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Street Racing Syndicate

Cheat mode:
Press Up, Down, Left, Right at the main menu to enter the code entry screen. Then, enter one of the following codes.

Subaru S202 STi in arcade mode:
Enter SICKGDB as a code.
DonnieG104233, Nate Nunya, Marzjuggalo3ss, and Adam LaBonte.

1996 Toyota Supra RZ in arcade mode:
Enter SICKJZA as a code.

Mazda RX-8 in arcade mode:
Enter RENESIS as a code.

1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T in arcade mode:
Enter IGOTGST as a code.

2004 Toyota Celica GT-S Action Package in arcade mode:
Enter MYTCGTS as a code.
Chopper111487 and mythical89.

Police car in arcade mode:
Enter GOTPOPO as a code.

Police warning instead of ticket:
Enter LETMEGO as a code. The first three times you are pulled over in street mode, you will be released with a warning.
Slip-N-Slide and ANIMOCITY.

Free car repair:
Enter FIXITUP as a code. Note: This can only be used once per profile.

Pac-Man vinyl:
Enter GORETRO as a code.
FOCUS~RACER and mythical89.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding car.

Lexus IS300 5-Speed: Defeat Team Nemesis.
Lexus IS300 5-Speed SE: Defeat Team Nemesis.
Mazda RX-7 Bathurst: Have all first place finishes in the Los Angeles Iron Man challenge in arcade mode.
Mazda RX-8 Mazdaspeed: Have all first place finishes in the Miami Iron Man challenge in arcade mode.
Mitsubishi Evo VII GSR: Win the Los Angeles checkpoint mission in arcade mode.
Nissan 350Z Coupe Touring: Defeat VRS Racing.
Nissan Skyline GTR M-Spec: Defeat Street Revolution.
Nissan Skyline GTR M-Spec Nur: Defeat Street Revolution.
Nissan Skyline GTR V-Spec II Nur: Win all three Nitro Xtreme Crew Meet series in street mode.
Nissan Skyline V-Spec II Nur: Finish first in all 3 levels of the Nitro Xtreme Crew Meet in street mode.
Subaru STi: Finish first in all three levels of the Street Revolution Crew Meet in street mode.
Toyota Sprinter Trueno Apex: Finish first place in in the Philadelphia Iron Man challenge in arcade mode.
Toyota Supra 3.0L 5Z-R: Defeat VRS Racing.
Toyota Supra SR Targa RE: Defeat VF Crew.
Toyota Supra Turbo 3.0L RZ: Defeat VF Crew.

Hint: Get away from police:
To get away from any cop during a pursuit, drive into the showroom parking lot. Park in the corner where the wall is located. The cops will circle but not find you. Wait until your meter reaches "Evaded" and you will be all clear.

After you get out of the warehouse, turn to your left and drive up the road. There should be an alley to your left. Do not go in the alley, but keep looking to your right after the alley begins. There should be a parking lot with a small opening to it. Go in there and drive to the back of the parking lot. If you are in the park with the bridge that goes over the pond, you have gone too far. If you have cops chasing you, this is the perfect place to lose them. The cops cannot get into the parking lot, unless you push them in.
brandon watchorn.

Hint: Defeating Brian:
Brian, one of the first racers that you will encounter, will be driving a gray Volkswagen Jetta. At the start of the race, ram him from behind and slam him into the wall. Usually he will spin around a few times and fall far behind. It also helps if you first set up a wager with him.

Hint: Drifting the Sprinter Trueno:
Learning to control this car will rack up massive respect points. Before entering a corner, tap your brakes and release the gas. Point your wheels in the direction of the corner and angle your car for the exit. Ease on the gas to bring yourself through the corner. You can easily achieve Kensei Drifts, Braking Drifts, Jump Drifts, Feints, and Two Wheels using this method and car combination.
Lanikin Malachite.

Hint: Car recommendations:
Choose the 2002 Toyota Celica at the beginning of the game. You can sup this car up well and it handles great. You can finish more then half of the races in your first car. If you are low on money, go to the Sanctioned Desert event races and race the first series a few times. They are quick races and one of the easiest. If you lose, you will not lose any money.

Before starting your street mode game, use the Skyline GTR to complete the Philadelphia Iron Man challenge in arcade mode. When you start your street mode game, you will begin with a modified Toyota Trueno AE86. With little more modifications, you will start with the best drifting machine in the game.
Lanikin Malachite.

When starting a new profile, use your earnings from the very first race and buy a Trueno and do not do anything to it. Next, go to arcade mode and win the EVO, Trueno,RX-8 Mazdaspeed, and the RX-7 Bathurst. Go back to street mode, sell the Trueno you won and you will begin the game with more money than you had when you first started; and you will have an EVO, RX-8, RX-7, and a stock Trueno with some aftermarket parts. It is recommended that you sup up the EVO and use it to start; it has good stats and handling.

To get the most out of the Nissan Skyline, do not choose the $118,000 model. Instead, select the base (cheapest) model. All the performance upgrades on the M spec and V spec are lower than the regular Skyline with all the performance upgrades. The regular Skyline will max out to 1007 hp and the V and M specs will max out to around 960 hp.
Rich*ard Clark.

When you first start in street mode, select the best Toyota Celica. Then, mod it out with performance parts. This will give you a great start to your career. It is also better to get away from the police.

Hint: Recommended setups:
The following is the list of products to buy. These apply for all cars. Note: These parts are used to make the ultimate "all-around" car, whether you are drag racing down LA Race 4, or drifting through Miami Race 3. These parts work well in all conditions.

