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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Password notes:
Use the following key when entering the passwords.

L: Leonardo
M: Michaelangelo
D: Donatello
R: Raphael
S: Shredder

Alternate Raphael costume:
Enter LMSDD as a password. Hold L or R when selecting Raphael at the character selection screen.

Alternate Michaelangelo costume:
Enter DLDSM as a password. Hold L or R when selecting Michaelangelo at the character selection screen.

Alternate Donatello costume:
Enter SRSMM as a password. Hold L or R when selecting Donatello at the character selection screen.
Hamilton Chang and Kash5050.

Alternate Leonardo costume:
Enter RMMLL as a password. Hold L or R when selecting Leonardo at the character selection screen.

Halloween costumes:
Enter LRLMS as a password. The turtles will have pumpkins on their heads.

Donatello has larger bandanna and double attack power:
Enter DRLDS as a password.

Leonardo has larger bandanna and double attack power:
Enter LMLSD as a password.

Michaelangelo has larger bandanna and double attack power:
Enter SMRDL as a password.

Raphael has larger bandanna and double attack power:
Enter RDSRL as a password.

Donatello has smaller bandanna and double defense power:
Enter LLSMR as a password.

Leonardo has smaller bandanna and double defense power:
Enter SLDDS as a password.

Michaelangelo has smaller bandanna and double defense power:
Enter MRLLD as a password.

Raphael has smaller bandanna and double defense power:
Enter LSMDR as a password.

Donatello flashes red and has double power-up effect
Enter SMLLR as a password.

Leonardo flashes red and has double power-up effect
Enter MLLSR as a password.

Raphael flashes red and has double power-up effect
Enter SRRLR as a password.

Leonardo has unlimited normal shuriken:
Enter MSSRD as a password.

Michaelangelo has improved defense:
Enter MSRMM as a password.

Michaelangelo has unlimited exploding shuriken:
Enter MRRSL as a password.

Master Splinter:
Enter LLMSR as a password to unlock Master Splinter in story mode.

Playmates toy database:
Enter LSDRM as a password.

Alternate hit sound effects:
Enter LSLSS as a password.

Challenge mode:
Successfully complete story mode as Raphael, Donatello, Michaelangelo, and Leonardo.

Casey Jones:
Successfully complete level 1 as Raphael to unlock Casey Jones in versus mode. He does not have any Dojo missions in his story and does not get nearly as many intermission sequences as the turtles, but he is much stronger. Also, you cannot have another player play as your "assist" character when you are Casey Jones. He is the best all-around single player character, as he takes out most enemies with a single hit.

Evil Turtlebot:
Successfully complete level 3 as Raphael, Donatello, Michaelangelo, or Leonardo to unlock the Evil Turtlebot in versus mode.

Successfully complete level 6 as Michaelangelo to unlock Hun in versus mode.

Oroku Saki:
Defeat Saki as Raphael, Donatello, Michaelangelo, or Leonardo to unlock Oroku Saki in versus mode.

Defeat Shredder as Raphael, Donatello, Michaelangelo, or Leonardo to unlock Shredder in versus mode.

Successfully complete Dojo level 3 as Leonardo to unlock Splinter in versus mode.

Hamato Yoshi:
Successfully complete Challenge Mode as Raphael, Donatello, Michaelangelo, or Leonardo to unlock Hamato Yoshi in versus mode.

Alternate costumes:
Set the Xbox system date to December 25 to see the turtles with a Christmas theme. Set the Xbox system date to October 31 to see the turtles with a Halloween theme.

Hint: Play as both Splinter and Casey Jones with two players in story mode:
Have player one select either Splinter or Casey. After you begin playing a stage, have second player press Start on controller two. That player will join as Splinter or Casey, depending on which character player one selected.

Hint: Secret of Gembu:
Successfully complete the third Dojo Stage with all four turtles to learn the Secret of Gembu move. Use it to damage everyone on the screen. Note: This can only be done three times per level.
Armando Cárdenas.

Hint: Recommended characters:
The easiest team to start out with in two player mode is Donatello and Leonardo, because of their long reach.

Hint: Defeating Dr. Stockman:
When you reach Dr. Stockman, charge in at first and hit him until he stops shooting. Then use your jump attack and hit him either in the face or back. Once you have lowered his health enough, he will start to throw you but you will have enough time to at least hit him. Repeat this until he is defeated.

Hint: Defeating King Nail:
King Nail is very difficult to defeat. The best way to defeat him is to choose Michaelanealo and to have his jumping attack available. If you keep tapping it, Michaelangelo will hover in the air for a bit chanting "Eat Feet" multiple times, which can get you a huge combo. This is the easiest way of defeating King Nail.

