride it into the room with Allora. When the battle starts, immediately ram the Tauntaun into Allora. It will be an instant kill.

Hint: Defeating Rancors:
In the mission where you save the elders from the Hutts, you can easily kill the Rancor by drawing it to the main door, where the prisoners escape though but the Rancor can not fit into. Stand back so that it cannot swipe at you with its arm and throw your lightsaber. It will take a few hits before you kill it. Try holding L as it keeps the lightsaber on him for a while. This is completely useless during the stage for rescuing the prisoners as another Rancor appears, but you at least get the satisfaction of killing it.
Greg Farrell.

Hint: Defeating Reborns:
Activate Force Speed (works best with grade 3 speed) and slash once at their front to lure them down. Then, run around behind them and slash their back as many times as possible. This works best if you push them in a corner and complete the procedure.

Use the following trick to kill Reborns, Reborn Masters, Jedi, and other Force users. Use Force Grip to hold them in the air, then throw your lightsaber at them to kill them. It is harder to do to some, but if you timed correctly you will hit them. This usually works best with Grip level 3 and Saber Throw level 3, but is still possible to do with the other levels.

When fighting the Reborns at the start of Chandrilla (after the bridge is blown up), lure them all to the bridge then jump over to the other side. Two of the Reborns will attempt to jump over as well, but will fall to their doom.
Kai Ito.

Hint: Defeating Wampas:
To kill a Wampa quickly, let it grab you. As you are hanging upside down, swing your lightsaber to cut off its arm and kill it instantly.

Hint: Get into a walker:
When you get to the Cult At Dousm level, work your way though until you reach to the walker hanger. Once you are inside, open the big door with the control beside it. Then kill the man in the room inside the hanger. Turn on the lift in the hanger, then hop out of the room and go up the lift. Up there, you will see three walkers. Hop on one, then look down and press Y . Now you have the choice of the side cannon or the main weapon by cycling through the weapons. Press Y to exit.

Hint: Instant kill:
While fighting an enemy, run towards them and press the Right Analog-stick to roll. While rolling, tap Attack as many times as possible and you should stab forward. If done correctly, this should instantly kill your opponent. If done wrong or if you did not put the lightsaber far enough into the opponent, sparks will come out of the tip. This will work for any enemy.

Hint: Easy kills:
If you have Force Grip level and you are near a clip when fighting a Boss, use Force Grip to force him off the clip. If this does not work the first time, keep trying. He will eventually stop blocking it.
David fulero.

This trick works for Storm Troopers, Snow Troopers, and similar characters. Pull out either a blaster rifle or the pistol. Force Pull (level 3) the trooper. This will make him fall forward. While he is down, quickly shoot him in the back of the head for a one hit kill. It also looks good if you do it while he is trying to stand back up.
Punk Rocker.

The following Force moves are both powerful and deadly, dealing heavy damage. First, you must be a Jedi Knight in story mode. You must also have full level for Force Lightning, Drain and most importantly, Grip. Secondly, enable the "Unlimited Force" code. When facing practically anyone, these moves will make short work of any enemy. Set Force Lightning to White or Black. Then, use the following list of Force executions.

Grip, then while still gripping, press the selected Lightning button to send your enemy flying across to the other side like Mace Windu.
Ku Min Lee.
Use force drain from a distance, or for a better view, do it very close up. It will show your character holding and draining your opponent. When this is still going, immediately use Force Lightning to send them still bending in pain, but flying off into the air, just like Mace Windu.
Ku Min Lee.
Use Force Grip and raise your enemy to the very top the pointer will possible go. Then immediately use Force Push. This will probably do up to 20 to 40 damage points, depending on the toughness of the enemy. Note: You must set it to Black or White (preferably White, while lightning is Black.)
Ku Min Lee.
Use Force Grip, then immediately throw your lightsaber into the body of your enemy.
Ku Min Lee.
Force Grip and raise to the top, then immediately after dropping, perform the fast attack kata.
Ku Min Lee.

In story mode, when you reach the rank of Jedi Knight, keep your Force cursor on Force Speed or enable a hotkey for it (for example, Black or White). Select the single bladed lightsaber. When you are about to fight a Dark Jedi or a large number or mercenaries, stormtroopers, etc., quickly activate Force Speed. Draw out your lightsaber and start hacking away with fast style. Note: This will not work on the more powerful classes of Dark Jedi: the Reborn, if your game setting is not set to Padawan difficulty. However, it will make short work of Cultists and anything else. When you hold X, he does a deadly and lighting fast pattern of saber strikes.
Ku Min Lee.

Hint: Easy kills during bot matches:
This trick works best with either double-bladed or dual lightsabers. Get involved in a multiple person duel. Use you super attack by holding your primary and secondary attack (L + R). The bots are too heavily involved in their other battle to fight back. As soon as you kill one of them, rapidly attack the other. Try to push it into a wall. This will help greatly with your kills to win.

If you are on the Dark side, grab them with Force Grip and put them over an edge then drop them. If it is endless drop, they will be killed. If it is a long drop, it hurts them badly. To insure that no one else kills them with your work, jump down and use Force Lightning while looking down at them. They should die before you reach them. If not. rapidly attack them with both saber and Force power.