Engine Tuning
AEM True Time Cam Gears
AEM V2 Cold Air Induction System
UR(Unorthodox Racing) Lightened Pulley Sets
UR(Unorthodox Racing) Ultra G Clutch Stage 3
V Racing Intake Manifold
XACT Ptolite Flywheel
Eibach Sportline Springs
Eibach Anti-Roll Kit
JIC Magic Spec 90 Series
Holley NOS Pro Race Fogger or Venom VCN 2000
GReddy Intercooler
GReddy T78 or GReddy Intercooler
Bosch Spark Plugs and Wires
Venom 400 Performance Module
MSD 6A Ignition Control
Brembo Gran Turismo
BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KOW
Weight Reduction
Stage 3 Weight Reduction
Body Kits
Stock Standard Body
Universal Spoilers
Any spoiler works fine. There is no change in performance in any way.
StreetGlow Gold Series Neon. (Any color, this product does not change performance in any way).
Rims make have a difference in performance, as in turning. 17 inch rims of any kind works the best.

Hint: Recommended Skyline setup:
Use the following setup to get a Skyline with the same handling and speed as Eddie's M-Spec Nur. It works on any kind of Skyline. The only difference between the cars is weight and hp. The approximate cost is $22,213 (if you include the same rims as the yellow Skyline and underglow).

Engine Tuning
AEM True Time Cam Gears
UR Lightened Pulley Sets & Ultra G Clutch Stage 3
APC Header
Koni Threaded Coil Suspension Kit
Elbach Anti-Roll Kit
Holley Pro Race Fogger
GReddy Intercooler
Bosch Spark Plugs and Wires
MSD HVC II Coil & 6A Ignition Control
Brembo Gran Turismo
Yokohama Parada Spec 2
Weight Reduction
Stage 2
Body Kits
C-West BNRB4 Body Kit (necessary to get desired speed and handling)
Gold Series Neon (optional)
Volk GTP-18 in. (optional)
0-60: 2.8 sec.
Top Speed: 189 mph
Hp: 525 hp
Torque: 459 lbs-ft
Brakes: 62 kn
Engine type: DOHC 24V In6
Capacity: 2.6 Liters
Aspiration: Intercooled Turbo

Hint: Recommended starting setup:
When you first start, do not go into Street mode. Go into Arcade mode and use the Nissan Skyline Gtr M-spec Nur to defeat the easy Iron Man mission and the hard Checkpoint mission. Exit Arcade mode and go into Street mode. Go to the car showroom and sell the Toyota.Keep the Mitsubishi. Go to the garage and fix up the Mitsubishi with the following parts.

Engine Tuning
Xtreme Pressure Plate
True Time Cam Gears
V2 Cold Air Induction System
Lightwieght Pulleys (not Greddy)
Ultra G Clutch Stage 3
Intake Manifold
Xact Prolite Flywheel
Sport Shock Absorbers
Pro Kit Spring System
Anti-Roll Kit
Spec 90 Series
Nitrous System
VCN 2000
Greddy intercooler
Spark plugs and wires
400 performance module
GA ignition control
G-Force T/A KOW
Weight Reduction
Stage 3
Stock Body
19" rims from Veilside

Hint: Get more then one video of a girlfriend:
Ante up and win a few new events to unlock more videos of your selected girlfriend.

Hint: Wagering:
When you place wagers before each race, the amount of each wager stays the same throughout all three races, no matter what the wager amount says between the races. For example, if the beginning wager is $2,000 then it will remain that way throughout the entire series for that racer.
Brandon Ruiz.

Hint: Easy money:
Go to the desert sanctioned race and do level one. Select the last wager on the screen, then accept it, and race. Do this for every race and you will get at least $12,000 easily. Keep repeating this to build up a large amount of money.
Eric Bliss.

Go to the street challenge (Boulevard Sprint). If you race there, you will have a 90% chance of winning.

Get a car that at least has 330 hp (after all the upgrades), then buy the Venom 2000 nitrous kit. Enter the Boulevard Sprint in the street challenge menu. Keep entering this race repeatedly, but make sure you always have at least a half tank of nitrous when you start.

If you go into a crew meet, keep going on the last wager. After the second time, the wager will double. Keep doing this and your cash will double.

On the first race when you are in the Nissan Skyline, you do not have to win. You will still get the full wager winnings.

Hint: Body kits:
Although in real life, body kits were originally designed for aero-dynamics (to reduce wind resistance, thus making your car move faster), this is not true in the game. The body kits weigh down the car more, thus reducing your top speed. This can be as little as 10 mph to as much as a 25 mph loss, which can obviously be the difference between walking away with someone's ride or losing yours. Do not put body kits on your cars. They do not add to respect, will slow you down, and makes your car cost more to repair.

Hint: Spoilers:
When you buy a new spoiler, check your hp. All add-on spoilers loose some hp, but some lose less than others. Your stock is usually the best.
ara gyulamirian.

Hint: Refill NOS:
Go to the shop and install the lower end model of NOS than what you already have. Then, re-install you original NOS tank and exit. Except for the cost (which should be $0), and you should have a full tank of NOS for free.

When driving the streets or racing, you can earn NOS by earning points for doing things as drifting, etc. The more points you earn , the more NOS you get.

Hint: Races:
The races are as follows:

Team Nemsis
VRS Racing
VF Crew
Street Revolution
Nitro Xtreme
Storm Drain Sanction
Desert Sanction

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