Hint: Defeating invisible Foot Tech Ninjas:
When an invisible ninja tries to use the jump attack, you can counter it by using the uppercut then finish him off with a combo. You must use the uppercut at the correct time for this to work.

Hint: Defeating Mystical Ninjas:
Use Donatello because of his long reach. For the Earth Ninja, use either a jump attack when he retreats or press L to get close and hit it repeatedly by pressing A. For the Wind Ninja, use the same concept. For the Fire Ninja, use mainly the Y and A attacks. For the Metal Ninja, use the jump attack.

The Mystic Fire Ninja is one of the more difficult to defeat. Michaelangelo is the best because of his speed. The ninja;s first attack is the Fireball. You should just dodge it. When he uses the Fire Wall attack, run around it and hit him. Repeat this until he dies.

The Mystical Water Ninja is the most difficult ninja that you will face. His first attack is the big bubble. Simply dodge it .His second attack consists of three small bubbles. Again, simple dodge it. In his third and most deadly attack, he covers the floor with water. You have to jump on to a box to avoid it. After the water fades, use a combo attack. Repeat this until he dies.

Hint: Defeating Master Splinter:
When you reach the Ordeal stage with any turtle, you will assume Leonardo as Shredder and fight him. However, when you are Leonardo, you will instead fight Master Splinter. He will be a tough opponent and is more difficult than Leonardo. Once he touches you, he needs no more than two of his most complex combos to take you down. if you try to run away from him while he follows you slowly, then dash at him and strike a combo, he may either walk away while you are performing the combo (as you are approaching him) and wait until you are near to get you, or he could get hit until mid-combo, when he somehow slips from it in a moment and starts emptying your life-meter. You can trick him without him noticing until it is too late. At the beginning of the level, splinter will jump to you. Dash away from him, and make sure he is out of the bridge while you are far from him.- Then, run around the half pool 90 degrees while Splinter os walking after you. Wait until he is close, but not too close. Then, double jump into the bridge. Splinter will no longer turn around and go to the bridge opening. Instead, he will go straight to you by entering the half pool. To get out of it, he will have to jump over the edge of the pool. However, he is not going to do that yet. Once he is near you, you will be on the bridge, and he will be in the pool next-under you, performing his combos uselessly (as you are higher than him and will not get hurt). While he is swishing and hitting, dash out of the bridge. Splinter will stop hitting and slowly walk to the edge of the half pool next to the bridge entrance where you should now be. Do not be too near to the edge of the half pool or Splinter might punch you while he is still in water. Wait until he comes to the edge of the pool to jump onto dry land next to you and perform a combo. Slash him with your sword once he is in his mid-air jump to dry land with Weak Attack. Pressing Strong Attack will take you in the pool and you will not be able to get out in time because you will be directly next to splinter. Also, do not use a combo as it will lead to the same situation. Just keep slashing him once every time he jumps in mid-air to reach you, sending him back to water. This allows him to try jumping again. Do not use any combos until he needs very few punches to be knocked out. You can use the same strategy on Leonardo if you are another turtle. However, Leonardo is much faster -- keep dashing instead of running while trying to trap him.
Ahmad Kareem.

Hint: Defeating Nano (final version):
If you are out of those explosive garbage cans, the best way to defeat him is to use your jumping ability (press Jump, then attack; must be acquired first) and keep hitting him in the face. If you are player two and do not have the jumping ability, the best thing to do is throw shrurikens at him.
Information in this section was contributed by fridge928..

Hint: Defeating Oroku Saki:
When you defeat Shredder with the last of the Turtles, you will unlock a hidden Area Number 8 where you fight Oroku Saki. Instead of Shredder falling off the Heliport, he is shown with his Sword of Tengu bent. He leaps up to his Shinto Palace, removes his armor, and gets ready to battle the Turtles as himself. He is stronger with his armor off. You should by now have the Power Of Gembu by completing the third Dojo Stage: Ordeal. Use all three of your Gembu to drain Oroku of his health. Step far back as you use the last Gembu to avoid his devastating combos, then use all the shuriken you have. Keep throwing nonstop until you are out of shurikens. If he is still up, try a quick strike at him then dash away with L2. Keep repeating this. However if his bluish-white aura that surrounds him turns red, stay away until it returns to its original color. When his aura turns red, his attack and speed increases. Then, resume your attacks.

Use the following trick if you do not have any shuriken or gembus remaining. Oroku Saki is incredibly fast. The only turtle who has any chance at defeating him in hard mode is Michaelangelo. Try to get behind Oroku Saki then execute your most powerful combo. Repeat this until Oroku Saki is finished. Always stay well away from Oroku Saki when he turns red.