With a single blade, attack them rapidly into a wall then use Force Lightning. While they are being shocked, use and hold Secondary Attack and they should die quickly.

Hint: Switch lightsabers on and off:
First, have your lightsaber on the weapon select list. Then, hold Black or White. After a few seconds, you will hear a sound. You can now switch your lightsaber on and off with White or Black. You can check the controller configuration to see how to get the weapon select list on your screen.
Mike Johnson.

Hint: Keep previous weapon:
Successfully complete the game on the Light side and Dark side storyline. After completing the game for the second time, start a new game in the same session and you will begin with the last type of lightsaber used.

Hint: Better accuracy with any weapon:
Activate Force Sight and you will be able to shoot straight with any weapon.
Tommi Smith.

Hint: Third person view with blaster rifle:
Go to the Hoth level and get on to a Taun Taun. Switch to a blaster rifle, then get off to be in third person view. Note: Do not switch weapons or the third person view will be gone; also do not kill the Taun Taun.

Hint: Play with no lightsaber:
On multi-player mode, you can choose anyone and have them use their fists instead of a lightsaber. Pause game play and go to the "Character" icon, then "Force Powers". You will see the powers in three columns. Go to the third column, where it shows you the lightsaber powers. Empty them all by pressing Left. Resume the game and die, then you can use your fists or a normal gun.

Hint: Fake level up:
When one of your party members can level up, press Black + A, then do a normal level up from there.

Hint: Power Force Lightning:
Enable the "Unlimited Force" code. Then, deactivate your lightsaber(s) and use Force Lightning. You will use both of your hands to create the lightning, similar to how Emporer Palpatine does. This attack works well against Force users that do not have lightsabers.
Cody Lukaszewski.

Hint: Multi-player mode: Defending on Siege Hoth:
If you are defending on siege hoth, choose the class with trip mines. After the shield generator is destroyed, the rest of the level takes place indoors. There are many narrow doorways. Place trip mines in the narrow places where the enemy must go (for example, on the doorway to the console that extends the bridge, next to the elevator that goes up to the infirmary, on the door to the area with the console which opens the hanger doors). If you are fast, then you can replace the trip mines before someone gets through the door after they explode.
John Stone.

Glitch: The Ritual secret move:
This move is the strongest that can be used during multi-player mode. It only works only with single and dual saber. During game play, go to single saber, press X to taunt and pull your saber in. Then, turn around and do a stab move (Crouch, Forward, Attack). Wherever you did the taunt, an invisible saber will strike, killing anyone near it instantly (even with 100 health or 100 shield).

Glitch: Automatic Force Lightning:
Enable the "All Force powers to level 3" and "Unlimited Force" codes. Proceed through the game normally until you get to the point where you face Rosh and lose your lightsaber must create a new one. Get the dual lightsaber. Equip the level 3 Force Lightning to X and your lightsaber to Black. Hold X then press Black to pull out or put away your lightsaber. You can now go through the mission with your Force Lightning on, and not having to press anything.

Glitch: Shooting during intermission sequence:
This glitch takes place just before you fight Alora for the final time. One you enter the temple and kill all the Dark Jedi, the giant doors will open. Take out the blaster rifle and start shooting (hold down the trigger). Run into the room while continuing to fire. The intermission sequence will initiate. In the sequence, Alora is barraged by laser fire as she siphons Force. Note: It will not kill her.
Punk Rocker Pete.

Glitch: Start with Saber Staff:
During game play, press Up and available Force powers will appear. Choose one that you want, and while the list is still displayed hold White or Black until you will hear a sound. Then, press that button again. You will use your Force power. Then, load a saved game in which you have a saber staff. Press Left or Right and select lightsaber. Hold White or Black and you will hear that sound again. Press the button you set the lightsaber to. It will begin to deactivate. Before it deactivates all the way, pause game play, save the game, and select "New Game". When you build your lightsaber, it will be a staff.

Glitch: Changing lightsaber:
After you have a lightsaber of any type, such as a staff, save that current file and quit. In the same session, start a new game. You will start out with the same lightsaber in the game that you just quit. You will also have the option of changing the color of the saber, but not the hilt, as you will ruin the trick and start off with a single bladed saber. The trick can be repeated as many times as desired, as long as you have a file with a two sabered or staff saved.

Glitch: Lightsaber turned off:
When playing in multi-player mode, press X while you have a single saber. It will spin and turn off. To turn it back on, use it in any way .Note: It will still be visible in third person view.

Glitch: Get on top of any building:
Two controllers are required for this trick. Go into a multi-player game in either Team FFA or Capture The Flag mode with no bots. The two players must be on the same team for this to work. Make sure you are in a place with plenty of room and a few high places (for example, Taspir works well in Team FFA). Using one of the players, gather up about ten trip mines and a few detonation packs. Set these all in a small clump. Using the other player, activate Speed and run into the mines. Because there is no friendly fire in this game, it will not hurt them but instead will blast them across the level.

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