Hint: Defeating Quarry:
Quarry is difficult to defeat when you first fight him. He will continue teleporting after he does a certain amount of attacks or if you hurt him. The recommended turtle for fighting him is Donatello, because he has a huge reach as Quarry teleports. There is a chance you will continue striking him without turning your back. Micheleanglo is also just as good.

Hint: Defeating Razor Fist:
The best way to do this is by either throwing special shrurikens at him, or letting him charge at you then jumping out of the way and hitting him in the back. It is difficult to get a hit on on his face, as he is blocking it with his fists and will charge or punch you if you attempt to do so.

Hint: Defeating Shredder:
When Shredder is about to attack, throw a normal shuriken at him. This will stop him from attacking. Then, attack him with your combos. Repeat this and you will defeat Shredder without losing a lot of health. Note: Have over 15 normal shuriken with you.

Use the following trick to defeat Shredder when you have no shuriken or gembus remaining. Avoid all his attacks and stay away from him. However, remain close enough so that you are just out of his attack range. Wait patiently until Shredder attempts to do his main combination move, where he tries to stab you with the two prongs attached to his right hand, then attempts to slice you with the sword in his left hand three times then charges at you. When Shredder finishes his third attempt to slice you, and is just about to charge at you, he hesitates for a moment. This is long enough for you to charge and hit him with an extremely powerful combo.

Use the following trick to defeat Shredder flawlessly. Stay just out of his attack range and throw an electric shuriken at him. Shredder should now be crouching down and clutching his chest in pain. While he is in that position, dash around behind him. Just as he finishes getting up, hit him with a combo that will have him crouching again. Repeat this until Shredder is destroyed.

Hint: Energy Source in final episode:
In the final episode, before defeating Shredder and Oroku Saki you will get into the Mouser Arsenal. After defeating the two Giant Mouser Robots and passing a lot of Foot Ninjas, you will reach an Energy Source. To destroy this annoyingly strong device, use Michelangelo. Do the jump attack (Eat Feet), then keep the Left Analog-stick Up and tap Strong Attack or Weak Attack to continue Eat Feet. Michelangelo will now do an infinite Eat Feet, which destroys the machine much faster.
Shadow Emperor.

Hint: Easy challenge mode:
The easiest way to complete challenge mode is to choose Donatello, since he has long reach. When you are facing such characters as Dr. Stockman, his jumping attack ability will take off a chunk of damage. After that, you face Shredder. Save a lot of shruriken. Throw fire/electric/ice shruriken at him until he dies. You will now face Oraki Saki. Do the same thing (if you have any shuriken remaining), or try to hit him with distant attacks. Also try to get combos on him. After you defeat him, you will face Hamato Yoshi. He has the same attacks as Oraki Saki, so basically do the same thing. After you defeat him, you will complete challenge mode and unlock Hamato Yoshi in versus mode.

Hint: Infinite combo:
Note: Donatello is recommended for this trick because of his Long Bo. Fight any henchman (Purple Dragon member, Mouser, or Foot Clan) until he is about to collapse. Make sure your next to him before he disappears. Keep hitting him, but without landing a combo so that he will not fly away from you. By doing, so you will be able to rack up in combos as long as desired. The is done easier when at a corner or against a wall.
Brian Sanchez.

Enable the "Michaelangelo has unlimited exploding shuriken" code, then bounce any enemy into the corner. You do not have to be directly next to them to do this. Keep throwing Fire Stars until you are satisfied. The highest a combo can reach is 999.
Jarron Wright.

Hint: Turtle strengths and weaknesses:

Strength: Best attack accuracy.
Weakness:-Cannot dodge attacks as well as everyone else.
Strength: Longest attack reach.
Weakness: Slowest.
Strength: Fastest
Weakness: Lowest attack accuracy
Strength: Most powerful of all the turtles.
Weakness: Shortest attack reach.

Hint: Casey Jones speaks:
If you are Casey, press the button used for shruriken, and he will start talking.

Hint: Evil Turtle Bot: Special weapons switch:
All four original turtles have different weapons and combo attacks. By using the Right Analog-stick during a two player versus game while you are the Evil Turtle Bot, you can swap between the katanas, sias, bow staff, and nun chucks. The Evil Turtle Bot can have any of the turtles' weapons and equally match their skills and attributes.

Glitch: Wrong voice:
When you select Michaelangelo and pick up a recovery item such as pizza, etc., he will have Leonardo's voice instead of his original one.

Select Evil Turtlebot for a two player game, and change his setting to Michaelangelo for his attacks. He will sound like him, even when you change to another character's setting.

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